Wednesday, 28 September 2016

NEW Cocoa Brown Kind Shampoo & Conditioner

When Cocoa Brown annouced their new haircare range my first thoughts were.... what? wait? tan for your hair?! But I'm blonde!
Of course... I was having a total mad moment - obviously they have just branched out and added haircare to their already fabulous range!

So... Kind shampoo and conditioner, hello new friends! This duo is specially formulated for sensitive skin and scalps, which is perfect for me and my new bleached head hair!

Free from parabens (yay) and pH neutral (double yay) - which means not only are these fine to use daily but it also means this stuff won't interfere your fake tan, helping your glow last that bit longer! 
Since I've been back to my gym classes I've been washing my hair a lot more so I'm pleased these are suitable for that!

I've used these a few times now and have been so, so pleasantly surprised.
The products smell lovely (and no smell of biscuits anywhere!) with cleansing agents such as coconut oil and fruit sugars they have a lovely fruity, fresh scent.

The part I am most impressed with is the pricing - I pictured these being around £6.99 each.... but online they are just £2.65!
Cheaper than Herbal Essences and Garnier half the time - these are a total bargain and I hope they are going out to all Superdrug's to make it easy for everyone to get their hands on them.

High Five Cocoa Brown - another fabulous product!


Monday, 19 September 2016

5 Things To Do Before You Head To Orlando

Why hello there my fellow Disney/Universal/Orlando lovers! I'm back once more talking all things holiday and excitement!
If you didn't know already I am heading back to my motherland in March ready for another amazing holiday full of Mickey, Harry and everything in-between!

I'm always asked so many questions when it comes to Disneyworld etc, especially from people booking their first trip or wanting to know what's best to do, wear, pack - so I thought it was about time I wrote yet another post on the magical land of Orlando and how you can make your trip that little bit easier, better and cheaper!
So, here's five things to do before you get on that plane!

1. Have a plan
As annoying is that is - it really is better to have one, even if it's a vague basic idea of what you're going to do!
If you're staying at a Disney hotel I would highly advise heading to the parks with 'Magic Hours' each day - that extra hour in the morning really is amazing for avoiding huge queues and getting on those rides maybe you wouldn't be able too in normal peak times.
When it comes to Disneyworld - booking dinners and Fastpass's is also essential! 
Again, if you're staying at a Disney resort hotel this is easy - just get the My Disney Experience app and you can book your meals 6 months in advance and your fast passes 90 days in advance! This sounds crazy but it is a must, you won't get into Be Our Guest unless your booked - I booked ours last week which was 6 months in advance and there was only 3 dinner times to choose from!

Fastpassing is also the guaranteed way to get on those busy rides and avoiding the hours and hours of queuing! You get three a day so use them wisely (Mine train, the 3 mountains, TOT and Toy Story are always super busy so make sure they are included in your choices!)

When it comes to Universal the way that works for us is starting at Islands Of Adventure, getting there about 45/30minutes before the gates open and queuing then going straight to Hogsmeade (yes... we've been known to run) - doing everything there and then working our way back down to the Marvel area before getting the train over to Universal Studios!

2. Buy your tickets
I CANNOT tell you enough to
With our booking our Disneyworld tickets were included but if you are planning on staying in an apartment/villa/off Disneyworld property then you 100% need to buy your 2 week/1 week tickets before going!
This is the same with Universal - buying a 2 week pass here in the UK is SO SO much cheaper than even trying to get a two-day pass once in Orlando!
The perfect place to do this is Attraction Tickets Direct - check them out for all your ticket needs and save yourself the money and the stress of paying full price on site! 

3. Organise your transfers
This is probably an obvious one and a tiny detail but make sure your journey from landing to your new bed for the next week or two is seamless!
 If you're staying with Disney this is included with Disney's Magical Express which drops you to your hotel from the airport on a fun-filled coach BUT you do have to confirm your place on these - so make sure you have that sorted before you jet off!

4. Invest in handy bags and comfortable shoes
Probably my number one piece of advice - the right shoes and bags can make or break your trip!
For me trainers are probably my number one go-to footwear for walking round the parks all day! (and luckily they are in fashion right now!) You are on your feet alot so flip-flops, unless super comfy, can be a pain! Aswell as comfort, trainers are a little bit more secure for when you are on big rides at places like Universal... no sandals flying off half way round!
Bags are also a big thing for me when I'm away - with posing for photos, grabbing your phone and wanting you hands free at all times a handbag really isn't the one - I like to go for a cute across body bag and my boyfriend usually takes a backpack for us both to pop in extra clothes and snacks!

