Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Glasses Direct : London Retro Highgate Frames

Why hello there - yes, that's me wearing glasses, this is my daily look now you know!
Working on a laptop Monday-Friday for my new job it is now essential that I wear glasses.  I'm not actually sure how I'd cope without them which is crazy as I've only been wearing this prescription for a few months - it definitely helps with my constant screen staring.

These frames are from London Retro - you may remember me talking about them before in previous posts - I'm such a fan of their style.
These are 'Highgate' frames which are a deeper and squarer version of the Metropolitan frames - which I have already (see here) - but I have to see I definitely think I prefer these.
I picked the black shade as I thought it was probably a little better for work but I seriously love the look of tortoise shell and purple version too, a bit funkier than plain old black!

I am obsessed with these - by far my favourite glasses so far, I love the thinner arms and the larger frames, they are great for my face shape.
A little tip for you all aswell...... if you're not sure which frames are going to suit you best (it can be sooo tricky ordering online!) you can actually have a FREE home trial with Glasses Direct. Pick 4 styles, get them sent to you, choose your favourite and bobs your uncle - you've found your perfect frame without all the backwards and forwards! So, so easy!

Hands up if you're glasses wearer?! What's your favourite frame style?



  1. loving the style you choose and how you can try a few pairs before buying! great, especially for someone as picky as me when it comes to glasses
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. I have had two pairs of London Retro glasses for quite a while now and I love them! I think the main style I wear is "Nancy" and I constantly get people asking where I got them!

    Bethan | Ethical Entrepreneurship

  3. I think everyone I have ever known that spends much time staring into a computer screen soon needs glasses. So not surprising if your on your laptop 5 days a week your eyes are paying the price. But lucky for you that you just happen to look every bit as attractive wearing glasses as you look without glasses. Usually all the close work cause the eyes to become nearsighted. that's because your eyes get focused so long at such a short distance that your eyes can no longer focus as well for seeing distances. Are you now wearing your glasses full time? (retired optician)


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