Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Blogging Bits To Invest In

So I held a poll on Twitter the other day asking what post everyone would like to see next! At straight to the top was "The blogging bits to invest in".... so... I give the people what they ask for!

I've been blogging now for nearly 3 years (which I can't quite believe, three bloomin' years!) and over that time I've bought every single little thing you could probably imagine for my blog. I've got bits and bobs coming out of my ears, some used, some a waste of time! So I thought I'd pop together an easy list of 3 things that are worth spending your money on!

The number one thing to buy in my eyes! Ever wonder how bloggers always seem to have that fabulous pure white background? Or a gorgeous marble patterned backdrop for their images? Maybe you've admired the gorgeous white wooden floorboards bloggers seem to have running through their homes?
Well..... no. 9 times out of 10 these are a trick of the camer and no more than an easy peasy sticky back plastic paper.... like this one - here!
I used a large oversized white card for years which was only £5 from my local stationary store and it worked a charm! (Fab for someone likeme who has black furniture throughout her home... not quite the same effect as clean white!)
My marble backdrop has become my blogging lifeline - and it was such a bargain! There are so many different versions on amazon I'm going to start switching them up soon!
(The illusion is over... that is what blogging really looks like!)
Now.... this isn't the cheapest thing to invest in but I'm happily say it changed my blogging life.
 If you're looking to take your posts to the next level and want to take your blog seriously I highly recommend investing in some soft box lighting. (Example)
This is probably the best thing (minus my DSLR camera) that I've bought to enhance and improve my blogs images. 
Remember your photos are what draw readers in, small, dark images are enough to make anyone click off and ignore anything you've written - which is not what you want!
No matter what day or time I decide to start a good old photo session I have amazing bright light to work with, making my photos clear, even and saving me SO much time. (Natural light can be a pain in the butt... especially in the UK.)

Now this will be your best friend for two reasons.
 1. Blogging is about being creative, having ideas and getting everything from that brain of yours onto a screen. The amount of notes I write myself, posts I plan out on paper and schedules I jot down is unreal!
Having notebooks, sticky notes, pens and diaries at my constant reach is a must.... and if they look cute - even better!
2. Stationary isn't only fab for storing all those creatives ideas and dreams - it is also fab for using as image props! cute notebooks, pens and all sorts end up making their way into my photos! A win-win situation really!
Top Tip : TK Maxx always have the cutest range of notebooks ... here's some I've picked up recently.



  1. This is so cute :) I really need to buy a soft box light, it's just such a big investment! Thanks for the tips :)
    Lucy xoxo

  2. I found this really interesting - I'm always looking out for some more tips of how to improve my photos. Thank you.

    Katie |

  3. wow I defo need that marble backdrop! I think I also need to get lighting for my photos! xx very informative post! :) xx


  4. I bought a white foam board that I used as a backdrop, but then got bored with just white and two months ago I bought marble contact paper and it's amazing! I love it! For the other side of the board, I glued pages of a book all over the place, which looks pretty cool if I do say so myself!

  5. I really do need to invest in backdrops bah. But man oh man I own so many notebooks and stationary that I just keep hoarding because it breaks my heart when I use an incredibly pretty notebook.. Your photos are wonderful by the way, you are so talented! xxxxx

  6. I have been really wanting to invest in some "backdrops". Maybe I should really have a look around and see what I can find.

  7. I have been really wanting to get a few good backdrops, trying really hard to figure things out. Thanks for the tips

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

  8. I just loving switching up backdrops and at he moment I've been using pillow cases from H&M which are so fun. Also big fan of stationary and picked up a few notebooks his weekend.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  9. I've wanted one of those marble backgrounds for ages! I love changing them up <3 xx


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