5. Save, save, save!
Yup, it's true you're going to need money - and if you want to have a relaxed vacation, not worrying about each and every purchase, it's always better to save too much than not enough!
Obviously seen damn Brexit the exchange rate hasn't been as fantastic as it was but maybe it will improve soon.. who knows!
On our last trip my boyfriend and I took $3000 ... yes this might seem like alot but we didn't want to have to think too much about the money we were spending! We work hard so why not?
This was $1000 each to buy/do what we wanted and also $1000 for our food, wallmart trips, dinners out etc.

I hope this has been some help to some of you - if you enjoy these Orlando/Disneyworld posts do let me know!


Sunday, 18 September 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick Collection

 Anytime I get new lip product I'm excited.... when it's Charlotte Tilbury... I hit the next level! All hail Queen Charlotte and her extreme make-up perfecetness. 

The new 'Hot Lips' collection is inspired by and in collaboration with some of the world’s most inspiring celebrity women.
These include Miranda Kerr, Salma Hayek, Kate Bosworth, Helena Bonham-Carter, Poppy Delevingne, Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Kim Kardashian-West to name a few! (I know ... amazing right?)

I have three gorgeous shades from this new collection and thought it was about time I shared the excitement with you all.... (Seriously someone else please tell me new lip products also get them giddy like a kid at Christmas?)
First up - Secret Salma is a natural deep rose plum which I have to say, is my personal favourite out of the three I own! 
This shade is perfect for Autumn and has recently become my most reached for lip product!
The formula to these is incredible - the lipstick glides on like butter, so smooth and soft and leaves your lips feeling so moisturised but still with a fantastic opaque colour. 
Application is perfect because of the shape, size and angle of the bullet end and can we just appreciate the detailing on the bullet - I hardly want to use it because it will get ruined!

Next we have Kate Bosworth's piece in the collection... Bosworth's Beauty. A gorgeous classic statement pink, perfect for day or night! I love this Elle Woods style pop of pink, a go-to for those days where I want to feel super girly and fun!
Last but not least... it's the queen of the world/social media/TV/life ... Kim Kardashian, with her addition Kim K.W.
This gorgeous 'vintage styled' pink nude is totally fabulous - set to make the lips appear fuller this shade is perfect for a subtle but simple bit of glam.
I love pairing this with one of my MAC lip liners to create that irresistible nude Miss. Jenner has made famous! 

See below for ... my arm... oh wait I mean the swatches...
The Hot Lips lipsticks are priced at £23 each. Yes, these are expensive - nearly £8 more than MAC's high quality range - but I honestly LOVE them.
I mean, they are worth the price for the packaging, detailing and formula alone, not to mention the amazing colour range!
Obviously these aren't something I can afford to splash out on weekly but a monthly treat - why not! I've been trying out alot of CT products recently and have completely and utterly fallen had over heels for the brand!
Do you have any CT favourites? Let me know!

Thanks so much for reading you beauties - I know A Yellow Brick Blog hasn't really been the same this year with it's reduced content but I am really trying hard to get back into the rhythm of things and making time to sit down and blog until my fingers hurt!

Shop the range :  


Sunday, 11 September 2016

Say Hello To Scrub Love's Mint Temptation Coffee Body Scrub

Well hello there beauty lovers of the world ... oh, how I seem to be writing the same introduction to every single blog post recently but ..... I miss blogging! I'm sat here now and loving the fact I'm here on Blogger typing away - I'm just struggling to find that time to delve in. But I'm here... so let's get on with it!

Coffee body scrubs seem to be EVERYWHERE right now and after hearing great things about them (and seeing some fabulous blogger selfies covered head to toe) when I received the opportunity to give it a go from Scrub Love I couldn't say no!

Scrub Love is a 100% natural and organic coffee scrub and this one in particular is Mint Temptation ... tempting eh?!

First up let's talk about the scent.... woah mumma it is strong! If you're not a coffee/mint person... this is not the product for you... #SozBabes.
 I decided to grab a handful in the shower to spread across my body and cor blimey it was a bit overwhelming..... baby portions from now on for sure!

Scrub Love scrubs are said to treat everything from stretch marks to psoriasis.... so as you can imagine I was excited to give it a go. Combined with rich oils and rock salt the crushed coffee beans release caffeine which is absorbed into your skin when mixed with water - increasing circulation and delivering some good-old antioxidants!

As a scrub this stuff is absolutely brilliant, my skin was left feeling softer than it has in forever, I was so impressed and the sore, dry patches I have on my legs (which could be eczema I'm not entirely sure) felt so much better!

All in all I'm so impressed, each packet is resealable which is perfect for me as I've only been using it once a week and as you only need a tiny bit I know this is going to last a good while!

Want to know more? Check out the Mint Temptation Scrub Love - here.

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