Wednesday, 28 October 2015

First Look At Fun Festive Fashion

Yes that title has alot of F's in it.... but who doesn't love a bit of alliteration eh?!

I don't know about you guys but I am the worst for buying my annual Christmas fashion piece. I always seem to leave it to the last minute (aka 2 weeks into December) and either all the ones I like are out of stock or are totally out of my size!

So I've decided to get looking a little earlier this year.... it's crazy how much Christmas stuff is around already but everyone seems to be in the festive spirit by late September these days, so here's a few bits I've spotted so far.... I MUST get that Mickey sweater!

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Monday, 26 October 2015

Barry M Flawless Original Primer

My everyday primer ran out.... and Barry M released a brand spanking new product - coincidence? I think not!

Yes, I was in need of a new primer and seeing this newbie out on the high street made the decision oh so easy - let's try it out.
I'm a big fan of Barry M but when it comes to face make-up they aren't the first brand that pops to mind.
 Nails and lips, yes - primers and foundations, no. So I thought I'd bite the bullet and give it a chance.

I'm not overly fussy with primers, I have my favourite (POREFessional) but it's just not in my budget right now to use daily so I only use my miniatures of it when I'm heading on a night out and want my make-up looking extra special.
I've tried alot of what the high street has to offer over the last few years and am always keen to try something new when it's released.

This is one of 3 primers Barry M has added to their collection. There is the Original, the Colour Correcting and the Brightening - something for everyone!

Smoothing and mattifying this white cream feels amazing, creating a lovely base. It's silky and soft (plus it's oil-free) and has my skin feeling ready and raring for my foundation in seconds. 

I've really been enjoying using this and it's become a well-loved member of my daily make-up routine already. My foundation looks better than it has done in a while and lasts all day long which I'm really impressed with.

The primer is priced at only £5.99 which is alot cheaper than other drugstore brands attempts that I haven't liked as much! You can find it here on

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Sunday, 25 October 2015

My Sunday Favourites

Sunday. My favourite day of the week.

Mainly because I'm not at work, I hardly ever make any plans and I can get caught up on everything I want too.

Yes, I love staying at home, relaxing, organising my life and having a bit of 'me' time - so cliche I know but who doesn't love that?
Seeing as today is that day I thought I would share you you a few of my favourite Sunday things.
Cosy Clothes (aka looking like a slob)
Pyjamas, jogging bottoms, sweaters - I'm all about being comfortable and cosy.

Being Make-Up Free (goodbye visible eyelashes and brows)
There's thing better than letting your skin breathe. It is very rare that I will ever bother to put make-up on on a Sunday, I love being able to keep my skin a break and pamper it a little for a day. (Plus I can rub my eyes and scratch my eye brows if needed - what a treat!)

Face Masks (my weekly Halloween costume)
This goes hand in hand with the no slap thing. I love popping on a face mask on my day off. Give my skin that all needed bit of extra and my total favourite at the moment is the Montagne Jeunesse Hot Spring Sauna - I can't even tell you how many of these I've been through, and they are only £1 each - can't complain with that.

Kirstie's TV Takeover (The remote is MINE)
Yes. I love a good TV session on a Sunday, whether it's catching up ona ll that stuff I've recorded, Netflix or a few good movie's I love being on my sofa and chilling - you may think this is totally sad for a 25 year old but it relaxes me, yup I'm a loser..... (This can be a bit of a fight with the boyfriend though.... he's not a Kardashian/X Factor or Amy Schumer fan really....)

Blogging Marathon (duh)
All those do-to lists and notes I've created throughout the week normally get done about now. Blog posts writing, photo taking, replying to e-mails - the lot.
I mean I'm sat down cosy on my sofa cracking on with these next few posts (whilst catching up with the X Factor) right now! I love having my little blog baby to look after and I enjoy the escape of writing and creating so much - beats a week at work anyday. 

Clean Sheets
There is NOTHING better then going to bed on a Sunday with fresh clean sheets, the greatest way to start a new week.

