Monday, 14 December 2015

2016 Goals, Aims & Plans

Hello hello girls and boys, it's that time again - the year is coming to a close and we are all looking forward to that refreshing feeling of January!

Over the last month or two I have really felt like things have started to come together for me, I've totally overhauled my diet which has made me feel so much better and have finally been able to hand in my notice at my job ready to start my new career in January #yay!
2015 has been alright... I mean nothing major seems to have happened, I've had fun times and great experiences but nothing too life-changing - however that's not always a bad thing.

Looking back at my 'Goals & Resolutions' post from the beginning of 2015 it's clear that I did slightly fail on a few of those things I set myself and.. in fact... some of them are things that I still want to work on in 2016 - but oh well... the only way is up!

Running & Fitness
You may have read my post about my diet recently, so of course next thing on my list is fitness. Growing up I was always so active and a few years ago I was running every morning. I'm hoping that with this new job I can finally get myself into a good routine and include an exercise plan into this! I want to be fit and healthy and am looking forward to challenging myself a bit - bring on the abs, planks and squats!

New Job Confidence
Yay! It's only a couple of weeks until I fully start my new role as a PR & Social Media Executive and I cannot wait.
 Yes, I won't lie, it is a little daunting jumping into a job that I have no previous experience in apart from everything that I've done for myself but I'm so ready to take it on and put my all into it - I hope this is the start of something great as I've been stuck in a job for so long that I just haven't been happy with, aiming for the stars here people, lets do this!

Fashion Blogging
I feel like I've said this alot but I really, really want to start blogging more fashion bits. I always get lovely comments from you guys when I do and I really enjoy it! Fingers crossed I'll be able to afford some new clothes to chat about soon haha!

Grow Grow Grow
Well.... this has been my aim for the last (nearly) 3 years! I love blogging, social media, creating and I just want to grow my channels as much as I can. 
I mean..... that might sound vain or self-centered? Does it? I feel like if you're a blogger then you will understand how I feel. I love engaging with people and blogging has become something that has well and truly taken over my life - I love it, bring on another fun-filled year of learning and improving.

YouTube Take Two
I'm going to try. I'm really going to try - it just takes up sooo much time. The videos I put up this year I had so much fun doing, but I'm so hard on myself so just never feel like they are good enough. Vlogging has been a goal of mine since I started watching YT videos regularly back in 2009, so watch this space.... filming will commence shortly.

I'm such a bad worrier. I'm always panicking about something, have a horrible feeling of dread or weight on my shoulders for no reason - so next year I want to try and let myself feel more relaxed. Take things as they come and don't let little things worry me, 99% of the time whatever I'm worrying about doesn't happen!

Get a Tattoo?!
Haha! How many times have I said this? My friends are fed up of me even mentioning it! I'm just so damn indecisive. 

Adventure Out
Weekends away, nights out, days with friends, seeing new places, experiencing new things - with a holiday to Florida on pause for now I want to spend as much time making memories as I can.

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