Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Quick & Easy Healthy 3 Ingredient Dinner

That one meal I'm always thinking of whilst sat at my desk for 8 or 9 hours a day. (well.... along with lunch and breakfast for the next day....)

Now... I'm not one to lie and fabricate things on here - I am lazy when it comes to cooking.
 I like to get home, chuck something together and be sat down eating it within like 30 minutes.
Since changing my lifestyle and creating a healthier 'me' I've been trying out lots of different quick and easy dinners to help cure my end-of-day hunger whilst avoiding the crappy additives quick meals swim in alot of the time. 

Chicken, Avocado & Sweet Potato is the answer.
Yes.... it sounds totally boring and totally obvious but this has become my go-to meal for at least 2 or 3 evenings a week. ( I'm one of those people who becomes so obsessed with something that I have it until I get bored.... but so far, no boredom!)

The sweet potato I won't lie - is not cut, boiled, roasted etc by me..... I buy the Tesco frozen sweet potato chunks - and there is nothing wrong with this!
There is only one ingredient - sweet potato, so no added nasties in there, you know exactly what you're making! (Plus it's only like £1.50 a bag and 47cals per serving.... although - who just has one serving?! Not me!)

The chicken is a fab source of protein, the avocado is super yummy and the sweet potato makes it really filling!
I can't get enough of this dinner - I love cold and hot things together so the avocado mushed with the potato chunks = heaven.
What do you like to make when you don't have alot of time?

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Easy Oatilicious Sugar & Dairy-Free Banana, Fruit and Nut Bars

Why hello there lovely ladies and gents!

I've been baking - can you Adam and Eve it?!

 I literally don't know when the last time I baked was. I'm so pants in the kitchen I tend to avoid the mess and immense disappointment usually linked with my attempts.

With my current lifestyle-change mission in full swing  I have been loving creating healthy and EASY meals/snacks and these are something I randomly whipped up earlier this week - and to my surprise... were edible!

After creating my new fav pancakes, I realised.... 1.I can actually use my kitchen and 2. maybe I can make more yummy things from just eggs and bananas?! Avoiding all that nasty sugar and dairy I decided that these two ingredients would be perfect to create some form of easy peasy snack to help me curb those sugar cravings and I was right! 

For my Oatilicious Sugar & Dairy-Free Banana Fruit and Nut Bars I used just 3 main ingredients.

3 x medium bananas
2 x large eggs
Porridge oats

I mashed the bananas together with a fork (that's hard work you know!) then popped the eggs into the mixture and whisked together until it resembled some form of even, runny mess.
I then tipped in the oats. Right, I know all you baking gods out there are going to hate me but yes, I just guess-timated the amount! I popped in what I thought was enough to create a 'flapjack' type consistency! (and it was fine - who needs scales?!)

So for the main mixture.... that's it! Literally that easy.

I then added in raisins, chopped almonds and dried cranberries to give it a bit of fun! (I think next time I might try a bit of peanut butter and maybe even some dark chocolate chips if I'm feeling a bit naughty..... although then they wouldn't really be sugar free would they?)
You can literally add in anything you bloomin' well please! Go crazy - I'm looking froward to trying all different kinds!
I popped the mixture into my baking tin, whacked the oven to about 180 degrees and left it for about 15-20 mins! (I started with 12 mins but they just weren't done so it was more like 20.)
Once the top had started to golden and the mixture was no longer a gooey mess, I took it out the oven and left to cool. (I'll warn you though are still moist  - ew I literally HATE that word - but they are still pretty squidgy once they are done... all that banana I think, don't panic!)

A short while later I was chopping them into bar sizes and displaying them on a plate to obviously Instagram away..... don't judge me.

Now... don't get me wrong, this isn't no rocky road or millionaires shortbread - but that's kind of the point! You can still get your sweet fix without actually having anything bad in it - totally GUILT-FREE (even when you eat 4!)!
 It's literally only bananas, eggs and oats after all - where's the harm in that?