 Tea (chain-drinking the stuff...)
I drink so much tea when I'm at home. Wearing comfortable clothes, sitting on my sofa and either blog writing or watching my favourite films.... it's just never the same without that cup of tea next to me! My favourite tea is green tea, I could drink it all day everyday. I've been loving these Pukka Supreme Macha Green teabags lately I grabbed them while they were on offer at Tesco - bargain.

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Friday, 23 October 2015

Raising Money This Christmas : Bloggers Christmas Online Charity Fundraiser

Hello my dear friends,

This isn't your usual beauty, fashion or rambly type post (well I could ramble on a bit...) - today I want to talk to you about something a little different.......
Whilst at work the other I was in a daydream (not the first time I might add) - I was thinking about how this year instead of the usual ritual of writing and posting out Christmas cards to everyone, I would just scrap it. Totally get rid of the idea and instead donate that money to a charity instead.
I mean these days I can contact 90% of my family online and the other 10% I can/will see over the Christmas period - with the amount of money cards and stamps cost for them to just be chucked away come Janaury 1st I feel like a charity would benefit so much more from that extra £10 or £20!

So...... this got me thinking.....

How many bloggers are there in the UK? Thousands? And with all those Starbucks and new lipsticks I spot on Instagram and Twitter - I know you can all spare £1.
If we all just gave £1, imagine how much we could raise for a charity on the lead up to Christmas!

I think sometimes we can all take Christmas for granted, we all sit here and create these gift guides and wishlists on our blogs knowing that we will be receiving and giving gifts, having a lovely dinner and being sat at home or even out in a restaurant enjoying ourselves with loved ones. This isn't the case for everyone.
This is why I have decided to create the Bloggers Christmas Charity Fund - an easy way for all of us to give a little to those in need this winter. 

After a bit of research and speaking to a few people on Twitter I have chosen the charity - Crisis.
'Crisis is the national charity for single homeless people. We are dedicated to ending homelessness by delivering life-changing services and campaigning for change.'

Crisis have a program called Crisis At Christmas. This provides are number of things for a small price of just £22.29 per person, this includes :

  • Welcoming support from people who really care
  • Three nutritious hot meals including Christmas dinner
  • The chance to shower and change clothes, have a haircut and get a health check
  • Expert advice on life-changing issues like housing and employment
  • An introduction to Crisis year-round services for training and support for the future

  • ALL I am asking for is each of you to donate £1. Just one British pound - something I know you can all spare (That's literally half the price of a coffee!)
    Just think.... just over 100 of us bloggers and we could be changing Christmas for 5 people.

    Obviously if you would like to donate more than £1 that is more than okay - anything is welcome for such a great cause!

    It only takes a minute and is all done through JustGiving so you can see where your money is and where it is going :)

    With the amazing community we have I honestly believe we can change a few Christmas' out there, please share on your social medias - lets make this amazing!

    Thank you,

    Kirstie xxxx


    Thursday, 22 October 2015

    Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Hand Cleansing Gel

    Well.... this is a product I have been waiting months and months for.

    After seeing new sprays, lotions and hand creams in my favourite Soap & Glory scent I was hoping and wishing that a hand gel might be next on the list AND look - it's here!
    As soon as I saw this announced on twitter I was buzzing like a bee to get my hands on it! I ordered it via and had it sent to my local store for free - so easy and I had it within 24 hours, perfect!

    Anti-bacterial hand gels are a MUST for my handbag, I can't live without them, I'm such a germophobe when I'm out in public.
    This is obviously fabulous, I LOVE the Sugar Crush vanilla and sweet lime scent, the non-drying formula  is a bonus during this time of year and the packaging.... cute as always!

    Big thumbs up for Soap & Glory, other product from them that I will be using daily.

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    Wednesday, 21 October 2015

    ASOS SALE - Final Reductions : My Top Picks

    I think I have an addiction to finding bargains. I just LOVE it. (I blame my mother!)

    ASOS is just my favourite place to shop - some people I know hate the pages and pages of stuff you have to look through for hours on end but I seriously love it, it's like a hobby haha!
    When I saw ASOS had reduced some sale items even more I HAD to have a look little nosey and thought why not share with you guys my best bargain finds!

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    Sensitive Teeth Rescue With Sensodyne

    So it was the end of last month when I ventured to the dentist to have a dreaded filling. It sucked, I hated it, but I couldn't help but laugh when I left the dentist chair and checked my e-mails.

