Wednesday, 2 August 2017

My Happy Mood Hacks

Sometimes we get into a funk, I do far too often and it pretty pants. You wake up in a mood with a cloud over you that just won't shift, getting annoyed at little things and wishing to be back snuggled up under your duvet.

Over the years I have discovered ways/hacks in which to help me fight to poop mood and put a smile back on my face! They work for me so maybe they can work for you too!

Fresh Air & Vitamin D
It's crazy how much better I feel when I've been on a walk (especially if it's sunny). Fresh sea air, music or a podcast in my ears, comfy sports clothing and trainers - it feels so good to get out and take some big deep breaths, blowing away any mood you may be in and resetting your mind for the rest of the day/evening ahead. Honestly give it a go - even if it's just twenty minutes around the block.

The Comfort TV Show
Everyone has one. That show that you can put on no matter what mood you're in, the show that no matter how many times you've seen every episode you will never get bored, the show you could quote every word to and would 100% be your specialist subject on Mastermind.
  I know for some of my friends it's KUWTK or Friends but for me it's Buffy.
Buffy The Vampire Slayers always has (since '97 anyway) and always will be my favourite TV show and if I'm feeling down in the dumps it's something I know I can just put on and enjoy for hours on end. (Favourite season? I literally don't think I could pick!)

Clean, Tidy, Declutter
Yes this may sound crazy but cleaning, tidying, de-cluttering is a sure fire way for me to lift my spirits. I react badly to mess - my mind is always going 50,000 times a second so clutter around me really doesn't help with that. Tidy life, tidy mind - it does work and there's something about chucking away bags and bags of things you don't need or dusting your home top to bottom that lifts away a crappy feeling and has you feeling lighter than ever.

Cheese On Toast.... of the music variety
I love my music and one thing I will never get bored of is the music of my childhood and early teenage years. There is nothing like a bit of S Club, Britney, Steps, A1 and Samantha Mumba to put a smile on my face..... maybe it's because my brain rewinds itself back to 1999 when I didn't have a care in the world!

Dance Like Nobody Is Watching
Oh boy I LOVE doing this when I'm home alone. Crank up the music and just let loose - it's crazy how freeing it can be! Do I look like Little Mix? No. But do I feel like I'm the fifth member?.... hell yes!

Writing Lists
Am I strange? I LOVE getting everything out of my mind and down on paper. It really does work for me in terms of my mood, I love the feeling of organisation and being able to sort myself out by writing a list ... or 50... really helps me out!

Pamper Me
Hair mask, face mask, shaving my legs, sorting my eyebrows, scrubbing myself head to toe, tanning.... gimme all the girly treats and let me feel like a new woman!

YouTube for dayz
Yup.... my favourite YTers always know how to cheer me up. A few of my favs are Sarah's Day, Brittney Saunders, Holly Boon, Imogenation. (Check them out!)

Literally my best friends are my rock.... I know I can just head over to whatsapp and have a good old group chat with them anytime, anyday, anywhere and even better if I can grab them for a hug and catch up!

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  1. i love going to the gym for instantly puts me in a good mood :) netflix is also a good idea!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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