Let me know what you think of these short but sweet recipes I've been popping up. I'm really loving this new mission I'm on and I find it so fun creating blog content from it too!


Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Blogging Bits To Invest In

So I held a poll on Twitter the other day asking what post everyone would like to see next! At straight to the top was "The blogging bits to invest in".... so... I give the people what they ask for!

I've been blogging now for nearly 3 years (which I can't quite believe, three bloomin' years!) and over that time I've bought every single little thing you could probably imagine for my blog. I've got bits and bobs coming out of my ears, some used, some a waste of time! So I thought I'd pop together an easy list of 3 things that are worth spending your money on!

The number one thing to buy in my eyes! Ever wonder how bloggers always seem to have that fabulous pure white background? Or a gorgeous marble patterned backdrop for their images? Maybe you've admired the gorgeous white wooden floorboards bloggers seem to have running through their homes?
Well..... no. 9 times out of 10 these are a trick of the camer and no more than an easy peasy sticky back plastic paper.... like this one - here!
I used a large oversized white card for years which was only £5 from my local stationary store and it worked a charm! (Fab for someone likeme who has black furniture throughout her home... not quite the same effect as clean white!)
My marble backdrop has become my blogging lifeline - and it was such a bargain! There are so many different versions on amazon I'm going to start switching them up soon!
(The illusion is over... that is what blogging really looks like!)
Now.... this isn't the cheapest thing to invest in but I'm happily say it changed my blogging life.
 If you're looking to take your posts to the next level and want to take your blog seriously I highly recommend investing in some soft box lighting. (Example)
This is probably the best thing (minus my DSLR camera) that I've bought to enhance and improve my blogs images. 
Remember your photos are what draw readers in, small, dark images are enough to make anyone click off and ignore anything you've written - which is not what you want!
No matter what day or time I decide to start a good old photo session I have amazing bright light to work with, making my photos clear, even and saving me SO much time. (Natural light can be a pain in the butt... especially in the UK.)

Now this will be your best friend for two reasons.
 1. Blogging is about being creative, having ideas and getting everything from that brain of yours onto a screen. The amount of notes I write myself, posts I plan out on paper and schedules I jot down is unreal!
Having notebooks, sticky notes, pens and diaries at my constant reach is a must.... and if they look cute - even better!
2. Stationary isn't only fab for storing all those creatives ideas and dreams - it is also fab for using as image props! cute notebooks, pens and all sorts end up making their way into my photos! A win-win situation really!
Top Tip : TK Maxx always have the cutest range of notebooks ... here's some I've picked up recently.


Sunday, 20 March 2016

3 Ingredient Gluten Free Chocolate Protein Pancakes

Finally! Back to the writing, it's been a week since my last blog post and it feels like forever - how I used to blog everyday is beyond me?!
 As I had mentioned in my previous post, it's time for my blog to have a bit of a content make-over..... so, here we go......
As you may have seen and read over my social media channels (Twitter/Instagram) I'm on a major health and fitness mission. 
No more late night biscuit scoffing sessions and squat avoidance, it's time to finally get myself looking and feeling the best I can, inside and out.

I've been eating clean and LOVING it! I feel fab and I'm loving my new routine of eating well and exercising. (Although HIIT class definitely killed me the other night!)

I've been looking at creating EASY and fun recipes for all meals (hello world of food Pinterest), and with my lack of knowledge in the kitchen and busy schedule I like to be able to make meals quickly and without the 'faff' of 57 different ingredients and scattered cooking times.

These pancakes are SO easy, with only 3 ingredients and taking only a matter of minutes these really are a fantastic start to the day (or snack!) and they taste great too!
All I use to create the mixture is :

1 x medium banana (ripe, not green)
2 x large eggs
2 x scoops of protein world chocolate slender blend (you can obviously do this with any protein powder/slender blend flavour, or maybe even a rice flour!)