    I mean what were the chances of me having an e-mail from a huge dental brand haha, it did make me giggle!
    Sensodyne are one of the countries biggest dental brands and I have been a fan for years.
    I've suffered with sensitive teeth on and off since I was a child so being offered to try out one of Sensodyne's Sensitivity SOS packages put a huge smile on my face. (Even if it was wonky from the anesthetic!)
    Sensodyne NEW Cool Mint Mouthwash*, Sensodyne Repair & Protect Toothpaste*

    The mouthwash is the newest product bought out from Sensodyne and I've completely fallen in love with it.
    Alot of the time I am put off of mouthwashes due to the strength, I've used so many that just feel like they are burning my mouth and I can't stand using them for more than a few seconds!
    Targeted for sensitive teeth this twice a day mouthwash has a lovely refreshing cool mint flavour which helps keep my mouth feeling funky fresh for hours on end and isn't overly strong in anyway so it is actually bearable for the 60 seconds of swishing!

    The Repair & Protect toothpaste next and this is a must have if you suffer with sensitivity!
    This toothpaste repairs, strengthens and protects your teeth continuously and the minty fresh taste leaves your total mouth feeling fresh and clean.
    I've been using this at least twice a day for the last few weeks and have been loving it and I've noticed a slight change in sensitivity aswell which is a brucie bonus!

    What are your favourite dental products at the moment?

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    Tuesday, 20 October 2015

    Botanics All Bright Refeshing Eye Roll-On Review

    Bags, dark circles, puffiness.... something I'm constantly battling with.

    I've been through alot of drugstore products in my time and I don't always think you need to spend a huge amount to get decent results and this is a perfect example.
    I'm a big fan of the Botanics range from Boots and I think alot of it is super underrated!
    This sqeeuezy 15ml tube is an easy roll-on product aimed at targeting eye puffiness and dark circles.
    The tube has a metal rollerball feature which helps to distribute the lightweight gel formula and immediately cools the skin to give it a lovely refreshed feeling. 
    The hyaluronic acid helps to hydrate the dull and delicate skin and the hibiscus ingredient is a fantastic brightness booster.

    I've had a few days off of work recently so while I have been at home not wearing any make-up I have been taking full advantage of this stuff. This stuff is so lightweight and really wakes me up when I pop it on underneath my eyes.
    I've seriously noticed a difference with the puffiness under my eyes and have also seen the area brightened up, something I really needed with all the early mornings I seem to be having. (I'm such a baby when it comes to sleep!)

    The All Bright Roll-On is usually priced at £8.99 but is currently half price in store and online, always look out for offers on the Botanics range, its not often that you have to pay full price!
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    Monday, 19 October 2015

    Style \\ London Retro Metropolitans

    Boo! Guess who's back with some brand spanking new glasses to talk about!

    I'v always been worried about how I look in glasses, I think everyone gets that feeling when they aren't a 24/7 glasses wearer, but I've become alot more confident with them over the last 6 months or so.
    These frames are from London Retro - a brand I have previous featured on A Yellow Brick Blog (here) and it's after wearing their brand that I've felt lot more comfortable with rocking glasses.

    I've been dying for some squared rimmed glasses for a while now and these Metropolitan frames are literally perfect. 
    I love the size, the style and how they look on. I have to be careful as I have such a big head haha, I never want things to ever look to small compared to my features (forehead)!

    Glasses Direct are a fabulous online glasses store with the great 7 day home trial feature. Pick 4 pairs to try out for free and get 7 days to pick your favourite/s - genius!

    These frames are priced at £95 and come in the featured black shade or a brown/black.

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    Sunday, 18 October 2015

    Homeware Wishlist

    Lately I have been obsessed with looking at homeware
    With a new season starting I love seeing everyone's decor on pinterest and instagram and can only ever dream of having a pin-worthy home
    I have been looking at everything from plates to lampshades and I thought why not do a quick wishlist on here of a few bits that have caught my eye and are sat in my basket!

    Letter K Cushion
    I've wanted some of these for my flat for so long now and finding them on the ASDA website for just £5 each .... incredible! They also do a # and an & .... I need these for my bed/sofa asap!

