Sunday, 28 February 2016

5 Things I Cannot Live Without In My Cupboards

I don't know about you guys but when it comes to other people's shopping - I am so nosy.

I LOVE seeing what everyone else is buying and what everyone eats - haha.... the weirdest of the internet right?
So today I'm talking about the 5 items I cannot live without! The 5 things that are always in my shopping trolley and are essential to my week!
1. Green Tea
This has to be #1. I am an avid green tea drinker - I literally think I have a problem ... and now I work in an office full of other green tea drinkers my daily intake seems to have doubled! 
I love the stuff AND it's good for you, win-win! (Top tip : if you don't like normal green tea .... try the new gingerbread version from Twinings #amazing)

2. Peanut Butter
What an essential! The greatest of all the spreads  I'd say (although Marmite is a beauty.)
I have peanut butter on ...everything. It's such a winner when it comes to my sweet-tooth cravings (which hit daily). My favourite snacks are a granny smith apple with peanut butter and oatcakes with peanut butter.
When it comes to crunchy or smooth.... I'd have to go for crunchy but I do buy smooth aswell - I like to have options okay!

3. Eat Natural Bars
Over the last 6 months I have become completely and utterly obsessed with these and have one daily without fail! With trying to cut down on sugar and eat cleaner these have been the perfect replacement for any chocolate/cakes I seemed to have been downing before. With everything in the ingredients list clean and readable (none of those crazy additives that you can't pronounce) I never feel bad treating myself to one of these and they keep me going!

4. Porridge Sachets
Yes this is lazy. I know I could just buy a bag of oats and what-not but I love these easy sachets from Oats So Simple, I always grab the family size boxes (22 sachets) when they are on offer in Tesco for £1.99. I have one every morning with almonds and honey and at the weekends I like to treat myself to some raspberries and blueberries... crazy aren't I!

5. Wholemeal Wraps
My lunch. Every single day. I love my chicken salad wrap I do, and these wholemeal ones are the best! 

What are your top 5 things in your cupboard that you ALWAYS have stocked up?


Thursday, 25 February 2016

Toning From Hair To Toe With Touch Of Silver

Being a 'fake' blonde comes with a price.
The constant up-keep is enough to make anyone reach for the brunette box dye but I love being blonde and I'm willing to put in the effort (and extra haircare steps) that comes with being a platinum-wannabe.
I get people asking me all the time what products I use on my hair to keep my blonde as bright and brass-less as it is and I always have one simple answer - Touch Of Silver.
I have used Touch Of Silver products for years and years - the violet pigmented range is just the perfect addition to my haircare routine to ensure my hair stays as blonde, bright and healthy looking as possible.
The lovely guys at Provoke recently sent me the perfect little bundle to make sure I'm starting out my 2016 right and not just when it comes to my hair.... but my body too.

Along with some of my haircare favourites (we'll get to that part in a minute) Provoke have sent me an amazing collection of fitness bits and bobs to make sure I'm totally set for the world of fitness - it's all about toning and not just my bob!
In the package came a handy backpack, towel, water bottle and a fabulous yoga mat! (I've always wanted one of those!) 
I think you've probably all seen my social media posts over the last couple of months about loosing weight, exercising, feeling better, blah blah blah.
Well... before Christmas I was so proud of myself - I was doing so well with my new diet, avoiding everything 'bad'  and eating the cleanest I probably ever had.... that was until Christmas came and since then I have been so up and down with my eating I've got no idea where I am with it all and well.... I pretty much feel PANTS once again. *hangs head in shame*.

I can't wait to start some exercise classes over the next month or so and get back to that eating routine that I was loving so much at the end of last year - I felt so much better on the inside and out and I'm striving to get back to that again as I was so happy! It's time to tone ... plus I seriously want to try out some yoga with my new snazzy purple mat.
 (With festival season fast approaching and the thought of the hen night I have coming up where a bikini is pretty much a given I seriously need some #help!) - Bring it on.
Right now to talk about those pretty beauty bits.....
Provoke : Touch Of Silver Pre-Toning Primer, Brightenting Shampoo & Intensive Conditioner*

Two of these products have been in my haircare stash for months and months (probably years) on end and I've been through bottle after bottle after bottle.
Those are the shampoo and the intensive conditioner.
The shampoo is the classic Provoke product and most popular when it comes to the violet pigment range. This purple shampoo is the key to keeping my hair BLONDE, because I've just had my hair bleached I tend to just leave it on for a few minutes a couple of times a week and it works a treat.
As my hair colour fades over the next 8-10 weeks though I'll start to leave it on for a little longer each time!

