Monday, 18 April 2016

Madara Detox Ultra Purifying Mud Mask Review

If you've been reading A Yellow Brick Blog for.... well..... however long - you will know I am a  huge lover of a face mask. Just once a week I love to cleanse my skin deep down and help it get a bit of a refresh.

These past couple of weeks I have been using this - Madara's Detox Ultra Purifying Mud Mask. Madara are a fairly new brand to the UK - they are based in Lavita and oh my good gosh some of their imagery is just stunning.... Latvia is now on my bucket list! (Check out their Instagram!)

This detox mask is made with Nordic Forest Lake Mud (snazzy huh?) it tightens pores, absorbs excess oils, binds toxins, hydrated and conditions leaving the skin revitalised and fresh - the perfect end of week pick me up.

I was a little weary when first reading the directions though - it mentions on the packaging that it is highly effective so therefore may cause temporary tingling or redness. With my track record of mask fails (I've had a couple of literal red faced moments) this put me slightly on edge. But... beauty is pain?! .... and I wouldn't know unless I tried.

It says to use for 5-10 minutes so to ensure the least amount of redness I went for just over 5 minutes.
I popped on a thin layer around my face and was pleased to see it drying within just a few minutes - I hate masks that take FOREVER to dry and get all tight and crusty.... I just like the feeling okay?
So after that 6 or 7 minutes I wiped off the mask with a warm muslin cloth and splashed my face with cold water - no redness no scary side effects... my skin felt and looked amazing.

I'm so impressed with the results this mask has given me. The perfect product to use pre-foundation free week and I've decided that this is now firmly in my Sunday night ritual. 
A relaxing evening with skincare prep for the week ahead, yes please. (Lets throw a Disney movie in there too, because... why not?!)
Because I only use a thin layer across my face each time I really don't have to use alot of product so I think this 60ml tube will last for months!

What are your favourite skincare treats? It's so nice to feel comfortable in my bare skin, this summer is definitley going to be more about going make-up free!


  1. Love a good mud mask - in fact I also love a good mud bath too ;) the crazy things you do when your on holiday!! I love to use a hydrating mist before a mud mask to make sure my skin is all hydrated before getting 'sucked' from the mud - it makes a big difference to any sensitivity and redness...

  2. i like the sound of this! im trying more and more masks these days and im really loving the whole pampering feel on Sunday night :D and of course, a disney movie is the way to go! :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Who doesn't love mud mask!! This detox mud mask seems like a must have!! I always have bad luck with mud mask but it'll never keep me from trying to find the perfect one. I'll give this one a go! You're so right about adding a mud mask to a sunday night routine. Nothing beats starting the new week off with gorgeous skin! Love this post.


  4. Mud mask sounds really nice! great review.

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