Tuesday, 31 October 2017

10 Things Still On My Walt Disney World Bucket List

No matter how many times I go to WDW, there will always and forever be an ever-growing list of things I want to see, do, eat and experience across the world of Disney. So here are ten things still on my Walt Disney World bucket list...

1. Eat At Cinderella's Royal Table
Eeeeek there are SO many places I still need to experience when it comes to eating at WDW and this is pretty much at the top of my list.
Cinderella's Royal Table is a dining experience inside the castle itself at Magic Kingdom where you dine WITH the Disney Princesses! (I know right, #goals)
They offer, all three meals throughout the day, so naturally I'd love to experience all three but the Caramel Apple-stuffed French Toast for breakfast sounds bloody marvellous. (I don't care what I eat when I'm on holiday!)

2. Drink Around The World At EPCOT
During my last trip to WDW I may have had one (or ten) too many at the Rose & Crown (Hayley Morris I'm blaming YOU!!) in the UK in EPCOT and don't get me wrong, I had a whale of a time... from what I remember... but what I would really love to do is drink around the world! Starting in Canada and ending in Mexico you have a drink in each country and a jolly good time all round.... it's my mission to get involved next time I'm there ... even if I'm not a huge mixer of drinks!

3. Take A Purple Wall Photo
How have I never done this? That iconic purple wall and I've never snapped a photo or selfie. If you don't know the purple wall is situated at the entrance to Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom and is the hub for all those cool Disney-grammers/vloggers/fashionistas - I wanna be involved! 

4. Experience Happily Ever After
I was last at WDW in March 2017 when Wishes was still a thing.... not long after I left they announced that it would be replaced with Happily Ever After and ever since this moment I have wanted to jump back on a place and experience the brand new firework show.
Of course, I have the song on my phone, have watched clips on YouTube and basically know the show inside out already...... but this doesn't compare to actually being there - I MUST see it!

5. Stay At Animal Kingdom Lodge
If I was able to choose any hotel to stay in on Disney property it would be AKL. The images I have seen of the place are just incredible, the whole hotel look so immersive and exciting. Imagine looking out of your hotel room window and seeing giraffes roaming around - so cool!

6. Explore Pandora
I cannot believe I was there just two months before Pandora opened this year. I literally saw it in construction and just wanted to jump over the fence and explore! From what I've seen it looks insane, the attention to detail, the technology behind the rides... I just want to explore! 

7. Travel By Ferry To Magic Kingdom
This is something I have never done and I feel like it needs to be done! I've gone to MK via Monorail and via Disney Transportation but never by the ferry. 

8. Enter a RunDisney
This should probably be at the top of this list. Doing a RunDisney event is on my life bucketlist and doing one at WDW would be a dream come true! (I've also just seen the announcement for a September 2018 Paris event which I am dying to get involved in.) 

9. Experience a MNSSHP (Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party)
Fancy dress + being at Disneyworld = fun overload! I always think about who I'd want to dress up as.... and I literally cannot decide, I LOVE looking through photos of everyone's genius outfits! 

10. Caring For Giants Experience
This is a 60 minute experience you can take part in at Animal Kingdom. During this you'll 'meet with dedicated animal specialists who provide for the care and wellness of the African elephant herd. They’ll give you a glimpse into their day-to-day responsibilities as they provide fascinating facts about the elephants.' The next time I head to Orlando I will 100% be booking this - it's only $30!

So there are ten things currently on my WDW bucket list.... ten of many! What is top of your bucket list for Walt Dinsye World?

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