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Focusing On My Health & Wellbeing : My Six Steps

As many of you noticed last week I popped out a tweet to share that over the next six months I am going to be making a conscience effort to focus on both my physical and mental health and generally my overall well-being.
I'll be honest with you all, lately my mind has been a little all over the place. From work to weight - I haven't been me. 

After a few slight changes in things throughout my life I had felt a little lost. With anxiety hitting me out of the blue every week and many on/off tears for no reason I felt like maybe I was heading down a road I went down around six years ago which wasn't a happy place.
I had gained weight, lost motivation and felt stressed 24/7. I cancelled plans, turned down invites and pretty much felt miserable.... but after wallowing away for longer than necessary I have decided to shake off this negativity and focus on me and becoming the best 'me' I can be. (*waits for people who know me to roll their eyes as they've heard this before*)

Work, home, life in general, I want to ensure I am organised. The 'tidy house, tidy mind' mindset really does work with me. My thoughts are in a jumbled enough state in my mind as it is, so living in mess really doesn't help me settle down or concentrate - which isn't great when I work from home! To-do lists have become my life - I will list anything and everything just so I can tick it off.... oh the satisfaction! 
Feeling on top off everything I need to be doing really does help me to feel calmer, more relaxed in myself and bloomin' productive! Being able to write it all down somehow keeps it from buzzing round in my mind and getting lost, so you will find notebooks literally all over my home!

Two. As you may have seen in my recent Instagram post (here) I am back to eating well and in that well for my body. I have fallen in love with Sarah's Day on YouTube and her 'listen to your body' philosophy really is something I have embraced. If you've read my blog for a long while you'll know I have a lot of trouble with certain foods and as I get older it just seems to get worse. I know what I need to eat and what works for me, back at the end of 2015 I was in such a good place with my diet and I have never felt better with what I was eating and putting into my body - I know THAT is what works for me and I'm so happy to be back on that path. So keep your eyes peeled for my #AlohaHealth posts on Instagram!

When I'm not in a great place something I find really positive is look back at certain blog posts I've written to get my motivation up and mindset back to a good place. I have a tendency to get myself in a horrible rut and I know when I'm doing it to myself and even my friends and boyfriend pick up on it now. It's not nice and I don't want to be there.
It may seem silly to read your own work but I find it so helpful to read something I've put together and out into the world, it really helps me to remember how I was feeling at the time. Here's some of the posts I've been re-reading ....

Negativity is something I really like to try and live without, but sometimes things get overwhelming (or hormonal!) and I can't help but rant, moan and generally feel meh about certain aspects of my life. BUT.... that needs to stop - there's nothing worse than having to listen to someone constantly moaning, not only do you bring yourself down you bring everyone else down with you... and that ain't cool! Now, every time 'm feeling like a negative Nelly or take something in a negative way I am coming straight back with a positive thought, what I am doing that's good? what am I doing that's making a change? and I focus on that!

A HUGE change I am ensuring I stand by is making time for things I love. This includes blogging, reading and exercising. 
A few years ago I had a blog post going up - can you even believe that? I put all my spare time and energy into it and I LOVED it so much! Since getting my blog back to being a little more active over the last couple of weeks I have been so so happy. Creating content is a passion on mine and whether it's being read or enjoyed is beside the point, I'm loving being back on the blogging train after so many false starts over the last 12 months.
I also have my eyes on ALL of the un-read books cluttering up my bookshelves.... I'm currently reading Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson which is also really helping with my mindset and helping me focus on ME, she has some amazing advice and no doubt I'll be popping up a review on here at some point!

Due to my current lack of funds, unfortunately I have had to give up my gym membership for now... which totally and utterly sucks. BUT I won't be letting this affect my fitness levels.
 I know how good exercise is for me as a person both physically and mentally and I want to be able to keep up my fitness even if it is for free and alone! 
I am going to get out on runs and start up my at-home HIIT workouts again, plus there is endless content on YouTube and social media I'm going to give a go, I can't wait to explore!

So there are my first six steps for how I am going to be focusing more on my health and well being - I already feel a million times better (plus I've lost 5lbs so far) and hope this continues :)

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  1. This was so lovely and inspirational to read! I totally get what you mean about reading your own blog posts too, I've done it too and find it quite useful! Looking forward to more posts like this :) xx


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