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How I Work Out At Home : Part 1 - HIIT

Working out has slowly become a regular occurrence in my life again - *thank goodness* yells my un-toned, podgey stomach and bingo wings!
 Growing up I never thought I'd become a lazy and 'un-sporty' girl but after leaving school and becoming 'adult' the thought of exercising slowly went to the bottom of my life priorities and I lost total interest in breaking a sweat and being active.
For a girl who used to be in every school sports team, head to dance classes for hours on end each week and chose P.E. as both a GCSE and A Level - I had rocketed to the other end of the spectrum!

I've had fitness phases over the last few years but nothing that's ever seemed to last more thana  few months - except for walking.... although that's probably just due to the fact that I'm a 26 year old who cannot drive. (yes, I'm saying that in a Clueless quote kind of way!)

I now have a gym membership... yes me! haha..... which means I can take advantage of all the fitness classes they provide, which I have fallen in love with - Dance Atomic is SO much fun!

I'm feeling so happy now I'm back doing regular workouts, runs and classes and slowly but surely I'm seeing a difference. (If I'm not annoying you on social media yet with my updates.... then you're clearly not following me on enough platforms!)

 I can't always get over to the gym and some days early mornings workouts are my only option.
I've been to a few HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes recently - I love the variety of moves and working out my whole body and the timed music that's used (so motivating for me knowing there's only 10/20 seconds left haha!).

It was while I was listening to this music that it suddenly HIIT me (haha get it?)  .... they must have downloaded this 'soundtrack' from somewhere, I could soooo do this at home! So I headed onto Apple Music and searched for HIIT albums and there they were - so many different versions and difficulties, perfect!

I went for a playlist that lasted around 20/25 minutes. Each set being 4x 60 second efforts with 20 seconds rest inbetween.

This is amazing for a quick morning workout or even after work before dinner
I try to break a sweat 6 days a week now, so 20 minutes in my own home is perfect - who can't spare 20 minutes?
You don't need alot of room and you can choose whatever moves you want! Whether you want to focus on an area e.g. legs/abs OR work the whole body with a variety of moves (that's my favourite way and it gives parts of me a rest!)
I have a kettlebell that I use to add a bit of weight work into my routines which I love - it was only £10 from Littlewoods #bargain and I have a yoga mat that I use for floor work (no-one likes a carpet burn) but apart from that all I need is my phone with the music on loud to keep me motivated! 
Like I said before, during the workouts you are actually given updates like "half way there" and "10 seconds left" - which really help me to focus and give my all for that 1 minute of intense exercise. (Plus you get 20 seconds in between... perfect for a sip of water or hair adjustment.)

So.... I'm sure you are all wondering what I get upto so here's a list of 10 of my favourite moves to do whilst doing HIIT at home..... (not sure what they are... google is your best friend.)

1. The Plank - great for working and strengthening the core.
2. Mountain Climbers - for someone who hates burpees these are a great way of getting the heart rate up.
3. American Swings - this is a kettlebell move that I probably find more fun that I should!
4. Squats - Booty goals.
5. Bicycle Crunchesa great way to target the abs and obliques in one easy exercise - I really like to push myself on these.
6. Triceps Dips - again with the kettlebell, I have NO upper body strength so as much as these pain me I know I need to do them to improve!
7. Squat Pulses & Squat Kicks - Again .... I need a good butt so these should work wonders.... I hope!
8. Alternating Sit-Ups & Press-Ups - these kill me.... but that means they are working! I normally do 4 sit-ups then 4 press-ups!
9. Scissor Abs - My belly is one of the areas I am most conscious of - I love these as I can really feel like working my muscles.
10. High Knees or Sprint - Another great one for getting my heart rate up - I literally power through this as hard as I can - it's only for a minute..... but it always feels longer (I'm not sure my downstairs neighbour appreciates it though....)

Like this post? Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 of my 'At Home Workout' series coming soon..... featuring a certain lady's DVDs.....



  1. I sometimes love home workouts. Especially if I have music or the TV up loud!! I used to exercise watching TOWIE at home haha x

  2. It's such a coincidence that this post popped up now, I have a Youtube video for HIIT and it's the first time I've considered doing it and then I go onto Bloglovin for a few mins and see this post!
    I'm excited (but nervous) to try it, but I think it's appealing to me that it doesn't take too long. Now, all I need to do is stop watching Teen Mom and give it a go haha! Thanks for sharing your favourite moves, let's see how I get on!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  3. I try and do an at home Zumba session once or twice a week as it's the only excercise I enjoy - but HIIT sounds good too! :) Tania xx

  4. I do zumba, its so much fun and really works up a sweat!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. Oooh I love this! I've been thinking about working out again so I need any motivation I can get. Will deffo have to give this a go!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent

  6. Loooooving your blog! xoxo

  7. I am always looking for motivation. And loooooots of it! This should be my new inspiration. Thnx!

  8. AH Kirsty this is so useful! Thank you for mentioning the HIIT workout tracks, that's such good idea. I've been walking loads for nearly a year but only in the past couple of months i've started classes at the gym and running as well. I absolutely love zumba and i've just started the coach to 5k program to getting me running. Dance atomic sounds fun, i've not heard of that one before! x
    Amy at Amy & More


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