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Kirstie's April Favourites 2017

Well, well, well looks who's back with a favourites post.
It's been a fair while since I shared my favourite things from the month but seeing as I had a fair few stand-out things in April I thought what better way to talk about them than in a blog post!

First up something which could actually now go into an empties post as I've finished them - Hairburst's Chewable Hair Vitamins!
I had spotted these heart shaped gummies on Instagram in late March and thought 'I like the sound of those', so when I was browsing Holland & Barrett after payday and spotted them at half price (£9.99) I couldn't resist popping them in my basket.
I have to say I definitely feel like I noticed a difference, as most of you know I have gone back to my natural hair colour after year of bleaching and have been letting my hair grow out from a bob over the past few months. I think all of these things combined has helped transform my hair into what seems to be the healthiest and thickest state it's been in since about 2006!
Over the course of a month I think my hair has grown about an inch - which if I'm correct is double the average. I would love to keep giving these a go but my current budget won't allow for a £20 hair splurge... maybe once they are back on offer I can start re-using them.

Now onto something slightly more random, the My Dad Wrote A Porno Podcast. Oh my good god this is so hilarious I have literally lost count as to how many times I've told friends to listen to it! The first two seasons had me bursting out into full on lols in public whilst alone... never a good look! I HIGHLY recommend this - season 3 comes out at the end of this month so you have a week or so to catch up and be totally scarred by the world of Belinda!

It wouldn't be a Kirstie favourites without some form of food stuck in there and the past few weeks I have been loving Deliciously Ella's Energy Balls and Protein World's Cinnamon Roll Slender Blend!
I actually, again, picked up the energy balls because they were on offer in Holland & Barrett (yes, I can spend ALOT of money in that store!) - they were only £1 instead of the eye-watering usual price of £2. I have to say these are such a fantastic snack whilst on the go, all natural ingredients and totally gluten, dairy and refined sugar free - I have nothing but positive things to say about these tasty balls! (okay regretting that wording...)
Like I've mentioned alot, I really love Protein World products and the Cinnamon Roll shake was a firm favourite throughout April - hands down my fav flavour from them.

Make-up time! I don't think I'm only blogger who's been a tiny bit mesmerised by the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter + Glow Liquid Eyeshadows! Kitten Karma is SO fabulous - I can't wait to rock this this festival season - I'm pretty pants when it comes to make-up but this are pretty much idiot free, so so easy to use!

Neal & Wolf's Elevate has 100% been in a favourites post before! I bought a replacement bottle of this back at the beginning of the year and I honestly had forgotten how much I love this stuff. I pop a 20p blob sized throughout my hair when it's damp after being washed and let my hair dry naturally (I'm trying to grow it people!) - not only does it smell fabulous but it makes my hair feel so soft and smooth, a total hair hero!

As soon as I heard that the Embryolisse Radiant Eye Cream was a favourite with stars such as Elle McPherson, Ariana Grande and Scarlett Johansson I knew I had to try it out and jumped at the offer of a sample!
Working at home behind a laptop Mon-Fri my eyes and the surrounding area gets so tired, puffy and generally drained so this product has been a god send. As I don't wear any make-up when working at home (I mean come on that would be a total waste!) popping this on once or twice a day to refresh and relax my eyes has been incredible. It immediately wakes me up and feels so soothing - plus I can always see a slight change in my skin, it definitely does what it says with brightening any looks of fatigue!

Thanks so much for reading you lovely lot :) I'm so glad I'm back blogging around, there's definitely been in a big whole in my life without it!

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  1. I really need to get my hands on the Slender Blender Cinnamon Roll powder - it sounds amazing!! x

    Abi | abistreetx

  2. I love the sound of the hair vitamins! Hopefully they'll be on offer again as I'd like to see if they work for me. My hair seems to have got to that 'stuck' point and won't grow past a certain length...

    Now I'm off to Google what that podcast is about!

    Blorren xo
    Beauty Blorren - A British Beauty Blog

  3. My Dad Wrote a Porno is so funny! Can't wait for season three to come out at the end of the week! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

  4. Great post, I would like to see a post about Protein World. I have seen so many mixed reviews on this brand would like to know if it works or not.


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