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What I've Been Wearing This Month : Isle Of Wight Festival, Mallorca & Using Octer

Well... it's been a while but I am still here - I promise! A Yellow Brick Blog is still well and truly alive.... it's jsut had a little nap!
I've missed blogging so much and this Summer I am determined to get this back on track with regular posts and activity!

So... what are we talking about today?

We're talking clothing.... and in particular what I've been wearing this past month! With the Isle Of Wight Festival and a quick trip to Mallorca I've seriously jumped into the swing of Summer and embraced showing a bit of skin!
Although the weather right now has been reaching for my cosy sweaters and waterproofs for the short time I had in the sun ... it was very enjoyable!

The Festival Co-Ord

I am obsessed with this co-ord from boohoo! I get a little worried about showing my mid-rift but this is the perfect shape and size for me to feel comfortable but still rock the trend! The high waisted shorts are a great fit and the long sleeves mean I don't even have to take a jacket!
Boohoo have recently been my number one place to shop - their range is so vast there;s literally something for everything plus the prices are brilliant, I've been so impressed with what you can get for your money there!

The Glam Night Out

Okay... I had wanted this playsuit for MONTHS! I loved the look of it but the original price of about £60 has seriously put me off.... along with the fact you can't wear a bra!
Flash forward to June and it's in the sale with only one left in a size 10.... kind of meant to be right? I headed more or less everywhere then to find something to keep my boobies under control!
Boohoo had a fab looking stick on backless thing which went upto a D cup so I thought it would be worth a try! For my boobs it's wan't the most supportive or sassiest looking thing but I was in Magaluf and it would do!
The sandals were a total bargain though - £10 not even in the sale... I can't wait to pick them up in black aswell!

Camo Jacket : Boohoo*
Denim Jacket : Tesco - F & F

Well... it's England so I couldn't go far without a jacket now could I! These two have been my go-to's this whole month, from chilly festival evenings to travelling outfits to the airport! These jackets are fab staples to see me right through until Winter ... and both of them were such great value!

I'd wanted a camo jacket for.... well months and months .... but ones I kept coming across just weren't doing it for me! This is where Octer came in handy!
Octer contacted me recently to invite me to try out their awesome app/wesbite service! Nowadays with the countless e-mails I receive daily it takes a lot for me to get excited about something and get on board but with this it was easy, I was hooked!

Looking for something in particular? I always am! Whether it's a black dress, a midi skirt or a simple T-shirt, I've been known to spend hours flicking from site to site checking everything they have to offer in each option.... Octer is here to save you!

With Octer you can search whatever you may be after e.g. 'Camo Jacket' across all the sites you want to look through - for me this is ASOS, Boohoo, Missguided, New Look, Topshop and River Island mostly! 
This literally makes life SO much easier - you can see everything on one page with the prices and you can even put a special feature on it where you just search the sales!
I'm obsessed and highly recommend both the sire and the app!

Dinner Date With My Girls

Another amazing find via Octer! I was after a plain black playsuit for our last night in Mallorca and I thought instead of sitting on the internet for hours and hours browsing through all my favourite sites I'd head there and simply search them all at the same time! 

I LOVE this playsuit - such a fab fit and as body conscious as I am this had me feeling confident and girly!

The shoes are my Matalan babies - I saw them on Abby Clancy earlier this year and HAD to have them, only £20 and SO comfortable! I even wore them to travel in on my way to Mallorca - the perfect summer heel! (Now can I just get them in 5 different colours please?)
Fingers crossed this is the start to man posts coming this Summer :)

Did you know my Instagram AND Twitter have changed? You can now find me at ...

Instagram : AlohaKirstie
Twitter : AlohaKirstie

.... Think my blog should match? Let me know ... I just can't decide whether to say goodbye to A Yellow Brick Blog or not!


  1. I absolutely love the co-ord and the black playsuit! You have great style!
    Cloe X

  2. I love the co-ord - the print is really pretty.

  3. The co-ord is stunning! And such a great price as well! Some amazing buys and love the Mataram shows as well! Such an affordable price for a cute pair of heels!

    Shannon |

  4. That co-ord is amazing and looks incredible, much better on you than the model. I love your shoes too, the ones from Matalan. I love it when you can go into completely random shops and find some cracking pieces!

    Melissa |

  5. i love the playsuits, they suit you so so well! love the matalan heels, im tempted :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  6. I like the way you make your blog posts. Keep up the good work and may you gain success in the long run.

  7. I love all your outfits, you look stunning in them all :) That camo jacket is so nice but I fear I am a little too "mature" to wear it ha ha xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  8. Loved this post! : ) I absolutely love that festival co-ord.. If only I was going to a festival this summer! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

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