Firstly I mash up the banana, which takes me straight back to having braces and living off soft foods every time they were tightened! (Mashed bananas and skips were diet staples.)
I then add in the eggs and whisk it all together.
Last but not least I pop in the 2 scoops of Slender Blend powder (I have chocolate but have just ordered vanilla too!) and mix it all up until it's even. I was a little worried at first that I hadn't mashed my banana up enough as it was a little lumpy but once you pop it onto the pan it really isn't a problem!
Just a couple of minutes or so on each side and you're done! Time to plate it up and add your favourite toppings!
 Photoed I went for raspberries, blueberries and a light drizzle of clear honey. The pancakes can be a little drier than you're usual everyday pancakes but with the added healthy toppings it's hardly noticeable! 
I think next time I going to go for a bit of peanut butter - I'm loving the Meridian's crunchy peanut butter at the moment which is 100% peanuts - no palm oil!

The best thing is that these are SO filling - no mid-morning snacks for me, these keep me full until lunch time!

With this mixture I made 1 large pancake but I think next I'll use it to create 2 or 3 smaller pancakes to stack... that's always more fun right?

What do you think? Are you a fan of quick and easy recipes too?

Monday, 14 March 2016

We need to talk...

Hello lovely readers. I hope you are well :)

We need to have a chat - and don't worry it's not a bad chat.... well I don't think it is anyway - it's just a bit of an update/news/heart-to-heart ramble. (yup, one of those posts.)

I've been wanting to write this for a while now but it's been a struggle finding time to sit down, relax and let the words flow from my brain to my fingers, but here I am. #Hello

Yes. I'm talking about my blog and my current feels about my blogging life.

I started uploading to this blog regularly in 2013, nearly 3 years ago now and I could never imagine that I would have actually stuck to the huge commitment that it is PLUS gained everything I have done.

I've worked with amazing companies, been able to make the BEST 'internet' friends ever and even managed to get myself a dream job from my experience and self-taught know-how (cool right?)
But lately my blogging routine has changed and it's bought a few things (and feelings) to light for me.

I LOVE writing and creating and since the year has begun I've found that talking about and reviewing PR samples, writing about my favourite cosmetic bits each month and general product jargin has been more of a chore I've needed to get done than a fun time for me to express myself through my favourite hobby.

I feel like my content is my same old beauty reviews/favourites which seem to get lost out there in the sea of other similar posts that are uploaded 24/7.

I've always wanted A Yellow Brick Blog to have that little something different and I feel like I've lost it and that's why I want to be honest with you all.
So..... going forth with A Yellow Brick Blog (Yes I'm not quitting!) I'm going to be creating alot more stand alone lifestyle, health/fitness, advice/tips, style and obviously beauty posts for you guys. (Yes beauty will still be a part of everything as it's obviously still a passion of mine - don't worry it's not going anywhere!) (Oo.... and maybe a bit of Disney too... obvs.)

I just want to create things I'm proud of and not feel pressured to get certain things written and uploaded within a particular time frame. Right now having a box full of products in my spare room to try out and review just isn't for me.

 I want to write original stuff from the heart and my head! (Plus I really want to start writing that book I spoke about last year! #oneday)
Obviously I still have a beauty reviews and PR bits and bobs for you guys, and it's definitely not something that will be stopped all together - beauty is what I started with after all - they just aren't going to be as regular as they have been in the past.

I hope this hasn't disheartened any of you, I really do.

 Most of the time though the amount of 'saves' on Bloglovin' and page views I receive more or less triple when I put up a totally original post like : 'The Stresses Of Being A Blogger' , '5 Things I Cannot Live With In My Cupboards', 'Putting Down My Phone',  '15 Things To Remind Yourself In 2016', '2016 Goals, Aims & Plans', and 'Life Thoughts'.  

