Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Life Thoughts

Don't Give Into Peer Pressure
This is something I have followed and believed in since I was a child. 
I've never been one to give into peer pressure from people, from breaking the rules as a 10 year old to being forced to take shots at 25 - I've always been okay with saying no, I don't want too.
Sounds silly I know but it doesn't bother me in the slightest if people think I'm 'boring' or 'no fun', if I don't want to do something I won't do it - no matter how many times or how many people say 'go ooooooon' in my ear.
Don't ever feel like you have to do something you don't want to do.

Worrying Won't Change The Outcome

I've said this before on here I know - but it is something that I really should listen too and follow more often.
 I'm such a worrier and even the most stupid thing can set me off into a pool of anxiety and nerves. But really.... it's never going to change what's going to happen. Yes there are times when worrying is inevitable and there's no way around it but alot of the time I just need to remind myself that there isn't really anything to get worked up about - relax and take each day as it comes!

Life Is About Experiences
I'm 25 and when I say I'm not saving for a mortgage but I'll happily spend thousands on heading to the US for an incredible holiday.... some people look at me like I am insane - but.... I'm really not.
Life is about experiences, making memories and spending time making each day different. You could have however much money sat in the bank but at the end of the day what's the use in that when you're dead?! Life, for me anyways, is about making memories, seeing new things, heading out and doing - well, anything! 
You don't get a long time so make sure it's a good time! (Don't get me wrong one day I'll get a house, but for now, I'm young, I have no children - so why not have adventures while I can?!)

Always Make Time For The People You Love
This is an obvious one, but one I overlook on a regular basis. Sometimes we (I) take for granted the ones we love, cancelling plans, re-arranging dates, bailing - I am so super guilty of it as I'm sure you are too!
The last few months I've really been trying to see my friends and family more, even if it's just a quick cup of tea after work - I always love seeing them and feel better after I have done. 
Make time.

Water Really Is The Greatest Thing
It helps with weight loss, keeps you hydrated, aids digestion, improves your skin, eliminates toxins, improves your mood, boosts your metabolism ......... the list is bloody endless - google it and get drinking!

Embrace Your Passions (Even if no-one around you is interested!)
I saw a certain someone's tweet the other day, they were super sad that no-one in their family understood their passion, this is something I know all too well.
I bloomin' LOVE Disney and everything about it - but 99% of my friends and family probably couldn't give two poop's about it and think I'm a little crazy! (I know you roll your eyes at me!)
But.... who cares?! I LOVE it and I don't care it people might look at me like I'm silly, it makes me happy and that's all that matters!
Have a random hobby? Collect spoons? Fascinated by sharks? Maybe you are a secret black belt? Embrace that passion, as long as you love it that's all that matters, be proud to have different interests.

Be A First Rate Version Of Yourself Not A Second Rate Version Of Someone Else
Nowadays this is become more and more of an issue in society, especially with us ladies. We are all on the internet constantly - don't lie... I see you right here!
I am so guilty for continuous looking at other people, green eyes out in full force! But really I should be trying to make myself the best ME I can be, not a similar version of someone else! Be you, rock it.

You'll Never Be Able To Please Or Get Along With Everyone

People always joke to me that I 'get on with everyone' and that I 'like everyone' and I mean it's mostly true - I couldn't tell you anyone that I HATE (That is such a strong word.) and I do like to make an effort with everyone I meet.
I've always hated the thought of people not liking me or being annoyed at me but as I've grown I've realised that this isn't always possible and I need to stop being such a sensitive Sally. That's life.

Positivity Creates & Attracts Positivity
PMA. Positive Mental Attitude.

Hearing other people constantly moaning has made me realise how I sound when I'm moaning day in day out - boring, annoying and depressing! (I'm sorry to everyone that knows me!)
I'm trying to hardest to see everything in a positive light - it's crazy how much it can change your day and I really do believe that being positive will lead to and attract positive things!
Career in writing/blogging come at me bro, I'm coming for you.
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  1. Couldn't agree more, especially on the experiences front! Great post.

  2. i bet this was one liberating post to write, huh? especially the Disney part :)

    People look a me funny because I'm getting married and I will be 24 when it happens. I dont see why I need to wait until I'm 30 just so that society accepts it. I have found the right man and I will marry him!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Love this post so much. As soon as I read the point about water I grabbed my bottle and took a sip! I must drink more!! Such brilliant points, couldn't agree with them more. xx

  4. I totally agree with your points, especially on life being about experiences. Some people are in such a rush to have responsibilities, but why can't you just enjoy/ spend your money on the things you love while you have the opportunity? I'll take a trip to Disneyland over a mortgage any day!
    Laura x FloraLoo Two

  5. Love all the advice and I really do think that you can't always get along with everyone. I used to think that someone not liking me was the worst thing ever but now that I'm older I care a little less about that because it's true that not everyone will like me and that's ok.

    Perfect Shade of Mauve

  6. Beautiful advice and definitely something I needed!
    Lizzy | by Lizzy x

  7. I love reading your posts, Kirstie! They always inspire me to write on my own blog! :) x

  8. These are amazing thoughts Kirstie, really enjoyed reading this. The first one especially sticks to me. Sometimes I don't wanna go out till 3 o'clock drinking and have a horrific hangover the next day, but that apparently makes me 'boring'.

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

  9. I loved reading this! I'm not sure which point I liked the most because I loved all the points you made. All these are important and life is full of experiences. Imagine not making mistakes, learning or experiencing new things- that wouldn't be the life I would want to live.
    Ramsha | Rose


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