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ClearZal Footcare : At Home Pedicure Pampering

I feel like I've talked about feet alot over the last couple of months... I hope you don't mind! Summer is tootsie time and with the sun (hopefully) making an appearance for longer than a day in the next month most of us are going to be rocking sandals and flip flops like no other!
Pampering my feet is something I try and do a fair bit over the Summer, there's nothing worse than horrible feet and I always get paranoid people are staring at mine haha!
 ClearZal recently contacted me and asked if I'd like to try out some of their products to give myself a full DIY luxury pedicure at home - so of course I thought yes please!

I was treated too 4 of their full sized products and a few other goodies :
(Pictured above) ClearZal Foot Cleanser*, ClearZal Silk Busy Feet Energising Creme*, ClearzZal Silk Exfoliating Scrub*& ClearZal Silk Foot Food Nutritional Creme*.

I decided to set aside some time one evening and give myself a full on pamper! I started by soaking my feet in warm water and then using the foot cleanser to give my feet a bit of an extra clean than just regular shower gel.
The cleanser is one of those products I would probably walked past in a store normal - due to it's 'clinical' / 'medical' look.
 With tea tree oil this gel cleanser smells lovely and fresh and helps kill 99.9% of all bacteria and nasty stuff that may have found their way onto your feet throughout the day! Working on my feet 5 days a week and having them stuffed in shoes and socks all day in the heat this stuff is the perfect step to keep my feet healthy and all round at their best! 

After I had rinsed the cleanser off I then got out my 360 foot file and used that to buff away any dead/hard skin on my heels and balls of my feet.
With that done I moved onto the scrub. I love scrubs and I knew that this would help to soften and smooth out my feet even more.
 With natural pumice and aloe vera this stuff removes dead skin cells and allows for new cell growth. I used a small amount on each area I wanted to focus on and rubbed in a circular motion for a couple of minutes, leaving them feeling brand new!

Last but not least I lathered my feet, ankles and lower legs up with Foot Food - the thick nutritional creme. The perfect ending to the at home pedicure, I love popping this on and then putting on a light pair of cotton socks to help it fully soak into my feet overnight.

My feet literally felt brand new after this new ritual of mine and I'm going to keep it up by doing it every week!

In between these pamper sessions I have been using the Busy Feet creme too! This menthol creme is perfect for tired, achey or swollen feet as it helps to energise and refresh. The scent really reminds me of mouthwash - so although it's not my usual yummy sweet scented product it does give a feeling of cooling and rejuvenation.
If you're having any discomfort this is a great pick me up - I feel like this would be fantastic to take on holiday with you if you are going to be walking alot!

Overall I have been so impressed with this range - to be totally honest it isn't something I would normally look at twice in a store as it isn't the usual fun looking popular brand I go for BUT it really does work and I have really seen a really difference!
You can find out more and buy ClearZal products from their fab website - here - there's a few more products I think I might have to try out after looking on there like the tea tree foot soak and pain reliving roll on!
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  1. sounds like what I need for my current ogre feet! :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. This sounds perfect during Summer, my feet are awful I can't even wear sandals without having issues haha oh dear xx

  3. Not heard of these before, but I want to try them out for myself now! Tania xx


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