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Things I've Learnt From Working At Home

I have worked at home full-time since December last year. This is something I never even imagined would be possible for me 
The girl that never knew what she wanted to do, didn't go to uni, floated along in different jobs had opened her own company out of the blue .... bit scary huh?

Yes myself and two friends (I would say colleagues...but they are more than that) found ourselves made redundant the month of Christmas last year so we took a leap of faith, made a negative into a positive and opened up MOKU Communications. Continuing to do the job we loved... whilst being the boss!
This meant - goodbye office life and hello working at home. Since then I have learnt a fair few things, so I thought I would share them with you all - because I'm all about honesty here and you never know... you may relate/agree!
(Disclaimer : I do like working from home - I've never been so grateful for a job that doesn't feel like a job. But it isn't always glamour and independent woman sass.)

1. I am VERY easily distracted.
I mean, I knew this already. I have always had a very scatty personality (literally ask anyone I know) and within my work life I've always been a super multi-tasker, taking on more than I should and trying to balance it all, but when you're at home surrounded by housework, Netflix and the kitchen cupboards - it can be a real test.
There's washing up in the kitchen to do, the washing machine has beeped to tell me it's finished, I haven't tidied up the lounge in at least 48 hours.... I can easily just pop away from the laptop screen to tackle a quick job but end up roaming around the house for at least an hour! Opps!

2. I really love not wearing any make-up
Holy moly being able to rub my tired little eyes at any time of day and skipping that whole morning routine of make-up application is pretty much heaven. Judge me all you want but for my time and skin's sake being make-up free most weekdays really is a god send! (Plus I'm saving money on products because I don't use them half as much as I used to! Win-win.)

3. Spotify is awesome
I'm not sure why it has taken me so bloomin' long to get Spotify.... I can't believe I've been missing out for so long! (Yes, I can cancelled my Apple Music subscription) 
I LIVE for the 90s/00s playlists people have made, they're literally tune after tune and there's nothing better than a song you total forgot about coming on shuffle and jamming out in your computer chair! You can find me HERE - if you're a Disney/musical/rnb throwback/cheesy pop fan... you're gunna wanna follow me!

4. It's lonely as hell
*Inserts clip of me singing Akon.*
Yes.... I have realised that, as much as I LOVE my Kirstie time, I am a people person. I do miss interaction with you know... humans each day, as soon as my boyfriend walks through the door after work I have a full on one sided conversation with him for a good ten minutes to let out all my feelings of the day.. which he of course hates ha!
There's also a bit more to this.... but I'll be talking about it on here very soon!

5. Getting dressed into normal clothes is a major achievement
Why on earth would I sit around my own home in jeans? Comfy clothes for LIFE - I may or may not actually change into clean pyjamas some mornings....
If I have to leave the house for a meeting then it's an occasion and a half - I've forgotten how to live outside!

6. A routine is vital
Luckily for me my boyfriend is pretty good at getting me up if I'm struggling - I never stay in bed past 8am though. Ever. I have to get up and on - I always have my to-do list for the day and try my hardest to focus on one task at a time, take a lunch break and finish by 6pm. 

Do you work at home? Have you learnt anything about yourself because of it?

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  1. Ah love this Kirstie! Such an incredible achievement to start up your own company gal, but yesssss I totally related to all of this, even know I have been working solo for just a week now. I am at a reception desk by Tottenham Court road, so I do have to get up and go each morning, which I *think* is a good thing. Although, I would love to not wear makeup and a nasty uniform lol! But totally relate on the level of distraction and loneliness :( I am also a people person and I am finding it pretty difficult to adjust to it all and keep up the motivation to get stuff done. Also, just followed ya Spotify yaaaaaaas! Immy x

    P.S had drinks with Fifi and Emily last night and we found Global Rock Jack the Ripper on YouTube LOL, we still know all the routines! SUCH fun times x

  2. I couldn't agree with this more! I started working from home in Feb and it's been trial and error finding the best routine that works for me. What I do is work for 25 mins solid (no distractions) and then have a 5 minute break and that way I'm more productive throughout the day. I use this app on my computer called the Pomodoro method to do that. I recommend trying it x

  3. I feel you on the routine. If I work from home I always end up in PJs haha!

  4. I was made redundant last year and took some time out before returning to work... and hated it!! Like some of the points you've made it can be so lonely and sometimes I could go a whole day without talking to anyone.

    I miss my office life and was just lucky I found a job that's flexible working so I have the balance of both now.

    Victoria x


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