Monday, 25 July 2016

Tanya Burr Soft Luxe Collection - Martha Moo Lipgloss

You may remember earlier this month I talked all about how I had made some new make-up purchases from Tanya Burr's range - her new collection was released AND it had some money off so I just couldn't say no to trying out something from one of YouTube's biggest names.

I previously talked about the eyeshadow quad - which for the price was a total bargain - now it's time to talk about the lip product  I decided to try!
After briefly looking on Tanya's blog to have a sneaky look at the new collection I thought Martha Moo looked right up my street and being a matt finish it was a no-brainer - I had to try this out! 

Being a huge fan of nudes and brown shades right now this looked like the least pink out of the range and the name was cute so... I was sold.
When the gloss arrived I was a little surprised to see it was still a little pink not as brown/nude as I had remembered the swatch but - it looked gorgeous!
The pigmentation is fabulous, a really rich bold colour - but the perfect shade for everyday wear. It's subtle and natural.
The formula is smooth and creamy, no stickiness at all and it also dries really quickly which is great - I hate having to wait for a liquid lipstick to dry!
Stay time - I'll be honest isn't as great as others I've tried but for the small price tag of £5.99 it's great - it stays on and doesn't go patchy or crusty which is a pet hate of mine!
I've been using it with MAC's Soar lip liner underneath and they go perfectly - my favourite everyday duo of the moment... I even wore it to Thorpe Park the other day!


Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Disney Wishlist : July


Monday, 18 July 2016

July ASOS Window Shopping

I honestly think I need to go to ASOS rehab. Is there such a place?

 I'd love to know how many hours I've spent browsing this site and how many orders I've ever placed ... for me, it's retail heaven and I can't get enough of it!
Here's some of the bits and bobs that have caught my eye this month....


Sunday, 17 July 2016

Creating A Vision/Happiness Board

I've been meaning to make this post for months and months now, I just have struggled to find the time to get on with it!

I love creating and even though I'm not naturally artistic (I struggle with a stick man) ever since I was a child I have always loved making collages, cutting bits out of magazines and I used to sit there make new things to put up in my bedroom weekly - I just loved it. (Oh... remember those days before the internet!)

I had been thinking about making one of these for my flat for months now - whether it be a vision board or a happiness board I wanted to have something that I could put together myself, that I could change every month or so to make me smile, keep 

You can do this with anything! If you have a goal you want to reach, saving for a holiday, counting down to your wedding, need a bit of motivation for work or maybe just want to fill the board with happy memories that make you smile - everyone needs one of these!
 As you can see I filled mine with all sorts of things - fun photos of holidays, friends and family (how cute is the one of me and my little Brother when he has chicken pox haha!), quotes from magazines that I love (especially that Cameron Diaz one!) - tickets from fun events, a card of my favorite movie The Wizard Of Oz and lots of little hints at ORLANDO to remind me that it won't be long until I'm back there #MotivationToSave!

What do you think? Is this something you would make yourself? Let me know!

(I bought my board from Amazon - it was only around £10 and looks a million times nicer than your usual cork board!)

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Mid-Month Beauty Picks

With July nearly half way through and me being too impatient to wait to upload the obvious 'July Favs' on August 1st I decided a mid-month catch up was a must!

After a few months of minimal daily make-up , a standard (boring) haircare routine and no new beauty purchases I've fallen back in love with my beauty stash and testing out new things! 
I've said it so much this year but I WILL be blogging regularly again now - it's taken me a while to get used to my new job and get the time and effort to get my blog on but fingers crossed I'm on it now! #finally 
So check out the below to see what my top products have been this month so far.....
You may have spotted over on Twitter and Instagram last week that I took part in Race For Life Pretty Muddy in Portsmouth! A 5km run full of hilarious and MUDDY obstacles - which was so brilliant! I don't think I have ever been that muddy and it felt great achieving something with some amazing friends and knowing it was all for charity! 
Well... I decided that I really should go all out when it came to rocking the pink so I just had to do my hair! I had had this Lee Stafford product in my bathroom cabinet for a while, my Mum had given it to me to try as she had used it and loved it but had no use for the other half of the bottle I knew I loved a good pink hair session! I usually use the Bleach London wash in-wash out dyes and love them - and this was just as good! In fact I think I probably prefer this one as it is in a squeezy bottle which is alot easier to use then the Bleach bottles PLUS it has the original Lee Stafford scent which I'm a huge fan of! I think the next time I use it though I'm going to leave it on for at least 30 mins (double what is says) to create a vibrant pink instead of a tint.

Benefit's brand new brow setting gel is FREE this month with Marie Claire! Well it's a small deluxe tester size but still a great size that is going to last.
 I have fallen totally in love with this stuff! Since using up my Rimmel brow gel a couple of months ago I've been meaning to buy something similar to replace it and this fits the criteria perfectly. 
The brush is like a little comb which makes brushing the brows through so easy and the perfect finishing touch after using my MAC brow pencil to fill out my sparce areas. This is now a must-have in my everyday mkae-up routine - I love that it's clear and it keep my brows in place all day. If you can get your hands on Marie Claire this month (Blake Lively is on the cover!) then do it, £4 to try this stuff out is a bargain! 

