Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Summer Body Essentials

Summer 2017 has HIT the UK and for once I (nearly) feel ready! 
As someone who has never been overly body confident, Summer can be a bit of daunting premise for me....... and my thighs! 99% of the time my legs are pale, hairy and severely un-ready to see the light of day, especially in public, so when warm weather approaches I like to prep like a pro to ensure I'm not caught out when it comes to baring all!

As I was just at the Isle Of Wight Festival earlier this month I had already started my summer body ritual before this crazy (yes I'm melting) heatwave began. It's only a few extra products to add into my daily/weekly routines but they really are life savers.

1. NSPA Coconut Daily Refresh Shower Scrub*
First things first, before all that tanning and creaming malarkey I need my skin to be fresh, clean and smooth - so a body scrub is a must.
This creamy daily scrub from NSPA at ASDA smells bloomin' incredible - if you have read my blog for a while you will know that scents are a big thing for me. If a product doesn't smell good, I wouldn't and won't purchase it or use it. Coconut is one of my all-time favourite scents for products too so this is a winner.
I use this a few of times a week all over my body to prep my skin for fake tanning (or to get old fake tan off) and for only £2... yes £2 - it is WELL worth it!

2. St. Moriz Advanced Pro Formula Tanning Mousse*
All hail my all-time favourite tan.
St. Moriz has been in my life for years now and I totally swear by this brand. They were kind enough to send me a bottle of their new advanced pro formula to keep me going this month/Summer. This is the medium shade which I like to layer on for a few nights before I have an event, super easy to use I just use a mitt to apply all over before I go to bed and then wash it off in the morning. It gives a super natural and long-lasting colour (my mum even commented on it last week!) plus right now you can win a trip to Miami with St. Moriz's Baywatch comp right - here. (Totally non-spon... I just really love them)

3. Bondi Sands Everyday Tanning Milk
Gradual everyday tanners have been in our life since the early 00s when Dove & Johnson's bought out their famous moisturisers - which, if you didn't use, were pretty life changing. 
My high school years are a blur of me covered in this stuff thinking I was super sassy... but clearly not sassy enough to use real fake tan. I'm a big Bondi Sands fan and their products are up there with St. Moriz for me, I love the scent and the shade is always really natural looking. This is the perfect product for me to use to keep my skin moisturised plus keep my tan long-lasting and topped up.

4. Tropic Mineral Sun Protection*
Sun cream. The number one product everyone should be using in this weather. 
My skin, unfortunately, does have a slight problem with some sun creams. As I am a sufferer of the dreaded heat rash I can only use sun creams that are non-pore blocking which believe me... aren't that common!
I usually use Boots Soltan Sensitive cream which is a god send for me but when Tropic asked if I'd like to give their Skin Shade Mineral Sun Protection and I read it wouldn't block pores I jumped at the chance!
I chose the 30SPF as 15 didn't feel enough for me and my sensitive skin and 50 felt unnecessary for me on the IOW! I've been loving this suncream and so far... no heat rash wahooo!

What are your favourite products to keep you increase your body confidence leading up to the Summer months?

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  1. I really need to venture out into the world of fake tanning. At the moment I just stick to the gradual tanners but would love to give St Moriz a go!xx

    Lucy | lucy-cole.co.uk

    1. Do it Lucy! You won't look back, just start with the medium shade and make sue you use a decent mitt (the cocoa brown pink one is fab!) xx

  2. I love using a body scrub, it makes my skin feel all brand new again! X

    Everything But The Kitchen

    1. Same! I can't believe this one is only £2 - actual ridiculous pricing! I'm also a huge fan of Soap & Glory's scrubs too.... the breakfast scrub smells incredible!


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