The intensive conditioner is just the BEST. I cannot recommend it enough. The smell is divine and this leaves my hair feeling amazing - so soft and fresh, which, when you have a head full of bleach, is a struggle!
If you're a blondey nd want tot treat yourself to something new - this is the product to try.

The other product featured is the pre-toning primer. This little monkey creates the perfect foundation for even toning results before using the brightening shampoo!
 Just spray onto wet hair and comb through to make sure all the hair is covered then follow with the shampoo. It's as easy as that! (Plus it can be used as a handy leave-in conditioner too... amazeballs!)

This three step routine is something I do normally once or twice a week and it seriously helps to keep my hair how it is, my heart always sinks when my hair colour becomes dull!
Now.... want to know the best bit? 
This stuff is AFFORDABLE. All the products are under £5! 

If you bleach your hair or are thinking about going blonde - THESE are the products to stock up on - tone,tone,tone. 
Bye-bye brassy, Hello brightness.


Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Stresses Of Being A Blogger

Yes - you've read that title correctly.
 Blogging has it's stresses, and recently I have been feeling them weighing down on me a little more than I probably should.
I mean blogging is a hobby, something I love and do for fun and enjoyment - it shouldn't have me breaking out in a cold sweat or give me an uncontrollable feeling of weight on my shoulders should it?

Since starting my new job at the beginning of the year I have been leaving my 'blogging stuff' until the weekends (as I leave my laptop at work Mon-Fri for convenience) - but with plans and general life getting in the way I've been struggling to get on with everything that I want too, queue - the stress of blogging.
I think, sometimes, people don't quite understand how time consuming blogging actually is - I take my hat off to anyone who has a blog with regular content (even myself!), so much goes into it all but just looking at a pretty picture and a few words, maybe sometimes that doesn't come across.
I'm sure if you're a blogger reading this you will agree with me and ALL of the below!

The Inbox
I will hold my hands up - I can be a total pain when it comes to e-mails. Replying, remembering,  I hang my head in shame sometimes with my lack of internet skills.
 I may spot one in my inbox one afternoon and then totally forget that it's there for 3 days... I'm sorry okay!
I do try my best to reply to as many as possible/necessary but it comes to a point where sometimes there is just no need for me to reply. 
An infographic about superheros, reviewing men's beard oil or someone claiming they can better my google search ranking - sorry you guys go straight to trash and... I don't feel rude doing it.
Working within the PR industry now I do realise how helpful it is to reply quickly and efficently to the brands that you ARE in contact with though - so I've been trying my best to keep in regular contact, let people know when things arrive and send them over any links to my posts/mentions I may have done - but again, this all takes time and sometimes I have more flagged e-mails to remind myself to do things than not! #helpmyinboxistakingovermylife (I cannot imagine how 'big' bloggers and influencers feel - they must have SO.many.emails)

The Post - The Pile - The Photos
This is the part of blogging that I sometimes find the most stressful. Yes... we all love getting post - I get most of my things sent to my parents house as it's a little easier for me but when I head there and there's 6-10 different parcels/boxes/packets waiting for me my brain kind of goes into overdrive and I start to panic.

When will I have enough time to sort all these? What order do I do them in? Why have I committed to so much work?
This probably all sounds absolutely ridiculous if you don't blog (or even maybe if you do aswell) but that pile of products/items growing in my spare bedroom to organise, trial and photograph is enough to put my heart into overdrive!
Yes, my photos are okay - not fantastic, I'm well aware of that, but I mean I've come a long way over the last 3 years from my poxy little camera taking photos in my garden.
It takes a fair bit of time to get everything set up, plus I can be a bit of a perfectionist so I have to take about 20 different photos of the same exact setup and angle just to make sure I'm happy!
Now I write all this I am thinking to myself.... what's there to be stressed about really Kirstie? - but I always just want to do the best I can and create things that others are going to enjoy and want to read... which takes me on too.....