    I've seen these so many times on Instgram and Pinterest and now I've finally found them! I really want to transform my bedroom and I think these with a plain white duvet set would look so cute with my black leather bed .... it needs to happen!

    Isn't this just gorgeous! Don't ask me where on earth I'd put it.... but I'd find somewhere.. maybe my hallway. It is SO pretty, Wayfair do the greatest homeware.

    A practical piece now...this looks like the most convenient blogging space ever! A great desk for my laptop and camera and awesome storage alongside for all my products and bits and bobs... hurry up Lottery I need to win you!

    How cute is this idea! Who needs a normal chalk board when you can have a chalk globe, such a unique idea.

    I'm a HUGE Christmas lover and obviously a huge candle lover and what do I love even more.... Christmas scented candles! I've been burning my 'Christmas Cookie' candle all bloomin' year and thought the sound of Christmas Baking sounded just as yummy. You can never have too many candles.

    This is in the wishlist purely because it looks SO cute and at only £6 this is such a lovely little extra to the bedside table.

    I love me some cake (duh) and this little sign couldn't be truer!

    The Wizard Of Oz is one of my favourite movies and very close to my heart. My eyes lit up when I saw these two wall art pieces, everything in my flat is pretty much black and white so these would go perfectly - they are a tad out of my price range for now though.

    Where are your favourite places to find fun homeware pieces?
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    Saturday, 17 October 2015

    OOTD : All Black Everthing \\ Belted Batwing Coat

    Jeans :  New Look
    Boots : New Look
    Long Sleeve Top : ASOS

    Anything with fur detailing is so up my street right now! Autumn/Winter is my favourite time for fashion, I love the dark colours (I wear way too much black), the layering and the different textures found all over the high street & online.

    This coat has jumped straight to my go-to section of my wardrobe! I love the batwing look and the way it dresses up an otherwise plain and simple outfit.
    I can't wait to get a nice oversized scarf to wear with it now it's getting colder!

    I'm not sure I'm ever going to get the hang of the fashion blogging malarky, others seem to rock things so naturally... but I'll keep on trying as I do find it so much fun!

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    Lee Stafford Coco Loco Shampoo & Conditioner

    Yes - once again I'm harping on about a new Lee Stafford product.... but I couldn't walk past these in Boots and NOT buy them.

    I am a huge Lee Stafford fan, so seeing something completely new out of the shelf 1. took me by surprise as I like to think I'm on the ball with new releases (obviously not!) and 2. had me reaching for my purse.
    Coconut oil is one of the greatest beauty secrets going really.... I mean it's not even a secret anymore is it?!
    Recently my hair has just not been very kind to me, it's felt frizzy, dry and a hell of a lot of it is falling out (*cries*) so the Coco Loco range seemed to turn up at just the right time! (Plus it was 2 for £10 on offer which made it even better!)

    I needed something to inject some moisture into my locks and this has really done the job. 
    The scent is gorgeous and really long-lasting, fan of coconut? - you're obviously going to love these as much as me.

    The shampoo leaves my hair feeling so squeaky clean that at first I was worried it was maybe a little dry but with the conditioner being so thick and rich once I've finished my hair routine it's feeling brand new, soft and hydrated.

    I've noticed a real difference with the shine of my hair and the colour has been seriously rejuvenated aswell. My hair is bleached and I use toning shampoos weekly but this has giving me that little boost without having to pop anything purple onto my head, which wasn't what I was expecting!

    Overall I'm really pleased with these (as I thought I would be!), I'm just worried that I'll use them up too quick... sometimes I get a little over excited with squeezy bottles!

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    Friday, 16 October 2015

    Fun Halloween Fashion

    I am a huge lover of Halloween any excuse to get dressed up whether it be spooky, silly or sexy...but I know not everyone is the same.
    This year I've noticed so many fun and cool bits and bobs online for Halloween - so if you're not a fancy dress fan keep your eyes peeled as there are some amazing alternatives below! I want it all!!! 