So, that's that! I would LOVE for you all to leave in the comments your honest thoughts and any requests for posts that you would love too see :)

Thanks for listening to my rambling  I love you guys, thank you always for your lovely support!


Thursday, 10 March 2016

Mark Hill Ellipse Wand Review

When it comes to my hair - wands are my best friend. I have a countless amounts of different sizes and styles and whatever length my hair seems to be when I want waves and curls - a wand is always the answer - tongs are rollers are so 2010.

I have been meaning to feature this newbie in my life for weeks and weeks now but time has been running away with itself so quickly it has literally taken me forever to get round to it!
This is the Ellipse Wand from Mark Hill - a totally unique shaped barrell to give you a different wave every single time.
When I had my hair cut shorter last month I was worried that I was no longer going to be able to use this as the shape is fairly large and I wasn't sure whether my hair would even be able to wrap around it... BUT it still works a dream - I love rocking a wavy bob! (Yes.... I've gone from a lob to a bob - scary times!)

Mark Hill Ellipse Wand*

So easy to use - I dry my hair as usual and then grab different sized sections from the top two layers of my hair to create different sized waves.
This creates a great 'tousled' look - one of my favourite to rock when I have a little more time on my hands!

The one thing I would say about the wand that I would like to change is the fact there isn't a temperature gauge on there. With other electrical styling tools I own there are heat settings where you can choose how hot the barrell/plates get - this just has an on/off switch which goes straight to 200c.
Saying this though my hair is always soft and shiny still and doesn't feel overly battered!
So that looks pretty messy haha - it wasn't I promise!
So there we have it - the Mark Hill Ellipse wand! Another fabulous product to add to my collection!
If I ever did decided to have long hair again or go back to using extensions too then this would 100% be my go-to hair tool - if it works this well on my little bob I can imagine it does amazing things to long hair!

To find out more and/or order your own click - here.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Fun Flamingo Finds


Partylite's Spring Selection

Oooo I'm a sucker for a candle... well, really I'm a sucker for anything that smells good - espically for the home.
I can't stand the thought of my home smelling and love the way candles fill the whole place with yummy scents and the feeling of calm.

Partylite were first introduced to me last year and although I thought they were something new on the block my Mum recently informed me that she used to have Partylite candles back in the day - I was totally unaware that they had been going for so long!
The lovely team have scent me over (haha get it? scent... wow, I'm not funny am I?) a fabulous ray of new springtime products to try out at home and I have been loving them.

I think people believe nowadays direct selling is a thing of the past but with brands like Partylite, MyShowcase and Tropic only getting bigger, I really don't think that is the case!
Now lets have a look at these smelly products eh?
 Butterfly Porcelain Tealight Holders & Wild Lemongrass Tealight*
How pretty are these?
If you're looking to switch your homewares and accessories over to the Spring/Summer side these little bits are a great place to start. With a gorgeous butterfly designs they make perfect finishing touches to any room - or a great present!
With them I have been using the Wild Lemongrass tealights which I was sent alongside them. These smell so fresh and zesty, I'm obsessed - I've even been popping them in my airing cupboard just to keep it smelling clean and fresh.
Glolite Candle & Smartscents Sticks with Flower Holder*
That big old candle in the backdrop is one of Partylite's Glolite candles - the world's brightest candle. Now.... I normally burn candles through the day, it's not often that I have them going whilst all the lights are off in the evening so I am yet to see this in action - although now I'm writing this I'm thinking maybe I'll check it out tonight!
The scent with this on is Berry Blossom, and this is actually the second candle I've had with this scent - luckily I LOVE it! I have had this lit in my bedroom and within about 10 minutes you can smell it around my whole flat which is exactly what I want from a candle! Top marks there! It has 2 wicks but it is a large cadle so I think it will last me a long, long while!

Smartscents are the first scent stick I have used. You may wonder why I've only got one popped into the cute little flower holder.... the reason being - they are so strong (I have the Peony scented ones)! The perfect way to keep a lovely smelling home without that risky fire! I've even popped one of these into my wardrobe. (I hate that horrible stale smell wardrobes can get, I do anything I can to avoid it!)