.....Personal Pressure
I've gone from starting out blogging not really knowing what to upload and when, to blogging every single day, to now - writing as and when I can. I think the pressure I put on myself is probably the biggest stress of all.
 I'm always striving to make my blog bigger and better and will only ever upload something if I am totally happy with the outcome and how it looks, which can take a long while I tell ya!
Time is really my number one enemy - a few hours on a Sunday afternoon isn't really ideal to create a whole week's worth of posts and I think this is what makes me so stressed. There's always so much buzzing around in my mind that I never know where to start and it all kind of goes wrong from there.
I try to upload at least 3 posts a week - and even then I don't think that seems enough, I have so many ideas in my mind I wish I could just blurt them all out!

The Comparisons

I struggle with this one and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
 It's not jealousy and it's not that I don't want others to have great content and blogs I just always feel like mine is a little bit pants when reading and enjoying other people's. I get in the 'what's the point', 'will I ever improve' head space and I beat myself up far too often.
The way I write, the quality of my photos, my content ideas - I need to remember how far I've come and maybe force myself to look back through some 2013 cringe to realise that 'hey, I'm doing alright! Chill.'

The Fear Of Missing Out.
Blogging friendship groups, the meet-ups you miss, events you can't afford to get too! This may just be me but I always stress that I'm missing out on so much by being over here on the Isle Of Wight. 
All the fabulous things I haven't gone too or have missed out on for one reason or another just stresses me out! Do you think you need to be physically present at things to make an impact in the blogging world? (Let me know below!)

All-in-all blogging is a bloody amazing thing - the best hobby I could have ever started and I LOVE it,  but it does come with some downfalls - all worth it obviously!
I say onwards, upwards and calm from here on out!

The Lust List : February


Saturday, 20 February 2016

Personalised Picks From I Just Love It

My inner-child very much lives on the outer. You may have noticed by my un-dying love for Disney, Harry Potter obsession.... the amount of teddys I still own and keep on my bed that I still embrace all those  I love it.

I Just Love It is a site that I get lost in and their cute, kitsch bits, bobs and gift ideas always catch my eye!
I was recently sent a couple of bits from the brand and I have been really excited to share them on here for you all to see!
These two pieces may not interest you in the slightest and that is fair enough - sometimes I feel very different from the bloggers I read .... a little 'young minded' perhaps and I can imagine that a Disney doll is enough to make some of your eyes roll but I like it and that's what blogging is about - sharing you things you think and things you like, so ... yeah!
First up - the personalised Princess*. Belle has always been my favourite Disney princess and Beauty and The Beast my favourite Disney movie, obvs and how cute is this doll! 
The perfect present for any Disney-loving child (or adult!) - you can pick nearly any Princess and have a name embroidered onto the front of the dress!
Even my Mum loved this - it's so adorable.... plus it's great if you have more than one child wanting the same thing! 
The other item I was sent was the personalised version of The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz*. As you may have guessed by the name of my blog - I'm a bit of a huge a fan! 
These personalised books are such an amazing idea - especially, again, for children/families!
You can change any of the main characters name to anything you want - so obviously I changed Dorothy to Kirstie! Such a sweet idea - especially if the story has alot of meaning to yourself or whomever it may be for! There's loads to choose from including A Christmas Carol, The Wind In The Willows. Romeo & Juliet and Alice In Wonderland!

Make sure to head over IJLI and explore their never-ending gift ideas and homeware dreams! 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Glasses Direct : London Retro Highgate Frames

Why hello there - yes, that's me wearing glasses, this is my daily look now you know!
Working on a laptop Monday-Friday for my new job it is now essential that I wear glasses.  I'm not actually sure how I'd cope without them which is crazy as I've only been wearing this prescription for a few months - it definitely helps with my constant screen staring.

These frames are from London Retro - you may remember me talking about them before in previous posts - I'm such a fan of their style.
These are 'Highgate' frames which are a deeper and squarer version of the Metropolitan frames - which I have already (see here) - but I have to see I definitely think I prefer these.
I picked the black shade as I thought it was probably a little better for work but I seriously love the look of tortoise shell and purple version too, a bit funkier than plain old black!

