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Perfect Products For The Tired Girl

Are you a tired girl? 
Everyday do you wonder if you could get away with a cheeky lunchtime nap under your desk or think maybe glitter under eyes is actually a thing you could go for 24/7 and not just at festivals? 
Then listen us! I've found some perfect products to help you feel relax, revived and slightly more... awake! As a serious fatigue sufferer myself I know how it feels to have zero energy and therefore zero motivation. From long working days on my feet to hours behind a desk - I've done it all and know all to well that sometimes we just need a miracle cure, or ten! 

I've been using these products over the last few months (some longer than others) and although they aren't 12 hours of beauty sleep they really do aid in destressing and help me feel ever so slightly more awake and alert!

If you work on your feet then this first product is a fabulous alternative to an electric foot massager which would set you back hundreds of pounds. The Footner Cool Active Massager* is a roller ball massager which dispenses a cool soothing foam to provide relief from many foot discomforts.
To use all you have to do is push down on the roller ball for a few seconds after shaking the bottle and the foam is dispensed! Then simply massage the foam into the entire foot in small, firm circles.It says to use for around two minutes per foot, but I could probably do it for alot longer. 
If you're suffering from long days/night at work, exercise or even high heel pain and your partner is too lazy/selfish to give you a nice foot rub then maybe this is the product for you to give a go! The only thing I sometimes wish when using it is that the roller ball was slightly bigger so I could massage a bit harder!
I WISH this had been around back in the day when I was working 13 hours a day in a cafe/restaurant - I remember going home nightly and rubbing in a cooling lotion to my feet because they were literally on fire and swollen from being on them all day and night,  this would have been a god send for me and my co-workers!

As I've gotten older something I've noticed a lot more is the bags under my eyes. I'm 99% sure this down to the stresses and pressures of adulthood (obvs), when I was younger I never bothered with concealer and the bags under my eyes weren't anything I ever gave a second thought.
At 27 I am now trying every technique, lotion and potion possible to deflate the little buggers! Working behind a computer screen day in day out not only makes my eyes themselves sore and strained but the area around my eyes always feels puffy, sore and unattractive So when I got the opportunity to try out Beauty Blvd's Divine Hydra-Gel Gold Radiance Eye Mask*  I thought I's give it a shot!
The Divine Hydra-Gel contains two masks, each made up of two individual gel sheets, one for each under-eye!
It does say to keep the mask in the fridge before using for an extra cooling and soothing effect - which I wish I had done.... but I didn't read that until I was about to try it out! The second mask is now being kept in the fridge though.
I was worried these little gelly things were going to be slippery and fiddly but they are super easy to remove from the packaging and apply. Just pop on the masks under ach eye, reaching as far as the outer corners and relax. Well... you can relax or you can carry on with the thousands jobs you need to do like I need - I like to multi-task! You can wear these for any up to two hours but you only need around twenty minutes to see and feel the benefits.

Did it work for me? Yes. Once I had removed the masks and massaged the excess serum into my skin I could see the difference. My skin looked a lot less puffy, slightly more hydrated and the look of fatigue has slightly lessened. I felt nice and refreshed too, it's crazy how much you reply on your eyes, when I'm tired they are the first thing to start lagging! I'm already looking forward to using this mask again, I think it will be a god send the next time I'm hungover!

Scent has always been a big thing for me, and I swear to God by aromatherapy oils to help my mood and energy levels.
My Mum actually bought me a set of three roller balls for Christmas just gone which I love and keep on my work desk at all times. They are named Confidence, Focus and Energy and are by the company Tisserand. These are three things I need a serious hand with on a day to day basis, my attention span isn't fantastic and my mind has the tendency to fire off in fifty directions at once... which can be very frustrating if you're trying to have a conversation with me.
When I'm feeling a bit sleepy and staring into my laptop like it's a black hole this is the roller ball I reach for - Energy.
This scent is made up from orange leaf, grapefruit and refreshing lime, a great uplifting aroma that helps me to snap out of my tired rut for a little while longer!

Something you may not think of too much is... what is causing me to be so tired? I definitely suffer from a few things that contribute to my everlasting state of sleepy but 
Health Hacks by Esme Flloyd is a fantastic book full of facts and solutions for everything from tiredness and nausea to back pain, cellulite and periods! There is something for everyone in this book and I learn something new every single time I flick through it.

Do you have any go-to products to help your tired-self out?

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  1. These sounds amazing especially the foot one which I NEED to try!!


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