So there is my quick round-up of some of the Spring offerings from Partylite this year - there's so much more on the website too - check it all out here.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

50 Random Facts About Me

1. I am 26 years old.

2. I have lived on the Isle Of Wight my whole life.

3. I started this blog properly in 2013 after a good few failed attempts. (yes all that old stuff has been deleted, don't go looking for it!)

4. One of my life long dreams is to own a french bulldog. (And call him Ron #weasley)

5. I kind of love Disney... A lot. It just makes me happy whatever shape or form it is in.

6. In 2012 I travelled around the USA with my best friend we went to : New York, Washington DC, LA, San Fran, Vegas, Florida and back to New York. It was the greatest expierence of my life.

7. Khloe Kardashian once tweeted me. I like to think we are life long friends now. 

8. I currently so obsessed with Total Divas and wish I had trained to be a WWE wrestler - no joke. 

9. Pyjamas are my favourite thing to wear. Comfort is key. 

10. I still get excited about going to Primark. The novelty will never wear off. 

11. My mum, dad,  brother & I's names all begin with a K or a C. 

12. In July I would have been with my boyfriend for 9 years.

13. I bloody LOVE Harry Potter.

14. I wish everyday that I was in Orlando. Disneyworld and Universal make me happy.

15. The Help is one of my favourite films ever.

16. My dream holiday is Hawaii. I pray that one day I can afford to go!

17. My high school friendship group are still my best friends EVER! (We are called the ®™ but never tell anyone why 😂) 

18. I am obsessed with musicals and always have been. My dream job would be to be in one. (if only I could sing!)

19. I used to go to Ballroom & Latin , line dancing, cheerleading and god knows what else lessons ..... I was one of those kids. 4 hours on a Saturday morning dedicated to prancing around - I'm always sad I gave up, I loved it. I sooo could have been on Strictly ya know lol! 

20. I used to say my feet were my best feature because I didn't like anything about myself.... I realise now... I have shit feet.

21. I have no boundaries when it comes to chocolate - I could eat three huge bars and still want more, I'm paranoid I will have a diabetes when I'm older.

22. Violet, Mollie, Aria, Luna and Dakota are on my baby name list. 

23. I am petrified of the movie The Witches - I still can't watch it now, I find it terrifying. How it is a children's movie I will never know. 

24. Buffy The Vampire Slayer is my favourite TV Show of all time. I have watched every single episode countless times and will never, ever get bored of it.

25. I suffer from anxiety, but it's only been the last year or so that I've started talking openly to people about it. Before I didn't really understand how I felt and thought I was a little crazy. #reallife

26. I live 3 minutes away from a beach but can't remember the last time I went in the sea.

27.  I live one street away from my parents - I don't think I could ever live too far away from them. (Such island mentality)

28. One of my favourite things to do is go the cinema. Popcorn and a good movie on a huge screen = heaven. 

29. I've never, ever popped a spot.

30. I have a teddy called Yellow Dog. He is a yellow dog and my mum bought him for me before I was even born.

31. Shay Carl Butler is one of the greatest idols. He literally is my hero.

32. I love reading and I wish I made more time for it - damn you Internet! (Although I have got better this year!)

33. My favourite Disney song is Belle (Little Town) from Beauty & The Beast.

34. Snakes are my biggest fear. I can't even bare to look at photos of them.

35. I really want a tattoo and I think I've bored everyone I know to tears since I was 18 talking about getting one. (I still haven't - this year is the year!)

36. When I was 3 my birthday cakes were in the Rosie & Jim magazine - it was one of the highlights of my childhood. 

37. My Dad once told me that those green conker shells were baby hedgehogs and I took some home and feed them leafs and gave them milk. I was 4. #topparentbants #neverforgivenhim

38. I once was named a Carnival Queen but had a brat attack and refused to do it because it was too embarrassing. My Mum and Dad will never let me live it down. #PoppyPrincess

39.  I loved The Queen's Nose so much as a kid that I got a Hamster and name him Monty because Harmony had got a hamster and named him Monty!