I am obsessed with these - by far my favourite glasses so far, I love the thinner arms and the larger frames, they are great for my face shape.
A little tip for you all aswell...... if you're not sure which frames are going to suit you best (it can be sooo tricky ordering online!) you can actually have a FREE home trial with Glasses Direct. Pick 4 styles, get them sent to you, choose your favourite and bobs your uncle - you've found your perfect frame without all the backwards and forwards! So, so easy!

Hands up if you're glasses wearer?! What's your favourite frame style?


Monday, 15 February 2016

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Illustrated Edition

Calling all Harry Potter fans - today we are talking books! (Although you may have guessed that from the title and photo above!)

In particular - the new illustrated version of The Philosopher's Stone which I have had my eyes on since the day of it's release.
If you didn't know, the Harry Potter books are all being turned into hardback illustrated versions over the next few years. (I got told it's one a year for 7 years but I'm not sure if that's entirely correct!)

After receiving some money for my birthday this was top of my list. Something I had really wanted and something I could keep - I wanted to spend my money wisely and not on stupid things like food and cotton wool pads. (This unfortunately seems to happen alot when you're a boring adult and receive money)

I'm such a Harry Potter fan and I know so many of you are too so I thought if you hadn't seen what the book looks like already then maybe you would like too!
It's pretty big (NOT handbag size) but perfect for displaying and definitely ideal for reading with children! (I'm definitely thinking ahead with that bit but my children WILL be huge Potter fans - I mean I'm already planning on calling my first dog Ron!)

The pictures are fantastic and really throw you into the story - I cannot wait to get the whole collection and have them all looking special on my bookshelf!
The book is priced at £30 - which seems alot but the quality is amazing - but at the moment on Amazon it's half price
Here's a sneak peek.....


Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sleek Matte Me Cream Lipstick - Birthday Suit

I don't think I'm the only person there that has tried and failed to purchase Kylie Cosmetics. (Damn you people faster than me.)
So, for me, it's all about finding dupes and lookalike products for now and I found this total bargain recently!
I was browsing the self-selection in Boots when I was shopping last week and these 'matte me' lipsticks by Sleek really caught my eye.
Birthday Suit was the first colour I swatched and to be honest was the only colour I cared about. I'm SUCH a sucker for a nude lip at the moment - and if it's matte.... even better! I knew I had to have it, especially for only £4.99.

The colour is gorgeous, a great brown nude which is easy to apply and feels so smooth. It dries quickly and has a great stay-time although after a few cups of tea I do need to re-apply but for the price it's not something I mind.
I've been wearing this on top of a nude lip liner and it's perfect for everyday work!


Saturday, 13 February 2016

Birthday MAC Haul

As I woke on the morning of my 26th birthday bright-eyed and bushy-tailed I did my usual morning routine -  you know just some light yoga and a shot of healthy greens...... and by that I mean I casually lay in bed, avoided getting up and checked my phone for any exciting Kardashian news.
And BING there it was - a surprise MAC voucher waiting in my inbox for me from my lovely boyfriend (Lots of brownie points for him!)!

Of course this voucher did NOT last long and no sooner had I got it, it was gone. Although I must admit it was a tough choice picking from my never-ending wishlist!
Here's what I decided on.... 
Strobe Cream
This has been on my wishlist for so long now. Every single photo I had seen of it online looked so stunning - I'm obsessed with a perfect glow and that dewy, natural look and this cream looks like the perfect way to create that. I can't wait to play around with this stuff!

Lip Liner - Soar
The Kylie Jenner classic. I cannot believe it's taken me this long to invest in it! I LOVE MAC's lip liners - they are the best - and I'm so glad to have another nude shade to wear daily with Velvet Teddy/Brave.

Lip Liner - Nightmoth
Like I had said in my recent post I really wanted to buy a new lip liner to go with my Ariana Grande Viva Glam lipstick and THIS is the perfect shade!  Seriously dark, this plum shade is the best base for it - and also gorgeous on it's own!

