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Raising Money This Christmas : Bloggers Christmas Online Charity Fundraiser

Hello my dear friends,

This isn't your usual beauty, fashion or rambly type post (well I could ramble on a bit...) - today I want to talk to you about something a little different.......
Whilst at work the other I was in a daydream (not the first time I might add) - I was thinking about how this year instead of the usual ritual of writing and posting out Christmas cards to everyone, I would just scrap it. Totally get rid of the idea and instead donate that money to a charity instead.
I mean these days I can contact 90% of my family online and the other 10% I can/will see over the Christmas period - with the amount of money cards and stamps cost for them to just be chucked away come Janaury 1st I feel like a charity would benefit so much more from that extra £10 or £20!

So...... this got me thinking.....

How many bloggers are there in the UK? Thousands? And with all those Starbucks and new lipsticks I spot on Instagram and Twitter - I know you can all spare £1.
If we all just gave £1, imagine how much we could raise for a charity on the lead up to Christmas!

I think sometimes we can all take Christmas for granted, we all sit here and create these gift guides and wishlists on our blogs knowing that we will be receiving and giving gifts, having a lovely dinner and being sat at home or even out in a restaurant enjoying ourselves with loved ones. This isn't the case for everyone.
This is why I have decided to create the Bloggers Christmas Charity Fund - an easy way for all of us to give a little to those in need this winter. 

After a bit of research and speaking to a few people on Twitter I have chosen the charity - Crisis.
'Crisis is the national charity for single homeless people. We are dedicated to ending homelessness by delivering life-changing services and campaigning for change.'

Crisis have a program called Crisis At Christmas. This provides are number of things for a small price of just £22.29 per person, this includes :

  • Welcoming support from people who really care
  • Three nutritious hot meals including Christmas dinner
  • The chance to shower and change clothes, have a haircut and get a health check
  • Expert advice on life-changing issues like housing and employment
  • An introduction to Crisis year-round services for training and support for the future

  • ALL I am asking for is each of you to donate £1. Just one British pound - something I know you can all spare (That's literally half the price of a coffee!)
    Just think.... just over 100 of us bloggers and we could be changing Christmas for 5 people.

    Obviously if you would like to donate more than £1 that is more than okay - anything is welcome for such a great cause!

    It only takes a minute and is all done through JustGiving so you can see where your money is and where it is going :)

    With the amazing community we have I honestly believe we can change a few Christmas' out there, please share on your social medias - lets make this amazing!

    Thank you,

    Kirstie xxxx



    1. What an amazing idea !! I will donate when I get paid! <3 xx

    2. Well this is absolutely amazing Kirstie <3 So so so good! I've just immediately donated the tiny amount I could, but will do more soon! This is a fantastic cause!

      Jemma xx

    3. this is so good of you! Will donate for sure! Perhaps this can be shared on other blogs too? imagine how many people we would all reach!
      Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    4. Such a fabulous cause! : ) I really love this idea and will be donating! xx

      Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    5. I love this idea! so thoughtful and I'll definitely be contributing!

      Katie xx |

    6. Love this post think it's so nice too see kind hearted and genuine people I will defo be donating 💞

    7. What an amazing idea, and a great charity as well, just donated. It's a really fantastic way for us bloggers to come together.

      Suitcase and Sandals Blog XXX

    8. I give to Crisis each year at Chrstmas and have never thought to do this, well done you! Mich x

    9. Yes lovely idea happy to do this x

    10. This is such a lovely idea! I'm off to donate now :) xx


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