Monday, 1 February 2016

Motivation Moodboard

Images sourced from Pinterest UK (minus the trainers... that's mine!)
When I was a child, cutting out pictures from magazines and printing things out to make moodboards and collages was always one of my favourite things to do.
Of course as an adult now it's not really as acceptable to have a fun wall of mix-match pictures covering your bedroom... especially when you live with your partner.

I still have a tendency to cut pictures out of magazines though.... yes I'm that girl.
I even have a small notebook that I have glued in styles, looks, tips and images that I love but because it takes up so much time it's not that often I get to sit down and do it....

So.... what better way to stay motivated and have something I can see all the time than to create it digitally.
Obsessed with moodboards and collages I find it SO enjoyable creating them on my laptop. (For a tutorial on how I do this please click here :)

Here is my Motivation Moodboard for the next few months...

Staying Focused
With my new job in full swing I really want to keep on throwing myself into it as much as I possibly can, I learning new stuff every single day and I love it! I'm so grateful that I got this opportunity to start in this industry and I want to do as well as I possibly can.

Eating Clean
Before Christmas my diet was amazing. All clean, healthy, natural foods and I hadn't felt that good about myself in years. 2016 so far has NOT gone well for me and I am SO disappointed in myself. Time to rewind to last year and remember how great I was feeling.

Yes. Margot Robbie is my ultimate girl crush.
But, I shall not compare myself.... because I mean that never ends in happy thoughts! I LOVE her hair here and with my hair appointment just around the corner I think I'll be taking this photo with me!

I'm becoming more and more organised as the weeks go on and I love it. Not only at work, I want my home to be tidy, organised and clutter free - it's so much better for me, mess = stress.

Saving For A Puppy?
It's no secret that being an owner of a French Bulldog is probably the number one thing on my bucket list. Fingers crossed we can move out of our flat over the next year or so and then I'm hoping it's then puppy time! So I want to start putting a little money away each month for the little nugget!

I love this little image about only focusing on what you can control. I spend so much time worrying about things that really don't matter and won't change as much as I worry about them, time to just focus on the things that matter!

Like I said in my blog make-over post, I really want to focus on my content. I love writing and this year I want to stretch myself and head out of the normal 'beauty review, wishlist, favourites' types of posts! Plus.... I still really want to write that book, I'm determined to get that started this year, even it's just a page a week.

First up how gorgeous is that image?! I've already talked about this (here) but reading has now taken the place of my nightly social media addiction. Every weeknight I've been putting my phone down earlier then normal and had a nice little reading session before bedtime. It's so relaxing and my love for Harry Potter has well and truly increased by a million percent!

Yes. I must start again.

 Joining in and making one yourself? Let me know what's on your motivation moodboard! 



  1. eating clean is on my list too and exercising more!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. I always look to pinterest for a little bit of motivation! Love these photos. xx


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