Lipstick - Brave
Another product which has been on my wishlist for months and months.
 I saw a gorgeous picture on Pinterest of someone wearing Soar & Brave together and since then I have been wanting to purchase them both - and now I have! I know this is going to get some serious wear, it's such a pretty colour - perfect for everyday!

Eyebrow Pencil - Lingering
This was a total random purchase! But I've just had my eyebrows done and felt like trying something new for them! I quickly tried this out and am so impressed by how easily it works on filling in my sparse areas and how little you need! 

What's top of your MAC wishlist?

Shop the post :


Thursday, 11 February 2016

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish - Lightscapade

Do you have a list of products that have been on your wishlist for years but you've never seemed to end up buying them?
Mine is as long as my arm but this year I'm determined to try out some of those classics I've been putting off trying for so long for no apparent reason - this being the first.

Lightscapade is a product I have seen and heard so much about for years but for some reason I have just never decided to taken the plunge and buy it ..... I'm sure this has mainly been down to the fact it's £24 - a little expensive for just a little treat.

But I was feeling a little excitable at the end of last month and seeing as my old job randomly paid me some money they owed me I thought 'Why not blow half of it in MAC?' - so that is exactly what I did.

This powder is gorgeous.

Lightscapade is a 'soft candlelight beige with multidimensional shimmer' - I have been using this everyday as a quick finishing touch to my ever-growing daily routine and I cannot believe I've lived without it for so long!
The range of colours help make sure your skin tone stays even and just a light dusting all over creates an envious radiant glow.
 It can also be used as a highlighter, perfect for the high-points of the face - the forehead, nose, cheekbones and brow bone.

If you are looking for a luxurious but natural looking product then look no further - I am SO pleased with this purchase.... onto the next product on that list!


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

O.W.L Watches Belfast Rose Gold & Pink Watch

Pretty wrist alert!
Over the last couple of years I've become such a watch lover. I'll send forever looking through the watches on ASOS or spotted them out of the corner of my eye when out shopping, and I don't think I'm the only one.
They've become as much as a daily accessory for us fashion lovers as a handbag or pair of shoes - so when I have the chance to review a gorgeous watch from O.W.L Watches I couldn't wait.
 O.W.L Belfast Rose Gold & Pink Watch*

O.W.L. watches are a British brand offering a collection of vintage styled pieces brought up to date with gorgeous design features such as polished metal finishes and dual layer dial details.

Each watch comes in a gorgeous Victorian inspired box giving the piece a lovely luxury feel - I was actually so impressed with how lovely it is, such a fab place to store it and it looks amazing if you're giving it as a gift!

The Belfast features a 33mm diameter stainless steel rose gold case, a rose gold sunray layered dial and has gorgeous roman numeral details.

I was a little worried at first that the face would look huge on my tiny wrist but it's a great fit - doesn't look too big for me at all!
The leather strap has a delicate brogue detail and is a gorgeous baby pink shade.  It has a  slight iridescent shine to it which makes it really pretty in the light and I'm loving having a watch that isn't made of links. Super girly and it's rose gold - perfect for Spring/Summer!

Make sure to check out O.W.L's website for this and all their other designs - I'm obsessed! 


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Collection #ConcealAndLightLikeAPro Palette

So, Kirstie-the-make-up-buyer has been on a serious mission these past two weeks. 
Yay for the blog.... not yay for the bank!

I'm not sure what has come over me but I've just been in the mood to treat myself to a few new bits, I think it was the huge clearout I had... it made me feel like I deserve something new, which kind of defeats the object doesn't it?

I'd seen a few girlies talking about this new palette on Twitter so I thought why not try it out for myself - plus it's currently on offer at Boots for only £3.99 instead of the usual £5.99 which persuaded me even more. 

This palette contains 8 cream concealers! Yes - 8! Although I'm sure you have realised that from the photo above!

The 4 concealer shades are to cover blemishes and imperfections - obvs - I've been using the second one in on the top row for any spots I have - thankfully... that hasn't been too many and I've actually been using the second shade in on the bottom row as a contouring shade, it's great!

The yellow is fantastic for brightening dark circles under the eyes which is something i have seriously been struggling with so far this year. I'm sure the older I get the worse they are getting - or maybe I'm just sleeping less, who knows?!

