Tuesday, 9 May 2017

New Beginnings

Well it's officially here - AlohaKirstie is up and running (welcome!) and it is time to say goodbye to A Yellow Brick Blog.

A Yellow Brick Blog was started back in 2013 in a time of jobless wonderment after many failed attempts to starting a blog. I have always been obsessed with being creative but having zero talent in the art department the internet has been the perfect place for me to pop things together and express what I'm loving.
Blogging has been such an incredible experience for me and as I am now approaching my fifth year of creating, writing and general chatting I thought it was about time my blog evolved with me.

I outgrew A Yellow Brick Blog a while ago and felt like the name just didn't reflect myself, my personality and/or the content I wanted to create. The name for me was a rushed idea and although I loved that it was different and stood out from the crowd, I always knew it wouldn't be forever.

AlohaKirstie is the new and improved version of me! I know over the past year my blogging has been well... a little MIA! From getting a new job, to opening my own business (which wasn't planned!) and everything in between unfortunately it had to take a short backseat, which made me so sad.
 But I now feel refreshed and ready to get back into the swing of things and continue to upload new and exciting content for you all!

You can expect to see lots of the same and lots of new ideas and thoughts :)

If you have any requests or ideas for posts let me know in the comments below or tweet me @AlohaKirstie

Don't forget you can also find my new page on Facebook at /AlohaKirstie (go click 'like' now so I know you've read this post!) and of course Instagram @AlohaKirstie!

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