Saturday, 20 February 2016

Personalised Picks From I Just Love It

My inner-child very much lives on the outer. You may have noticed by my un-dying love for Disney, Harry Potter obsession.... the amount of teddys I still own and keep on my bed that I still embrace all those  I love it.

I Just Love It is a site that I get lost in and their cute, kitsch bits, bobs and gift ideas always catch my eye!
I was recently sent a couple of bits from the brand and I have been really excited to share them on here for you all to see!
These two pieces may not interest you in the slightest and that is fair enough - sometimes I feel very different from the bloggers I read .... a little 'young minded' perhaps and I can imagine that a Disney doll is enough to make some of your eyes roll but I like it and that's what blogging is about - sharing you things you think and things you like, so ... yeah!
First up - the personalised Princess*. Belle has always been my favourite Disney princess and Beauty and The Beast my favourite Disney movie, obvs and how cute is this doll! 
The perfect present for any Disney-loving child (or adult!) - you can pick nearly any Princess and have a name embroidered onto the front of the dress!
Even my Mum loved this - it's so adorable.... plus it's great if you have more than one child wanting the same thing! 
The other item I was sent was the personalised version of The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz*. As you may have guessed by the name of my blog - I'm a bit of a huge a fan! 
These personalised books are such an amazing idea - especially, again, for children/families!
You can change any of the main characters name to anything you want - so obviously I changed Dorothy to Kirstie! Such a sweet idea - especially if the story has alot of meaning to yourself or whomever it may be for! There's loads to choose from including A Christmas Carol, The Wind In The Willows. Romeo & Juliet and Alice In Wonderland!

Make sure to head over IJLI and explore their never-ending gift ideas and homeware dreams! 


  1. Belle was always my favourite too and now I want the doll, so cute!

  2. Belle and Mulan are my favourite princesses! I love Disney and Harry Potter so terribly much! The inner child lives on forever. :D

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  3. I love Belle too, it's a lovely idea to have something personalised as well - both of these bits would make fantastic presents or pay day treats!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

  4. Ah, so happy I've discovered this blog. Anyone who loves Disney/HP/being a big kid as much as me is fab in my book! These personalised goodies are so cute. I'd love an Ariel or Esmerelda one! x

    Christina Marie -

  5. These are adorable! I love the personalised Belle doll. x


  6. I didn't know about this website at all, but I'm sure I'll love it! Your personalised Belle is the cutest thing ever - she's also one of my favourites :D

    Julia xx
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