Monday, 14 March 2016

We need to talk...

Hello lovely readers. I hope you are well :)

We need to have a chat - and don't worry it's not a bad chat.... well I don't think it is anyway - it's just a bit of an update/news/heart-to-heart ramble. (yup, one of those posts.)

I've been wanting to write this for a while now but it's been a struggle finding time to sit down, relax and let the words flow from my brain to my fingers, but here I am. #Hello

Yes. I'm talking about my blog and my current feels about my blogging life.

I started uploading to this blog regularly in 2013, nearly 3 years ago now and I could never imagine that I would have actually stuck to the huge commitment that it is PLUS gained everything I have done.

I've worked with amazing companies, been able to make the BEST 'internet' friends ever and even managed to get myself a dream job from my experience and self-taught know-how (cool right?)
But lately my blogging routine has changed and it's bought a few things (and feelings) to light for me.

I LOVE writing and creating and since the year has begun I've found that talking about and reviewing PR samples, writing about my favourite cosmetic bits each month and general product jargin has been more of a chore I've needed to get done than a fun time for me to express myself through my favourite hobby.

I feel like my content is my same old beauty reviews/favourites which seem to get lost out there in the sea of other similar posts that are uploaded 24/7.

I've always wanted A Yellow Brick Blog to have that little something different and I feel like I've lost it and that's why I want to be honest with you all.
So..... going forth with A Yellow Brick Blog (Yes I'm not quitting!) I'm going to be creating alot more stand alone lifestyle, health/fitness, advice/tips, style and obviously beauty posts for you guys. (Yes beauty will still be a part of everything as it's obviously still a passion of mine - don't worry it's not going anywhere!) (Oo.... and maybe a bit of Disney too... obvs.)

I just want to create things I'm proud of and not feel pressured to get certain things written and uploaded within a particular time frame. Right now having a box full of products in my spare room to try out and review just isn't for me.

 I want to write original stuff from the heart and my head! (Plus I really want to start writing that book I spoke about last year! #oneday)
Obviously I still have a beauty reviews and PR bits and bobs for you guys, and it's definitely not something that will be stopped all together - beauty is what I started with after all - they just aren't going to be as regular as they have been in the past.

I hope this hasn't disheartened any of you, I really do.

 Most of the time though the amount of 'saves' on Bloglovin' and page views I receive more or less triple when I put up a totally original post like : 'The Stresses Of Being A Blogger' , '5 Things I Cannot Live With In My Cupboards', 'Putting Down My Phone',  '15 Things To Remind Yourself In 2016', '2016 Goals, Aims & Plans', and 'Life Thoughts'.  

So, that's that! I would LOVE for you all to leave in the comments your honest thoughts and any requests for posts that you would love too see :)

Thanks for listening to my rambling  I love you guys, thank you always for your lovely support!



  1. I agree, pr samples get so boring with time! do what makes you happy girly ;)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. I look forward to reading your blog posts! ♥ do what makes you smile! x

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this! I honestly prefer those random lifestyle posts to the usual stuff. And they're so much more fun to write! Health and fitness posts would be awesome : )
    Steph x.

  4. So excited about this change! <3 I also find product reviews etc. a little boring at times and would hands down prefer reading an honest and personal lifestyle post over a generic beauty post! Looking forward to seeing more 'Life Thoughts' posts :) Oh and some Disney as well of course! xx

    Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡

  5. I'm so glad you decided to do what you want to with your blog! Like you, I used to blog mostly about beauty, but I've come to realise that lifestyle and bits and bobs of fashion come to me a lot more naturally - so I decided to switch my blog up!

    Franzi. x // []

  6. Kirstie, I have been having this exact same feeling! Although, in my case, being in a city full of fashion bloggers where you're the only beauty blogger is ROUUUGH, so I've been thinking of dipping my toes into The Fashion World (I capitalize it because to me, that's scary).

    Anyway, back to you! Do I want you to keep blogging? Yes. Do I want you to be happy with it? Yes. So do what you need to do girl! Take a break, revamp your writing style, content, whatever you need to do to keep that momentum going!

    I'm so proud of you and I'm so happy that you have the courage to realize that you're growing and you want to introduce new and more relevant content to AYBB. Keep at it! :)




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