I'm such a fan of Soap and Glory products and when a little box of goodies fell through my door to celebrate their 10th birthday last month I was thrilled! 
Along with a bunch of party bits to help them celebrate were a few little products for me to try out, including this - Extreme Plumping gloss! A clear gloss with the classic Sexy Mother Pucker scent and feeling.... yes that tingly lip plumping feeling that you either love or hate! I personally don't mind it at all and I love how this thick clear non-sticky gloss looks on - the perfect lipgloss with 0 effort needed.

It's been a while since I treated my hair to anything other than standard drug store brands so this popping through my letterbox was heaven to my unloved locks! 
Having shorter hair means that styling becomes a must if I want to look half decent (although I do like a good plait!) - this stuff is the perfect primer and finishing touch before drying! It keeps my hair feeling soft and smooth and does indeed reduce dryig time whether I'm using a hair dryer or air drying, it was a dream to take to Mallorca last month as it seriously helped with the de-frizzing of my mane! 

I thought I should include a picture of this beauty, so check it out in all it's glory below!

I bought this last month to wear to the IOW Festival and it's pretty much been my go-to for the last 4 weeks! The colour is gorgeous on - a perfect dark brown nude for me (here's an occasion of my wearing it) - the formula is lovely and this stuff lasts for hours without feeling dry or crusty, time I invested in some more shades I think, for only £6.50 can I just buy them all #WhoNeedsKJ? ....

Shop the post below :


Sunday, 10 July 2016

Tanya Burr Soft Luxe Collection - Birthday Suit Eyeshadow Palette

It has been a while since I bought new make-up.... I know hard to believe isn't it! But since moving away from the retail world and into office land I've found it a lot easier to avoid those new releases and offers.... mainly because I'm no longer the one putting them out and seeing them first!

Nevertheless there's always going to be something that catches my eye and this month it just happened to be a couple of bits from the new Tanya Burr range.

Now, I hadn't actually tried anything from Tanya Burr before, this was a first, but I've heard good things and when this new collection was released Feel Unique had put them on offer (I'm not sure if this was a mistake or not) - so I got them for a bargain prize!

I ordered 2 products from the new Soft Luxe Collection and first up, I'm going to talk about the Birthday Suit Eyeshadow Palette.
Marzipan - Toast - Cocoa Sugar - Soft Truffle

I'm a sucker for nudes and neutrals - so this palette was a no-brainer!
In gorgeous rose gold packaging this eyeshadow quad is the perfect palette for creating both a soft and a smokey eye, day - to - night sorted!
The palette comes with a cute built in heart shaped mirror and a fab 'tips' section on the back to help you work out what shade to put where. (Fab if you're not an eyeshadow expert or everyday user.)

I love that there's a mix of both shimmery shades and mattes - great for blending and again swapping your look up for something a little more glam. (Personally I love a good shimmer but know not everyone is as keen.)
I'm LOVING Marzipan for my brow bone and inner corner right now, such a pretty pearly shade!

For £6 you can't really go wrong - great for taking away and if you're looking for an easy palette for everyday use, this is a steal!


Wednesday, 6 July 2016


As a 26 year old woman (yes, apparently I am classed as one of those now... even though I still spend my spare time singing to Disney soundtracks and googling things like 'how to cut a pineapple') - I spend ALOT, and I mean alot, of my time moaning, critiquing myself, stressing over minor mishaps and generally wishing for other or better things.
Earlier this week as I was getting ready for work it kind of hit me that doing this was kind of... well, ridiculous. 

I am SO lucky to have the life I do. 
Why am I moaning about gaining 1lb and not looking like Jessica Alba or being stressed because I'm a bit strapped for cash for the last week of the month? 

Living in a world full of social media, gorgeous celebrities with enviable lives and general glitz and glam it is really hard not to get caught up in the longing for more - that green eyed monster.

I have all 4 limbs, am on the whole - healthy, I can see, I can hear, I can smell - I have an amazing family, boyfriend and best friends that have been with me since I was a child, I live on a beautiful island.... there is no reason I should be moaning - I should be bloomin' well grateful.

I wake up in the morning, in my own flat surrounded by hundreds of things that I don't really need but have anyway - head to my kitchen where there is food, running water and head off to a job that I love! (What is there to moan about really? That I ran out of £2 raspberries...?) 

I don't know why looking in the mirror that morning bought all this on but it's something that's made me think constantly this week and started to change how I look at things.

Before the photo above I would think ... oh god look at those hips, my arms look chubby, I wish my bum was better (and I'm not going to lie and say that I still don't think those things on some level) but I've got to look at the positives of the photo - I'm in Mallorca on a gorgeous beach, so lucky, my bikini was a bloody bargain from ASOS (£10!) and compared to 5 years ago I look great! 

Be proud of who are you, embrace the flaws you think you may have and smile! 
It's alot nicer seeing, talking and interacting with positive people - negativity is draining, so unbelievably draining, it's time we cleansed ourselves of it! 

It's time to start looking at everything as a glass half full, not half empty. Out-way the negatives with the positives and LIVE life. 

I should be totally and utterly grateful and at peace with what I have - as there are so many people in the world with nothing. No family, bad health, nowhere to sleep - most of us take what we have for granted and it is about time we stopped. 

I'm not sure whether this is a sign of maybe finally growing up a bit but it's a start. I mean it's all pretty obvious but we need to appreciate what we have a little more than we do.

Focus on what you DO have, not on what you do not.

What do you have to be grateful for? 
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