Wednesday, 30 September 2015

KISS Cosmetics Kisstick & Colour Switch Lipstick

Lip products, my ultimate weakness and what better than a product that can turn one lippy into well.... more than one lippy - that my friends is what the awesome people at Kiss cosmetics have created!

KISS Cosmetics Mini KISStick* & Colour Switch Lipstick*

Colour Switch is a new and original product and total innovative make-up saviour. Bored of the same colour? Keep on reading...
Colour Switch is a magic wand shade (Blanc) that can transform any of the KISStick shades into an entirely new colour - genius!
The white lipstick is used as a base; your lipstick is applied over the top and blended together creating a brand new colour. You can adjust the intensity as you like, doubling, tripling even quadrupling your current lippy collection.
 So easy and effective, this extends Kiss Cosmetics lip collection and makes them stand out from the cosmetics crowd.

Maybe you're bored of the one colour or it's a little too vibrant for you or for the look you are going for - the colour switch is all you need to transform it into something a little more subtle and pastel.

The KISStick shade features is 'Frisky Fuchsia' - a colour I would happily wear as it is or after the colour switch!
As you can see above the Colour Swtich is so easy to use and you can adjust it to whatever shade you fancy. From one layer to four, you can see how the colour transforms. (I haven't blended these though are you can see)

You can find the Colour Switch and everything else Kiss have to offer over at :)
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  1. What a great idea =]

  2. How cool! <3 I love the look of this! Make-up sure is fun ^^

  3. this is so cool, especially if you don't have any more space for new shades of lipstick :P

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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