Thursday, 21 January 2016

Montagne Jeunesse Chocoholic Mud Face Mask Review

It's that time once again - another mask review!
Now..... if you saw my tweets last weekend you may know what I'm going to say about this one!

Another Primark sachet and this time it's - Chocoholic Mud.
Now this stuff was thick, it actually felt like proper mud which made it so lovely to apply. It was so easy to spread and gave a nice thick, even layer with just half the sachet. (A little bit like smearing Nutella all over my face!)
The smell, of course, was super yummy - very much like the Hot Chocolate MJ mask. (which is one of my favourites!)

I left this on for about 20 minutes (the sachet says 15-20 but I was watching Harry Potter so I did leave it on a little longer than I normally would).
When I went to wash it off it was totally set. I love this feeling! But as I began to take it off with a warm muslin I noticed my skin underneath was red and feeling quite warm.
At this point I thought I'd better get this thing off me and ASAP.
I took of the rest of the mask and then got a new muslin cloth, soaked it in cold water and laid it over my face for a out 30 seconds.

This seemed to bring down the temparute of my skin a little but I still looked really red!

I was heading out a short while after this so I started to worry but once I had applied my Nivea hydration primer and got some air to my face it calmed down alot and was nearly unoticeable!

By the evening my skin was looking so clear and glowing - I think maybe I just left the mask on a little longer than I should have for my skin - I've had a similar reaction to 'mud' masks in the past - I think 10-15 minutes is probably better for me!

What mask should I try next?

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