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What's In My Beach Bag?

This season Boohoo decided that they wanted to put a summer spin on the classic 'what's in my bag?' post/tag (yes we've all written them/read them) and what better idea when the sun is shining than a 'what's in my beach bag?' version!
I live so close to the beach and being able to walk there in less than 10 minutes makes it so easy to pop down and enjoy the sunshine when we are lucky enough to have some so I know what I need to take with me each time without even having to think about it.
 This is also the same sort of bag I'd take down to the pool or beach with me on a holiday!

My 'beach bag/pool bag' contents are actually pretty different to my usual everyday handbag.... I mean I don't really need 15 lipsticks while I'm splashing around or sunbathing do I?!
So here's a little look for you all at what I like to take to the beach plus a couple of gorgeous summer bits from boohoo to complete my beach babe look!
When it comes to my beach bag contents... I'm pretty lazy and don't pack alot.
I need stuff that's going to make me 1. comfortable and 2. entertained, I can't just lie back and sunbathe like I used too as a teenager, I need to something to at least just read/listen too and with the beauty bits I keep it so basic!
I'm just going to go through the bits and bobs pictured above and then I can get onto the gorgeous duo I received from Boohoo's holiday shop.

Now a bikini, for me, is something that I have with me when I'm sunning myself on holiday (obvs), but at home in my small town I'm way too self-conscious too whip out a 2 piece and strut around on the sand, but obviously it IS a must-have in my standard beach bag, this dotty green number is from ASOS (and it was a bargain in the sale!)
Next is my number one thing I have to take to the beach with me and that's - reading material! Right now I'm reading Holly Madison's Down The Rabbit Hole.... and I am obsessed (seriously if you are a Holly/Playboy/Girls Next Door fan you HAVE to buy this!).
There's nothing better than escaping into a book whilst tanning on the beach and hours can pass and pass and I won't even get bored if I have a good book to get stuck into.
Hair bands are ALWAYS in my bag no matter where I am going, if it's hot you're going to want to get that hair up and out the way - taking back-up's in my bag is a no-brainer!

Next up.... anti-bac. Yes, this has got to come with me to the beach - sand, sea and everything in between ... it's not clean, so if I'm having a snack or heading to the nearest beach cafe I want to be able to clean my hands quickly - I'm a bit of a germophobe and I don't want bacteria all over my Mr. Whippy!

Lipbalm is another must! I'm not going to have a face full of make-up on but lip balm is great for a little tint of colour and keeping my lips hydrated - ones with SPF in are obviously alot better to rock whilst exposed in the sunshine don't forget!
SUNCREAM. I mean... that's just obvious.
Sunglasses - also another obvious one - easier to read my book, they protect my eyes from the sun, stop me squinting AND hide the fact I'm not wearing any make-up!
A hairbrush* has to be in the top 3 things I would take with me to the beach. Especially I'm heading to the sea or if it's windy, my hair can be a total nightmare so having a brush handy helps me keep it under control!
I always like to have my headphones with me - normally just for my phone. Whether it's music or, my new found love, podcasts, when I've had enough of reading it's fun to lie back and listen to my favs!

Last but not least - a towel! You can't forget your towel when heading to the beach.... that's why my beach bag's are always so big!

Now....  beach fashion! Boohoo let me pick out 2 gorgeous bits from their holiday collection to help me create a lovely summer look and after a long, hard look and lots of umming and arring I decided on these two bits.
My favourite tings to wear to the beach or the pool are either a maxi dress or a playsuit - items that are comfortable, quick and easy to get on and off and when I saw this playsuit I feel in LOVE immediately!
I love cold shoulder detailing and this pattern is so so pretty! I got a size 12 and it fits really well - I'm even thinking I might wear this to the Bestival (when I manage to get myself a ticket!) so no doubt you are going to be seeing this alot more! (Plus I've just seen that it has gone into the sale so it's now only £15!!!)

The sandals I picked out are super cute, with the lace up front these are a lovely little pair of shoes to keep you looking on trend even with the plainest of outfits - I wore these out for lunch last week and got so many compliments on them, I was seriously glad I had given my feet a pamper because everyone was looking at them!
The fact they are white aswell makes them go with so much - these are easily going to be my most worn pair of sandals this summer I can feel it already!

What do you like to carry in your beach bag? Do you have any go-to beach outfits aswell? Do you like to keep it comfortable or do you still get glammed up for a stroll along the seafont or on the sand?
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  1. Love this idea! And how amazing that you live 10 minutes walking distance from the beach! Can we trade places please? ;)



  2. Ive been wanting to read Down The Rabbit whole, I 100% have to get it now!

    CharlotteSamantha //

  3. Love this version of what's in my bag! Also your soo lucky living so close to the beach I wish I did too, and that book looks very intriguing I love Holly!!

  4. Your playsuit and sandals are gorgeous! I really like the idea of the what's in my beach bag post, I will have to give it a try when I next go on holiday!

  5. You make me want to go to a beach and a good read is always on my list.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  6. Absolutely gorgeous playsuit and Madisons down the rabbit hole is now my to read!!! I cannot be without anti bac literally everywhere is so dutty hahah xx

  7. A book is something can't be missing in my bag, plus high protection sun cream and a water bottle but at the moment I'm not going to the sea :( I'm so sad...

  8. You are so lucky to live so close to the sea, I bet its lovely! I always have to carry a book, sunglasses and SPF in my beach bag, they are a must x


  9. Love this post as I'm always down at the beach in Brighton too :D I can't live without a book on the beach and a big sun hat :D xx

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