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    Candle Love // Rhubarb & Vanilla Cream

    I know, like me, you guys are huge candle fans! 
    I mean.... maybe not as much as the candle vlogger girl from Scream Queens (lol) but - we all love a good candle don't we and this is the newest one I've added to my collection.
    As soon as I saw this candle from Baylis & Harding I knew I HAD to get one. I am a huge fan of rhubarb and custard sweets and have always loved the smell of them.... so a candle in that favour - ummm... yes please! 
    This is the Limited Edition 3 wick Rhubarb and Vanilla cream candle form Baylis & Harding, one of their handful of products in this scent.

    It's priced at £15 at Boots, which in my opinion is a great price for the size of the candle! 
    The smell is SO yummy and I have been loving burning it so much that I'm seriously tempted to invest in another while they are still available!

    Do you know of any other brands that have a Rhubarb & Custard scent?
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    Thursday, 15 October 2015

    New Eyebrow Favourite : Threads Eyebrow Pencil

    I know a few of you have been patiently waiting for this post since I started tweeting about my 'new favourite eyebrow product' last week and the time has finally here for me to share!
     All hail my new eyebrow favourite. THIS is the pencil of dreams.

    I had been stuck in my eyebrow rut for a while - the same couple of products, the same 'okay' look that I was overly impressed with each morning when I headed out the door .... so this came at just the right time!

    This is a semi permanent pencil from Threads (not as scary as it sounds I promise!) and don't worry you can get it off haha!
    This has transformed my everyday make-up and made me feel so much more confident about my brows! 
    After overplucking as a teen part of my eyebrows are sparse and as much as I've tried to grow them... they just aren't coming back so penciling them in is kind of a must!

    This pencil is waterproof and sweatproof and I can totally see a difference using this than when using my usual drugstore pencil. Even after a long day at work they are still totally in place, not smudged or faded at all - which is a problem I had had alot before.
    It comes in 2 shades - Black & Brown, I have been using the brown.
    The pencil is easy to use but it works alot better when the nib is sharp, it is so pigmented and just a few strokes in and my eyebrows are completely transformed (and you can't even really tell that I've added onto my actually brows... plus it has a handy brush on the end too!)
    After I've created the shape I want, I just go over the to with my HD Brows powder and Bob's your uncle!
    It comes off easily with my Cleanse & Polish which is great too - I really, really am SO impressed with this!

    At £15 the Illuninata pencil isn't the cheapest but also isn't the most expensive brow product I've bought/tried and for something that's made such a difference to my make-up each day I think it is totally reasonable!

    Threads collection is now available instore at Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge so if you're London based go and check them out!Plus you can buy it online here and also find out more about the brand and their range - here.
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    Wednesday, 14 October 2015

    Life Thoughts

    Don't Give Into Peer Pressure
    This is something I have followed and believed in since I was a child. 
    I've never been one to give into peer pressure from people, from breaking the rules as a 10 year old to being forced to take shots at 25 - I've always been okay with saying no, I don't want too.
    Sounds silly I know but it doesn't bother me in the slightest if people think I'm 'boring' or 'no fun', if I don't want to do something I won't do it - no matter how many times or how many people say 'go ooooooon' in my ear.
    Don't ever feel like you have to do something you don't want to do.

    Worrying Won't Change The Outcome

    I've said this before on here I know - but it is something that I really should listen too and follow more often.
     I'm such a worrier and even the most stupid thing can set me off into a pool of anxiety and nerves. But really.... it's never going to change what's going to happen. Yes there are times when worrying is inevitable and there's no way around it but alot of the time I just need to remind myself that there isn't really anything to get worked up about - relax and take each day as it comes!

    Life Is About Experiences
    I'm 25 and when I say I'm not saving for a mortgage but I'll happily spend thousands on heading to the US for an incredible holiday.... some people look at me like I am insane - but.... I'm really not.
    Life is about experiences, making memories and spending time making each day different. You could have however much money sat in the bank but at the end of the day what's the use in that when you're dead?! Life, for me anyways, is about making memories, seeing new things, heading out and doing - well, anything! 
    You don't get a long time so make sure it's a good time! (Don't get me wrong one day I'll get a house, but for now, I'm young, I have no children - so why not have adventures while I can?!)

