Monday, 4 January 2016

Liz Earle Eucalyptus & Rosemary Botanical Candle

This Christmas I was lucky enough to receive the gorgeous Beauty Icons Gift Set from Liz Earle - my best friend knows me so well and seriously spoilt me!

Everyone knows how much I LOVE Cleanse and Polish - I rant and rave about it monthly and honestly haven't found a skincare product I love more, so to receive a brand new bottle and some fresh muslin's was a god send... to have the beautiful candle alongside it - wow!

I'd smelt the candle before and had fallen in love. The scent is inspired by Cleanse & Polish and has the gorgeous relaxing and calming aroma of eucalyptus and rosemary. (I mean that's a little obvious with the name and all!)

The candle's scent fills to room within minutes creating a peaceful and uplifting space - perfect for when I want some 'me' time or when I'm working/blogging.

The scent is definitely something a little more mature than my other candles but it's becoming one of my most used throughout the home so far this year.

They are a little pricey at £40 individually but you don't actually have to burn it for a long time to get the full ambiance of the scent so you can really make it last with the 40 hour burning time. 

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