Sunday, 7 May 2017

Disney Wishlist : May 2017

I have missed doing these posts so much! I am constantly seeing Disney things that I want/need... I mean, I don't think you can ever have enough Disney in your life - and I always get such great feedback and comments when I share my latest finds so thought it was about time the Disney Wishlists made a come back.

Disney Tangle Teezer
Pretty much the only thing I use on my hair is a Tangle Teezer. I have three and cannot live without them in my life! So... a Disney version is pretty much a dream come true... how bloomin' cute is this!

Mickey Mouse Coaster & Mug
Working from home I LIVE on tea and this little duo would just look perfect on my desk... I'm in desperate need for a coaster so I mean, I NEED this in my life!

Lillian & Co Bangle
I stumbled across this brand on Instagram (there are so many cute Disney brands on there I can't deal!). Their bracelets are to die for, so many lovely quotes in different colours, definitely time to save up for a few.

Beauty & The Beast Pyjamas
Topshop always nails pyjamas, and even though, yes, they are a little more expensive than your classic Primark they do look and feel great (and probably last a little longer). How gorgeous are the shorts on these ones!

Disney Snack Top
Etsy has so many hidden gems when it comes to Disney, I wish I had had a little shopping spree on there before my trip to Disneyworld earlier this year! Mickey shaped treats are pretty much the best thing ever so this top is just perfect! 

Winnie The Pooh Memory Box
I love this idea so much, I thought it would be great to use for all my bits and pieces I've collected from my trips to Disneyworld e.g. tickets, photos, magicbands and everything else I feel like essential to cart back in my suitcase!

Belle iPhone Case
I'm a sucker for a phone case and this one is just so damn pretty, plus it has one of my favourites Disney lines on it - so yeah... this is HIGH up on the current wishlist!

Mickey Evolution Print 
Last but not least I spotted this gorgeous Mickey print on TruffleShuffle. How cool is it seeing all of the Mickey designs from over the years!

Spotted or bought anything Disney and awesome lately? Share it in the comments below!

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  1. Some fab picks there, I'm currently somewhere between excusing any Disney tee purchase from Primark as for my holiday to WDW in November and trying to hold back and do some saving for the trip.

    Victoria x

  2. Oooh this is the sweetest, I LOVE the bangle! Talkin' of Disney, I am going to see Aladdin next week and I am SO FRIGGIN' EXCITE! Immy x

  3. I'm such a big Disney fan so any Disney stuff I can get my hands on is a plus :) the phone case, snack top and bangle look AMAZING! :)


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