Friday, 28 October 2016

KSNY x Minnie Mouse Card Case

Sometimes you've just got to treat yourself.... and by sometimes I mean, most of the time!

To be fair I had been looking at this little cutie for a while, it was only when I spotted a 20% off code and I was in a grumpy splurgey mood the other week that I decided it would be a great time to place the order! (Sorry Mum...)

I have always loved the look of Kate Spade stuff - from the bags to the jewellery to the stationary, all so cute right? 
So when I heard about the Minnie Mouse collection I literally thought  - 'shut the front door I need it all.' (like I do when any brand brings out a Disney collection of some kind!)
Now.... I'm not in a position to buy a £300 bag on a whim (as much as I would love too) but treating myself to a little snippet of the collection is allowed!
 I've wanted a simple card holder for a while now - I hate carrying my huge Ted Baker purse to the gym and on nights out so this looked like the perfect little case the carry the essentials in..... and it is!
This is alot more than my usual Primark budget but I thought it was an investment.... right? It's so cute! 

Totally perfect for what I wanted it for and perfect for Orlando next year! Last time I went I had to buy a little card holder because my purses were just rubbish - you have hardly any change because there because you get so many $1 bills so this will be just right!
The Minnie Mouse collection is available at Kate Spade UK - here.



  1. I didn't even know about this!!! *Gets out bank card*

    Rachael xox


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