Friday, 22 April 2016

Easy Ways To Put A Smile On Your Face

1. Don't Waste Your Free Time
Have a passion? Hobby that you adore? Whether it's singing, painting, writing, running, whatever ... spend as much of your free time doing things that you love as you can. It's good for the sole and will improve your state of happiness no end. Even sitting here right now writing this, watching a Disney movie and drinking tea I feel a state of calm and happiness.

2. Write Down Your Achievements - No Matter How Small
Made someone smile? Beat your 5km personal best? Went for a whole week without chocolate? Write them all down in a notebook, as you fill up the days you can see what you've been doing and look back and your accomplishments and remember what you are capable of!

3. Spend More Time With The People You Love
I'm the first person to rejoice when someone cancels plans on me ... 'Yes, book and bed!' are my first thoughts but really spending time with the people you love is always bound to put you in a better mood. 
As much as you might want to get into your pyjamas and put cucumber on your eyes there's nothing better than a girly night in, catching up and talking about what's going on in Gerodie Shore  or spending the night playing monnopoly with your family - you'll be grateful afterwards.

4. Make That Happy Playlist
I've talked about this before on here. Everyone should have a 'Happy' playlist. A playlist full of songs that put a smile on your face, make you sing along and bring back amazing memories! Having a down day or a stressful afternoon at work? Put this on and go for a walk, fresh air and happy music will sort you right out and get you out of that funk.

5. Book Something
I don't know about you but having something to look forward too and aim towards always makes me smile. I booked V Festival last month which is so super exciting and I know having a holiday to countdown to is enough to make anyone smile..... fingers crossed it won't be too long until I've booked my own. (#prayingforDisneyworld)

6. Head To Your Favourite Spot
Mine's the beach near my house - so many happy memories and so relaxing. Just head to your happy place...... even if it's Primark and enjoy.

7. Look Through Old Photos
This is the best. Whether it be physical photos of your childhood or those hilarious teenage shots on Facebook from 2007 - looking back on old memories and fantastic hairstyle regrets will make you smile.

8. Have A Clearout
The best way to lift weight from your life - de-clutter and organise. You'll feel 100 times better afterwards, espically if you give your unwanted things to others.

9. Pamper Yourself
'Me' time is the best - have a few hours marathon watching your favourite movies/TV shows, eat your favourite foods, paintyour nails, pop on a face mask or glam yourself up..... all those things you always want to do but never make time for. 



  1. definitely! i should try more x

    jess x |

  2. What a lovely post!! I'm going to try and do some of these things today. Couldn't agree more about having something to look forward to. No better feeling than looking forward to a holiday or something

  3. I really need to make my own happy playlist! Such a good idea :) And yes, definitely agree with spending time with loved ones and more hobbies! xxx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  4. Looking through old photos is a great one, just remembering happy memories can cheer you up or seeing how much you've changed xo

  5. Lovely ideas :) I love having something to look forward to!xx

  6. Such a lovely post! I always do number 8 :)

  7. I love these! Definitely know what you mean about people cancelling plans - and you're right, I feel 1029348x better after seeing chums / spending time with fam. And yes, old Global Rock snaps make me SO happy! Immy x

  8. I loved this especially writing down your achievements no matter how big or small xx


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