Thursday, 14 January 2016

My Desk Essentials

As you may have seen over on Twitter, Facebook or even on here - this month saw me start a totally new career!
Finally out of my unfulfilling and repetitive days in retail and into the world of PR and social media - yes, my dream!
I am LOVING my role so far and am getting so excited to work everyday - I feel so lucky!
Anyway today I thought I would give you a little sneak peek onto my desk. How exciting eh?
I never thought I'd have my own desk and the novelty of it all definitely hasn't worn off yet (it's only been a week!) - so ... here, have a look!
First of all.... my glasses. Over the last couple of years my eyesight has got ALOT worse and as I'm on my computer nearly all day they are a MUST for me! 
I'm really hoping to get some new frames soon too - I need more than one pair of glasses with my new prescription in for sure!

Notebooks are a MUST! Throughout the day I write down soooo much - to-dos, comments, things to remember - I can't imagine how many I'm going to go through!
I got the cute white and gold one from TK Maxx recently - I'm in love and it was only £4.99!
Highlighters are also a god send, how cute is my little bear set? They were from ASOS - adorable!

Hand cream is the easiest way to have a little pamper session whilst at your desk - I'm in love with the Soap & Glory minis (the Sugar Crush one HAS to be my favourite) - with all that typing I'm doing, keeping my hands in good condition is a must.... obviously. #anyexcuse

Another product I find myself applying 500 times a day is lip balm - another beauty treat throughout my working days. This BeeGood Raspberry & White Chocolate* tube is amazing, I'm a huge chocolate fan so this is right up my street.. The scent is so yummy and the product itself leaves the lips feeling so smooth and hydrated without any hint of stickiness! I've been using this daily for nearly a month now and it is still going strong!

I can't even tell you how many cups of tea I go through a day..... mainly green tea (my fav) but there's so many teas where I work that I feel like everyday is going to be a 'trying something new' day! There is always a mug within 1 foot of me.

Last but not least.....snacks! I've been so good to keep on the health train during my workdays and my favourite things for a decent snack are Eat Natural bars! I always have one of the Brazil but, sultana and almond bars from them for my afternoon break, they are so good and you can really make them last.

What are you desk essentials? 
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