Thursday, 7 January 2016

Montagne Jeunesse Candyfloss Scrub Face Mask Review

You may remember my Instagram posts and tweeting about my trip to Primark late last year. 
During this trip I managed to nab some fabulous Montagne Jeunesse face masks which I had never tried before! 
All Primark exclusives of course, I was so excited to see lots of sachets I'd not heard of so naturally I bought them all. (They were only 90p each - bargain!)

The one I was most looking forward to trying was this - Candyfloss Scrub. Made with Passion Flower and Lotus Blossom this was said to be a sweet treat for sparkling skin. 
Everyone know how much of a sweet fan I am from everything from food to scents to well.... skincare so I couldn't wait to find a new relaxing time to give this one a go.

With this being a scrub mask I thought what better a time to try it out than after a heavy week of partying, eating rubbish and having a pants sleeping pattern (aka the end of December). Something to help totally refresh and rejuvenate my face ready for a new year (and new job!).

I was surprised by the consistency of this to be totally honest, I had pictured a thick, creamy pink scrub but instead I was greated with a clear pink gel with scrubbing beads. 
Putting this on my face felt... weird. It smells so yummy - alot like rubbing sweets onto my skin which made me feel like I shouldn't be doing it!
The first step on the sachet is "warm mask" .... there are no details alongside this though so I just rubbed it in my hands for a bit, although I probably should have popped it into some hot water but my brain only told me this AFTER I'd started using it... opps!

After the 15 minutes I took it off with warm water - it went to a kind of creamy white shade once the warm water had been applied so I wasn't sure if that's how it should have looked like when heated but it still seemed to do the job.

My skin felt really soft and any signs are tired, dull skin were gone - yay!

For 90p these masks really are such a skincare bargain - I think people can be put off by the cheap price but the quality of this collection is amazing - I will always be a fan! Now..... when can I try the rest of the ones I bought......

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