    Always Make Time For The People You Love
    This is an obvious one, but one I overlook on a regular basis. Sometimes we (I) take for granted the ones we love, cancelling plans, re-arranging dates, bailing - I am so super guilty of it as I'm sure you are too!
    The last few months I've really been trying to see my friends and family more, even if it's just a quick cup of tea after work - I always love seeing them and feel better after I have done. 
    Make time.

    Water Really Is The Greatest Thing
    It helps with weight loss, keeps you hydrated, aids digestion, improves your skin, eliminates toxins, improves your mood, boosts your metabolism ......... the list is bloody endless - google it and get drinking!

    Embrace Your Passions (Even if no-one around you is interested!)
    I saw a certain someone's tweet the other day, they were super sad that no-one in their family understood their passion, this is something I know all too well.
    I bloomin' LOVE Disney and everything about it - but 99% of my friends and family probably couldn't give two poop's about it and think I'm a little crazy! (I know you roll your eyes at me!)
    But.... who cares?! I LOVE it and I don't care it people might look at me like I'm silly, it makes me happy and that's all that matters!
    Have a random hobby? Collect spoons? Fascinated by sharks? Maybe you are a secret black belt? Embrace that passion, as long as you love it that's all that matters, be proud to have different interests.

    Be A First Rate Version Of Yourself Not A Second Rate Version Of Someone Else
    Nowadays this is become more and more of an issue in society, especially with us ladies. We are all on the internet constantly - don't lie... I see you right here!
    I am so guilty for continuous looking at other people, green eyes out in full force! But really I should be trying to make myself the best ME I can be, not a similar version of someone else! Be you, rock it.

    You'll Never Be Able To Please Or Get Along With Everyone

    People always joke to me that I 'get on with everyone' and that I 'like everyone' and I mean it's mostly true - I couldn't tell you anyone that I HATE (That is such a strong word.) and I do like to make an effort with everyone I meet.
    I've always hated the thought of people not liking me or being annoyed at me but as I've grown I've realised that this isn't always possible and I need to stop being such a sensitive Sally. That's life.

    Positivity Creates & Attracts Positivity
    PMA. Positive Mental Attitude.

    Hearing other people constantly moaning has made me realise how I sound when I'm moaning day in day out - boring, annoying and depressing! (I'm sorry to everyone that knows me!)
    I'm trying to hardest to see everything in a positive light - it's crazy how much it can change your day and I really do believe that being positive will lead to and attract positive things!
    Career in writing/blogging come at me bro, I'm coming for you.
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    Tuesday, 13 October 2015

    I Just Love It - Personalised Heart Map

    Okay you may have already seen this across all of my social media channels but I just couldn't wait to show it to you all.
    I am literally in love with this personalised picture, the way it has turned is amazing and I've been dying with excitement to get it up on here for you all to see!
     I Just Love It are a fun and unique site full of amazing and creative things for you to have personalised.
     From Santa sacks to spoons theor range really is a never-ending list of things that me go ooooo and ahhhh and 'oh blah blah would LOVE that!'

    When the guys at IJLI asked if I would like to pick something to review I was over the moon and although it probably took me a good day to decide on just one product I think I made a fantastic choice with it.

    This is the framed personalised heart map - a gorgeous and chic wall art print perfect for any home.

    Each map is individually made based on an address of your choice. As you can see I gave my home address which is in Ryde on the Isle Of Wight and it has come out perfectly.
     At first I asked if it was possible to have Disneyworld but right now they are only doing address' from the UK (totally understandable).

    The map has completely captured one of my favourite places in the world - I have lived here all my life and truly love it - it is home and probably the only place I will ever count as my home.

    These framed pictures are such an incredible gift idea (especially with Christmas coming up!) A first home, an engagement, a wedding day - you can pick any UK address plus a short message to have alongside it - as you can see mine says 'Home Sweet Home'.

    You get the choice of a white or mahogany frame and it measures approx. 24cmx24cm.
    The pieces are priced at £49.99 - which you may think is a little expensive but you can pay upto £20 or so for a decent frame nowadays plus you can really tell how much time and effort has gone into in my opinion it's worth every penny!
    To find out more about the frames, to see different styles or to go and ahead and order on yourself head on over to their website - here!
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