Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Helpful Handbag Products From Merci Handy

If you're anything like me, anti-bac is your life. 
It's true.... I can't go anywhere without a trusty bottle of anti-bacterial hand gel safely nestled in my bag. Ready for public places, people and of course - transport, I don't think I could actually tell you how many bottles of gel I've gone through in my lifetime but, it's a lot!

Merci Handy contacted me last month at the perfect time.... just before the lsle Of Wight Festival - a place where anti-bac is needed by the dozen and a total must-have for my festival backpack.
Receiving four of their hand gels, New Wave (not pictured), Cherie Cherry, Oh My Lemon & Black Vanilla, I knew I would be in no short supply... even when half my friendship group hold out their hands after every trip to a portaloo because they know I'm always armed!

These hand gels smell delightful and are in such a handy (excuse the pun) size, very similar to the old style Bath & Body Works hand gels. They aren't drying in the slightest which can be a real downfall for some brands and they actually leave my hands feeling really soft.
The scent 'New Wave' isn't pictured because I actually used the whole thing before I got round to shooting for this post.... it was my festival saviour!

The Merci Handy team were also kind enough to send me one of their Refreshing Face Mists.... which I didn't know I needed in my life until this god damn UK heatwave! 
A delightful reviving and refreshing mist which in it's 'Flower Power' scent reminds me of a body spray I used to use but in a very toned down form. The doesn't ruin my make-up and really does give a moment of cool to the face, neck and chest which is needed when stomping up a hill home!

Have you tried about Merci Handy products yet? They really are a fab brand for little handbag essentials!

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  1. They sound brilliant! I deffo need to stock up on my hand sani's... xx

    Lucy |

    1. The smell so good and fit even in my tiny bags! God send!

  2. Merci Handy is a fun brand, I've tried a couple of their hand gels and really liked the different scents. The packaging is also super cute!

    Julia x
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    1. They're so nice compared to some of the others out there! I love Bath & Body Works but these are a fab UK alternative! x


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