The green shade has to be my favourite, made for correcting redness in the skin this is a life-saver for me.
 Around my nose, my eyelids and sometimes under my eyes - this works wonders for toning down and hiding those problems areas that don't ever seem to want to go away.

The highlighter is a lovely ivory pink shade great for using down the nose, under the brows and on your cupid's bow!

Last but not least is the purple (lilac) shade which is used to revive dull skin - I haven't had the need to use this yet but like the other colours it is really light and creamy and blends in easily.
All in all I think this is a steal - you'd pay £5.99 for any one of these on their own, so getting 8 for that price is a bargain! If you want to give it a go head to Boots quick while it's still on offer and save yourself £2!


Monday, 8 February 2016

Rosie For Autograph Eyeshadow Palette - I Feel Like A Million Dollars

The internet chit-chatter has sold me once more. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a total babe - there is no denying it and unlike some other 'celeb' ranges and fragrances I feel like Rosie's stuff has always had that a bit of glam behind it that others are certainly lacking.
 I own a dressing gown from her Autograph collection and it is by far the softest and most luxury dressing gown everrrrr.
So as soon as I saw she had a make-up collection out I was all over it, I wanted it all and didn't care how much it cost.
 I was at a Marks & Spencer's this past weekend so of course I made it my mission to hunt it down and have a look at it all in it's natural glory.

As expected this eyeshadow quad firmly stuck out to me and there was no question about it - I was buying it.

First up let's talk about the packaging. Simple, gorgeous, chic - I LOVE the coppery/gold compact *heart eyes all around*.

The shades are all shimmer based neutrals which is what I wear more or less every single time I want to wear eyeshadow - it's like it was made for me. Plus the name 'I Feel Like A Million Dollars' just really says it all.
 Ranging from a creamy ivory to a deep chocolate brown I feel like this quad is literally all I need now for creating my go-to smokey eye look when I'm out and about!

The pigmentation is amazing and the quality really is of a high standard, they are velvety soft and a dream to work with, easy to blend and build and really long-lasting!

Plus it is all hypoallergenic and in no way tested on animals! (which I know will please alot of you :)

These palettes are priced £18 and there are currently 4 to choose from! Find them online - here - or in your local M&S store!


Sunday, 7 February 2016

MAC Viva Glam Ariana Grande Lipstick

When I heard the next Viva Glam celebrity was going to be Ariana Grande I knew I was going to invest. It didn't matter what shade it was - I was interested. (any excuse to buy another MAC product really....)
I'll admit it - I'm a fan girl! I love Ari, she's a babe!

Anyway.... the collection was released and at first I was actually a little unsure whether to take the plunge and buy it, but because it looked so awesome on Ari (Yup, we are so close I can call her that...) so I decided that it was a must and my life wouldn't be complete without it.

This Viva Glam isn't like any of the others I've had before, I'm used to the fun girly pinks of Nicki and Miley but this lippy is super dark - a gorgeous matte plum in fact! 

Don't be alarmed buy the shade in the tube - it isn't as scary once applied!
The shade is gorgeous, I'm in love and so,so pleased I decided to buy it.
The forumla is surprisingly moisturising for a matte shade - a little like the feel of Velvet Teddy (my number one lippy).

I highly recommend you pair this with a liner though - it's too easy to make a mess of it .... as I may have found out!

 I have a liner slightly lighter which isn't overly great with it so I think I'll be investing in one a bit darker to perfect the look!

I cannot wait to wear this on a night out - is it sad I kind of want to base my outfit around it?!

Have any of you tried it out yet?! You can check it out - here.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

January Non-Beauty Favourites 2016

Time for part two of last months favourites now! All those non-beauty bits I've been addicted too since the start of the new year.
I know I like to read about things other than mascaras and shampoos so I'm hoping you guys do too!

First up. Harry Potter. Now, obviously I've been a Harry Potter fan since I was about 11 years old but as I've started to read the books again this month my love for it has grown even more immense! I mean.... what isn't there to love? Fingers crossed I'm going to be going back to the studio tour over the next couple of months too - I cannot wait to see the addition of the train and platform.