40. Harmony is also going on my baby name lift.

41. At the age of 12 I was crazy obsessed with Gareth Gates and had a room full of posters and collected literally anything to do with him. #spiritinthesky 

42. Defying Gravity is one of my favourite songs ever. 

43. Rock Challenge was the greatest experience ever. I did it for 5 years and made the best friends and memories I could have ever made at high school. Our Jack The Ripper piece was da bomb, we missed out on first place in the final by half a point and it still annoys me now. 

44. In 2011 I lost 2 stone in 2 months.

45. Random loud noises for no reason make me so angry. 

46. I finally have a job that I LOVE and I feel so grateful.

47. I cannot eat onions or drink fruit juice - they make me SO ill.

48. I am a crazy Taylor Swift fan girl.

49. I've had Twitter for 7 years. Yup, I totes got it first. #2009 

50. I could drink green tea and eat biscuits ( personal favs.... Bourbons, chocolate chip hobnobs and if we're going up market... Oat and raisin cookies) 


Monday, 7 March 2016

Kirstie's Current Favourites

Well .... it's been a while since I've talked you guys through what I have been LOVING lately so I thought it was about time!
I've got everything from teabags to MAC products today, so sit back, relax and come and see what I'm talking about...
Now I'm going to start with the two randoms. Metcalfe's Skinny Dark Chocolate Popcorn Thins and Twinings Gingerbread Green Tea.
Yes, I've talked about the tea before on here in my January favourites but it's still a strong, strong favourite of mine! This stuff is so, so good - tastes just like gingerbread, perfect for a little sweet fix!
The popcorn thins are literally da bomb. I tweeted about them not long ago when I had stumbled across them in co-op and then the lovely people at Metcalfe's Skinny sent me a whole box full (I know, I couldn't believe it either!) - it's taken me all my strength not to sit and eat them all I tell ya!
Popcorn is literally my favourite food ever and I've got such a weakness for dark chocolate at the moment so this combined is just a WINNER.
 Strobing! Strobing, strobing, strobing. 
I mean .... it's basically just shiny highlighters right? Well.... I've been going through these 3 like no bodies business!
The MAC strobe cream (bottom swatch) is a total beaut - for £24 yes it's a bit of a splash out, for me anyway, but this is gorgeous and I'm really looking forward to rocking it with a tan. I miss being tanned so much!
The other two are by Make Up Revolution. Euphoria* and Hypnotic* - at only £5 each these are a bargain! One a silvery pink based cream and the other a golden shimmer cream - I'm obsessed. 
I've been rotating these 3 daily, basically just going with whichever one I feel like, I love them all! Strobing is a YES from me. (Although I'm just using them as I would a highlighter.... I don't look Pinterest worthy just yet!)
 Since getting a new prescription and starting my new job, glasses have become my life. I actually can't go through a day without them so new pairs are always a good thing!
I was recently sent this pair by William Morris London*, snazzy right?
This pair is actually from the 'Silver Collection' - this collection is super special as they have started to reuse the original shapes and designs that William Morris started out his business with 20 years ago!
You may have spotted me in them on social media recently - (here) - I totally look intelligent right? The quality is amazing, everything from the case to the arms, I'm so, so pleased with them.
MAC's eyebrow pencil in Lingering has changed my life. God lord how had I not tried this before?! I LOVE this eyebrow pencil, the shade is perfect for me, it fills in my sparse areas without making them look too bold and OTT and it lasts all day - this will be repurchased over and over again. As you can see I've already rubbed off all the writing on the packaging and I've only had it a month!

