Sunday, 15 May 2016

5 Things To Remember When You're Having A Bad Blogging Week

As you may have noticed.... A Yellow Brick Blog has been very quiet recently.

Something that I hate but right now with work and general life plans I'm running out of spare time and brain power to create and write.
This makes me so super sad and I hate looking at my bloglovin' seeing that my last post was 7 days ago - shame on me, I'm just not used to being this slack with it all!

I know I'm not the only one who struggles with not only time but ideas and thoughts for posts! I'll have days where I'm bursting at the seams with fun post ideas but at the same time I have weeks where I just cannot muster up the words or energy to throw myself onto my keyboard and type away.
My '5 Things' posts always seem to have a great reaction and I love writing tips/advice/chatty posts - in fact I prefer doing them to your bog standard beauty review (which have been very thin on the ground here for a while now... I'm sorry!)

So, let's talk blogger's block and what to remember when it hits!

1. We All Have Them
Yes, it's true! From the blogging beginners to the full-time blogging babes - we ALL have those phases now and again where we just.... can't!
 Can't think of anything to write, can't get our photos just right, can't seem to persevere with that ever-growing to-do list.
I'm been suffering alot recently - I think working online full-time may have something to do with it - and I've had an overwhelming sense of panic that I have no content scheduled, written or even planned! The less I do the less I feel I can do ... time to shake it off!

2. It Doesn't Mean You're A Rubbish Blogger
It took me a long time to realise this.
There's been many a time I've thought to myself - how can I call myself a blogger when I'm sat here with an empty brain and 5 posts going up a month, I'm pants! 
But the reality is.... I'm not a rubbish blogger it's just a short mini break while I adjust my thoughts and get back on the blogging wagon - I mean look how many posts I've uploaded in the past - I'm not pants, I'm pretty darn cool.

3. Look Back At How Far You've Already Come
Exactly! Just because you're having a bad week doesn't mean you're heading back to square one.... in fact, I bet at least 75% of your readers and followers won't even notice you haven't uploaded, unless you tell them! 

4. There Is Always Someone To Talk To!
Well....  there's never a shortage of blogging buddies - especially on Twitter. The amount of times I've expressed my stresses and blogging woes and feelings on there and had support thrown my ways within minutes - everyone's felt it and will assure you it will pass and you'll be back to you're usual awesome self in no time!

5. It Will Pass
It will. You'll be back typing away until your fingers ache before you know it and you'll wonder just where that motivation and those ideas were hiding! 
Don't stress, even if it's a month or even two, just give yourself time and don't force yourself into writing content - it will never be as good as the stuff that comes naturally!

Keep with it and don't you worry!



  1. Love these points, we all need to remember them! No-one is a bad blogger.

  2. You are definitely pretty darn cool ;) I feel just letting it out like this sometimes moves the road blocks!

  3. You are definitely pretty darn cool ;) I feel just letting it out like this sometimes moves the road blocks!

  4. So true! I always get Bloggers Block but realised that stressing over it doesn't help productivity! xx

  5. Sooo true!! All of us need to remind ourselves of this and not beat ourselves up about not loving blogging all the time xx

    Lauren |

  6. Great post! Thanks for it)))

  7. So true! Sometimes I just feel like I have nothing to write or I need a break from blogging. So nice to know others feel this way and I'm not alone =o)

  8. Amazing post! I was just going through this. I am a new blogger and it's very discouraging when you are in a bad mood and fall behind on post. It feels good know that this doesn't make me a bad blogger.

  9. So true! It's lovely to hear this from you ♡

    Just found your blog and followed you after reading this one post already aha!

    Love Em,

  10. Oh I like these! They're so true and uplifting for anyone having a down week :) Thank you for sharing this <3

    Cat | What Cat Says

  11. I've definitely been having this lately! I'm finding it hard to get back in the blogging routine after being off for so long doing dissertations. xx

  12. Love this list :) Tania xx

  13. Really positive post and I think it's important to allow yourself to have a break. There's nothing worse than putting out uninspired posts that you aren't 100% happy with! Really enjoyed reading this! X


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