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November Favourites 2015

It's December!!!!!!! Hands up if you're excited! *waves hands in the air!*

 I always get so excited at this time of year, I love the atmosphere on the lead upto Christmas, so much love and laughter and I'm really looking forward to bringing all the festive excitement to AYBB this month!

To start us off I'm going to be chatting all about my favourites from the past month..... not going to lie I had ALOT of favourites in November so I've narrowed them down to just a few!
Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Hand Gel
I'm in LOVE with this stuff - I've already used half the bloomin' bottle.... I really need to buy a back up! It has the amazing gorgeous sugar crush scent we all know and love and it's a product you can take anywhere and everywhere with you!

Nars Mini Duo : Orgasm & Laguna
I bought this little compact in Florida last year, I had been wanting to try both of these shades for years so when I saw them both in one easy palette I knew it was a must. I recently stumbled back upon it and have fallen back in love! The bronzer is fab for contouring and the blush gives a lovely warm winter glow, such a great purchase.

MAC Velvet Teddy
I may actually make a huge statement here. The best lipstick of all time? I cannot stop wearing this shade and I'm nearly out which is making me super sad. Such an easy everyday nude, how did I live without this for so long - this has to be my current statement lip.

No7 Lip Pencil - Melon
I have so many No7 lip liners hanging around and I forget I have them all the time! This is such a beautiful colour and it works perfectly with Velvet Teddy - just call me Kylie Jenner!

YES! I actually have a new prescription which works - yahoooo! I don't feel as blind anymore which is fab, I'm loving being able to wear these alot more often, my old prescription was 6 years old and just doing nothing.... I'm already wanting some new frames though!

Glade Honey & Chocolate Candle
The biggest bargain candle of all time. These are always on sale somewhere and I managed to get this one for just £2 in Tesco recently.
 This scent reminds me of my parents house, my Mum has a stock of these constantly in the cupboard. For the price the quality is amazing, it has a slight smell of angel perfume and it just makes me happy! Go and buy one now!!

Trek Protein Oat Flapjack
A part of me wishes I never found these. I'm on the health train still and feeling fab from it... but I'm still partial to a little something to cure my sweet tooth. I've been popping into Holland Barrett and trying out a few new bits and a couple of weeks ago one of these fell into my hands! Soooo good and dairy and gluten free which makes me happy. Obviously I only try and have one a week and try and have it just before or after exercise as I know otherwise I could start piling on the pounds haha! 

Eat Natural Dark Chocolate With Macadamias and Cranberries
My.favourite.treat.ever. The gluten free versions (which I think are the same as the original) come in a pack of 4 and are slightly smaller than the usual sized bars so they make a perfect evening snack. This and a peppermint tea after dinner - perfection.

What have you been loving this past month?! 
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  1. Loving the sound of the No7 lipliner, will definitely have to check that shade out!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  2. Velvet Teddy is definitely my feel god favourite lipstick from the nude section of MAC x

  3. I have that Nars duo as well and I love it, I think it's such great value for money and an easy way to try two of their most popular products. I have to admit though, I get a lot more use out of Laguna than the Orgasm shade!

  4. ohhh i want that mini duo, sounds like the perfect product for travelling!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. I've been loving my OPI nail polishes a lot this month! Tania xx

  6. I really fancy some flapjack now!
    Charlotte //

  7. Those Trek bars are so yummy aren't they?! xx

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

  8. I still need to get my hands on velvet teddy, I also like the sound of the No7 lip liner.
    Coleoftheball xx

  9. Love the Nars duo- looks like a gorgeous combo!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

  10. You've got so many nice favourites! The Nars duo is the best thing ever, it has two of the most famous Nars products together :) also, the Glade candle must smell so so good. Perfect for Christmas! I'll have to see if they sell it here in France as well. Thanks for sharing!

    Julia x
    Last post: a cute dress OOTD! |

  11. I've recently got into lipsticks and would love to get a MAC one for Christmas! Velvet Teddy looks so pretty and wearable... might have to put it on my list ;) But then I also fancy Creme Cup... I might just have to ask for both haha! x

    Polly Cat Contemplates

  12. love how you've got a flapjack in there too ;) i totally want to try out the gel stuff!

    I'd have to say i've used the Smokey Urban Decay palette all month in november (and still am) so it'll have to be my fave at the moment x

    The Fairytale Pretty Picture

  13. I have been wearing Mac's velvet teddy everyday recently. It has become my go to lipstick. I have never tried a Trek bar but I really like the sound might give it a go.

    Beth x

  14. Orgasm and Laguna is such a perfect little pairing, I had no idea you could get them in one compact! I love Velvet Teddy too :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  15. awh i so need velvet teddy! x

  16. Great fvorites!!!


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