Sunday, 18 November 2018

Aloha Baby

So, the secret is out, Aloha Baby is on the way!

It feels so weird being able to write this to the world after living in a little secret bubble for so long! With only a handful of people knowing the news over these past few months life has been hard, awkward and bloomin' well secretive! I've found it a struggle trying to act 'normal' espically to my closest friends who I think just thought I was being quiet and weird for weeks on end, but I'm so happy to have that weight lifted now, phew!

The last few years I think you all know my blog has been very up and down. I've been unable to find my niche or stick to regularly uploading content because I didn't feel like what I was creating was good enough. Now with this new adventure in my life I feel like this is the perfect time to come back with a bang and bring you along on this new and exciting journey. (Plus I want to hear all your advice and experiences too... please!)

So here's a quick round up of what's been happening in my life since September!

How I Found Out

You when people say... you 'just know' and 'have a werid feeling' that you're pregnant? Well, I totally get that! I was away with my boyfriend in September and something just felt OFF, I didn't want to drink during our time away for some weird subconcious reason and just felt like something was different. So... like the sensible Sally I am I bought a pregnancy test did it the next day and.... negative! Yup, it came back negative. So I thought I was being overly paranoid and put it straight to the back of my mind.
Fast forward a week later and a missed period and bingo - positive tests all round! The pregnancy hormone just clearly wasn't strong enough in my system yet to have picked it up the first time! 
This wasn't planned so it was a still a shock even though I'd had a weird feeling, but a total happy surprise, as lots of you know I've been with my boyfriend for over 11 years now so this is such an exciting new chaper for us!

How I've Felt

Buckle in kids... this could take a while!
I had made a note on my phone of all the symptoms I've had and how I've felt just so I coudl remember and check back. Firstly... bloated - oh the bloat is so real, that was probably the first 'sympton' I had. 
After 6/7 weeks.... it all went downhill. Stomach pains, back pains, nausea (understatement), serious car sickness, terrible sleep patterns - it's been delightful.
From 8 weeks until now I have been SICK, physically throwing up multiple times a day, every single day, apart from about 3 or 4 days (which were a dream!). 
That's been tough and I have never been so grateful to work from home as I have no idea how I would have gone into a job the way I have felt. Hats off to all you babes who do and have!  I was actually taking Pregnacare vitamins but decided  to come off of them as I thought they were making me alot worse and it has slightly helped!
At 11 weeks I had lost 4lbs in less than a week which was a little concerning but I've just ensured I'm eating as much as I can, even if some of it does come straight back up. (Sorry for the TMI but you signed up for it reading this!) So... anyone who says pregnancy is magical and they feel amazing and are glowing... HOW?! Please tell me HOW!

Where I'm At

I'm now nearly 13 weeks and the sickness does seem to be getting a little less, it just seems to be worse in the evenings now and when I go in the car still! I just have to ensure I eat littel and often to help keep it at bay! We've had our 12 week scan which all went well and finally told the world our news. This week I've found super overwhelming, going from 0 to 100 in terms of people knowing is really alot to take in but I've been so grateful for everyone's amazing messages and well wishes - so much love!

Due Date
End of May.

I can't wait to document my journey here at AlohaKirstie - I want to share updates, hauls, thoughts... everything! My passion for writing and creating has reappeared and it's time this blog got the love and attention it deserves me from!

Do let me know in the comments of anything you want to see or know too!

Kirstie x

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