Apple Music has taken over my phone this month. I finally bit the bullet and made the change over and I am obsessed! Now I'm working at a desk all day having my own music to listen too is a must and having the total back catalog of everything at the touch of a button is incredible! 
The albums I've had on repeat this month are : 
Carrie Underwood - Storyteller
Sia - This Is Acting
Cam - Untamed
The Shires - Brave
Yes..... I'm a big country music fan!

Trainers are pretty cool again aren't they?
I mean, as a child it's all I ever wore but during my teenage years (2003-2008) wearing trainers just wasn't that cool. It was all about dolly shoes and slouch boots! I'm SO happy trainers are back though as I love the casual look and this month I decided to treat myself to a brand new pair (mainly because they were a bloomin' bargain!).
 These Nike Air Max Thea's - full picture here - were better than half price when I bought them from Littlewoods and I'm so pleased with them! They look super cool and I'm looking forward to the Spring/Summer when I can wear them even more!

TV shows I've been watching religiously this month :
Pretty Little Liars (obviously)
Ex On The Beach
Dance Moms
Britian's Next Top Model 

Last but not least.... this tea. This isn't any old tea. This is Twinings Gingerbread Green Tea - oh my good god I'm obsessed. We bought some random new teas for the office a couple of weeks ago, this being one of them - and we all fell in love.
In you love gingerbread or ginger nuts you will LOVE this - plus it's only like 1cal, WIN-WIN! I've just bought the Cherry Bakewell version aswell which is so yummy too.

What have you been loving this month?


Monday, 1 February 2016

Motivation Moodboard

Images sourced from Pinterest UK (minus the trainers... that's mine!)
When I was a child, cutting out pictures from magazines and printing things out to make moodboards and collages was always one of my favourite things to do.
Of course as an adult now it's not really as acceptable to have a fun wall of mix-match pictures covering your bedroom... especially when you live with your partner.

I still have a tendency to cut pictures out of magazines though.... yes I'm that girl.
I even have a small notebook that I have glued in styles, looks, tips and images that I love but because it takes up so much time it's not that often I get to sit down and do it....

So.... what better way to stay motivated and have something I can see all the time than to create it digitally.
Obsessed with moodboards and collages I find it SO enjoyable creating them on my laptop. (For a tutorial on how I do this please click here :)

Here is my Motivation Moodboard for the next few months...

Staying Focused
With my new job in full swing I really want to keep on throwing myself into it as much as I possibly can, I learning new stuff every single day and I love it! I'm so grateful that I got this opportunity to start in this industry and I want to do as well as I possibly can.

Eating Clean
Before Christmas my diet was amazing. All clean, healthy, natural foods and I hadn't felt that good about myself in years. 2016 so far has NOT gone well for me and I am SO disappointed in myself. Time to rewind to last year and remember how great I was feeling.

Yes. Margot Robbie is my ultimate girl crush.
But, I shall not compare myself.... because I mean that never ends in happy thoughts! I LOVE her hair here and with my hair appointment just around the corner I think I'll be taking this photo with me!

I'm becoming more and more organised as the weeks go on and I love it. Not only at work, I want my home to be tidy, organised and clutter free - it's so much better for me, mess = stress.

Saving For A Puppy?
It's no secret that being an owner of a French Bulldog is probably the number one thing on my bucket list. Fingers crossed we can move out of our flat over the next year or so and then I'm hoping it's then puppy time! So I want to start putting a little money away each month for the little nugget!

I love this little image about only focusing on what you can control. I spend so much time worrying about things that really don't matter and won't change as much as I worry about them, time to just focus on the things that matter!

Like I said in my blog make-over post, I really want to focus on my content. I love writing and this year I want to stretch myself and head out of the normal 'beauty review, wishlist, favourites' types of posts! Plus.... I still really want to write that book, I'm determined to get that started this year, even it's just a page a week.

First up how gorgeous is that image?! I've already talked about this (here) but reading has now taken the place of my nightly social media addiction. Every weeknight I've been putting my phone down earlier then normal and had a nice little reading session before bedtime. It's so relaxing and my love for Harry Potter has well and truly increased by a million percent!

Yes. I must start again.

 Joining in and making one yourself? Let me know what's on your motivation moodboard! 

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