Sunday, 3 April 2016


It's okay to..... treat yourself.
Month in, month out I see my well-earned cash go on so many bills and general living costs (adulting really sucks sometimes).
 It's sad, that's life - but with the money I earn I also know that it's okay to treat myself now and again... I mean, shopping sprees, cupcakes.... that's what life is about right? 
It's okay to buy that pair of trainers you've been dreaming of or sneak in a cupcake after a workout. Balance is key but treating yourself is a necessity.  

It's okay to..... be confident!
This is something I get green with envy with. Confidence can sometimes be seen as arrogance but it's SO okay to be confident in yourself, in fact it's pretty bloody brilliant!
Knowing who you are and being okay with it, that is amazing. Nowadays there is SO much pressure on being perfect, we compare ourselves to others far too much and as much as I preach about positivity and owning it..... I'm STILL one of those girls scanning through Instagram wishing I had 'this' or looked like 'that'.
I can't wait for the day where I except who I am, what I have and what I look like, be content and not fuss about every single little thing.

It's okay to..... love your own company.
I wish more people understood this. It is totally okay to love your own company. You're not boring or a loner. I, for one, LOVE my own company, I love having evenings to myself, my own thoughts and all the things I love to do. I think being happy with your own company is actually really healthy so please don't feel weird if you're in constant need of some alone time and just want to do your own thing.

It's okay to..... CRY.
Good god YES!
 It is okay to cry. There's times in fact that it's just bloomin' necessary... even if you don't even know why you're crying - let it out, you'll feel much better!

It's okay to..... have your own passions and interests.
For a long time alot of things I love I wouldn't share or talk about with others as I thought they wouldn't care/ would laugh/ would think I was weird. But now I've realised having your own loves and interests is what makes us different - whether it's our choice of music or TV shows or even the hobbies in which we decided to spend our spare time doing (*cough*blogging*cough*). Share youre passions, be proud of your personal activities - I mean all those different things about us is what makes us more interesting as people. Whether you're bird watching, listening to classical music or line dancing, be you, enjoy your passions. 

It's okay to..... say no.
That is all.


  1. I take serious liberties with the first one as I'm always 'treating myself' - I have a bad spending habit!! Tania xx

  2. Love this post so much, I totally agree to the it's okay to love your own company. People don't understand me when I get excited about a night in to myself.

    Hannah xxx

  3. Omg Kirstie! I love this post. I for one love my own company and love treating myself too:)

  4. Yes! I blimmin' love this post! I struggled a lot when I was younger because I preferred being at home by myself than out partying. Never again will I feel bad for it. This post is brilliant!
    Steph x.

  5. Love this post! I struggle with the confidence bit too, but I'm slowly getting better I think! At this point crying is just in my weekly routine; sometimes you just gotta let it out and let yourself be a little overwhelmed or whatever. Can't move on so long as you're bottling it all up!

  6. This is a great post, it puts a lot into perspective for me. I love evenings on my own and sometimes feel guilty for not being the type that is out enjoying her time with friends. I have had quite a lot of issues with bullying in the past so sometimes find it difficult to be with people without being paranoid or self-conscious, so sometimes being in my own company is my favourite thing to do xx

  7. yes! I got very criticised in the beginning for taking up blogging but I couldnt care less, it's my passion and what interests me so I will keep doing it until I dont want to anymore :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  8. This is a great post! I agree with everything you've mentioned. Balance definitely is key, and self love is so important! x

    Abi | abistreetx

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