Next is a new skincare super hero! Bee Good Necta Perfecta* was recently released and I was lucky enough to get this mini sample size to try out. (Blogger perks eh?!)
 I've only tried it out a couple of times but I've loved the results! Made for a multitude of things you can use this skin perfecter n everything from your scalp to your elbows!
Hydrating, soothing and moisturising a tiny bit of stuff goes a long, long way - with the horrible weather we've been having lately my hands have been suffering, this stuff has been great for popping on at night before I head off to sleep for a deep hydrating treatment! I really want to try it out on my scalp as a treatment next!
Health is something I'm trying to take alot more seriously at the moment, I'm ona a real mission to make myself feel better and change my ways - so far, so good! This book was something I picked up from ASOS  as something to help me with all those health problems I seem to have day in day out. With it's quick and easy segments to read Health Hacks is so helpful and something I actually enjoying reading through! 
There are tons of different sections to read through so weather it's being bloated or something to help with a rash - there is a top tip on how to solve it! 

Instagram. I've been obsessed with Instagram. My username is : KIRSTIELOUISES

What have you been loving lately?

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Introducing.... Eye Of Horus

There a new beauty and cosmetic brands starting every single week all over the world. We are inundated with adverts and press releases of new products and new trends hitting the shelves so nowadays it takes a little something extra to catch my eye.

I was recently getting my High Definition brows re-done when I spotted a poster on the wall of the salon. Eye Of Hours?! I thought.... but I had read it wrong... Eye Of Horus is what it said and I was so intrigued by it mysterious and beautiful imagery!
It was then that my lovely eyebrow lady (Hi Melissa!) suggested it would be a great fit for my blog and went about contacting her lovely contact at the brand about having some prodcts for me to try - I mean... how lovely is it?!
So a couple of weeks later a package feel through the letterbox and I was so excited to get stuck in. I had been reading up about the brand online and it sounded fabulous so obviously I wanted to see it all in real life.

The range is all eye make-up - mascaras, eyeliners, brows, eyeshadows and they have a lovely range of accessories too!
It is all based on formulas of the Ancient Egyptians - I find everything to do with the Eyptians s interesting and one of my dreams is to be able to go and see the pyramids... but that is another story. The Eyptians were the originators of beauty and with using the sacred ingredient Moringa Oil - "Oil of the Pharaohs" this range definitely has that something different about it!
Ultimate Goddess promotional pack*
First up - their signature product - Goddess Mascara. Now.... am I slightly fussy when it comes to mascaras, I have very short lashes which I've mentioned on here before and find it difficult to find wands that I like using - so as you can imagine I was a little nervous to try this out.
When I opened it up I was soooo pleased to see that it was a comb like wand... not a fluffy brush type - I hate those! I find comb-like wands so much easier to use and also find they work alot better.
All in all - I love this mascara! It is the best mascara I've ever used for separation and making the lashes look individual. The only thing I would say it that it didn't give them much volume, but to be honest I would rather they were longer and serperated - it gives the eye a much more 'natural' beauty look, perfect for my everyday make-up.

The smudeproof eye pencils are something that Melissa had talked about lots - the amount of shades they do is fab and they all come with a smudger on the end and a beautiful name - I was sent Jewel Amethyst!
 I love this for two reason.... 1. Amethyst is my birthstone and 2. they say purple looks great ith green eyes, which I have!
When I say this liner is long-lasting, I am NOT kidding! Absolutley brilliant! I had swatched some on my hand when it first arrived and even after washing my hands countless times it was still there!
I'd love to get my hands on the Charcoal Obsidian shade for an everyday black liner.

All in all - I'm loving the first sneak peek I've had of this range. The formulas are beautiful - both the mascara and liner feel soft and smooth, not like your normal high-street brands, these are something a little special.

Check out the whole range here on their website and search for your nearest stockist here. (Isle Of Wighters - Six hair studio in Ryde have just started stocking the range and they have amazing testers that you can go in and see/try!)
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