Monday, 7 December 2015

Weekly Round Up #2

1. NEW JOB! | 2. Sailing The Seas | 3. My Favourite Lady | 4. The Good Dinosaur | 5. Instagram Addicted | 6. The Gold Dust Product | 7. Feeling Festive | 8. Coat Of Dreams | 9. Bargain Boots

1.  Well.... if you didn't know about this yet.... where have you been?! Yes! I have finally been able to hand in my notice at my current retail job and will be starting a new career in PR, social media and marketing in the new year. I am overjoyed and so so excited to get started! I finally feel like my life is starting to get on track!

2. What a lovely day it was, heading over to Portsmouth with my Mum for a spot of shopping. I love Primark but living on the IOW it's not often that I get to go so it's always an exciting experience. How is shopping so tiring though? Seriously such a workout!

3. It's been so lovely to spend a bit more time with my Mum over the past weekend, it needs to happen more often!

4. I went to see The Good Dinosaur last week with a couple of friends and absolutely loved it.... it nearly got me shedding a tear I tell ya! Such a cute story, lots of Lion King similarities though... did anyone you of notice this aswell!?

5. I am totally obsessed with Instagram at the moment - LOVE LOVE LOVE! I find creating images for it so fun, yes I am THAT sad! (My account)

6. Waaaaaaaaaaaa I didn't get one :( Although.... did anyone? I swear it was there and gone in like 3 seconds! Fingers crossed they'll be back in stock soon and we can all rock the perfect nude lip.

7. I LOVE December. Like... LOVE it. Even just the sight of an advent calendar gives me that warm festive feeling (and this year I have 2!), I'm so excited for Christmas. Next stop - get my tree up and watch Love Actually!

8. Finally! I own a winter coat. After browsing the internet for what seemed an eternity my eyes fell upon this River Island beauty and I have to say it's probably my best buy of the last 12 months! I have had so many compliments on it so far and the qulaity is amazing! IT looks great and keeps me so warm. (Find it at River island - here and Littlewoods - here.)

9. Last but not least....... I have to share my bargain of the week! Black Friday offers were my downfall ... opps - I mean I tried to avoid them but it was pretty darn impossible! I managed to get these gorgeous knee high boots for just £10! I know amazing right? I think I'll be wearing these on NYE.... once I've found a dress or playsuit to rock them with. (Find them - here.)

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