Sunday, 30 August 2015

The NEW Travalo Milano

Travalo are a brand I've spoken about countless times here on A Yellow Brick Blog. I have been using their original spray bottle for probably 4 years now and I think they are one of the greatest beauty products out there - I'm constantly recommending them to people!

If you aren't quite sure what a Travalo is then I will go ahead and explain for you now...
Travalo is an easy peasy perfume vaporisier that fits into your handbag so you can freshen up on the go wherever you might be.
They are the perfect way to have your favourite perfumes with you 24/7 without carrying round your awkward glass bottles!
You fill the travalo in seconds directly from your standard perfume bottle - as you can see to the right! All you have to do is pump to fill, it's literally that easy.
These are a must for me for holidays and weekends away, it saves on so much room and the panic of a possible breakage!
Travalo Milano - Pink*

So when I heard that Travalo had a new luxury collection being released I was really excited and when I was asked if I would like to try one out I was even more thrilled!
 I have two of the regular bottles already and use them constantly but to have something which looks a little more sophisticated and luxurious is even better.

There are eight colours to choose from, so there is literally one for everyone (and they aren't just for girls!) : Sky blue, black, white, red, baby pink, pink, navy & orange - as you can see I have the pink version. 

The new pioneering spray head now produces a finer mist which helps disperse your perfume over a wider area - great idea right?
Not only this but the inner bottle can now be removed and is interchangeable with the travalo classic and other future models.
This is SUCH a good idea in my opinion, I do hate it when I want another perfume with me but my current Travalo isn't empty yet so I have to stick with the one I already have filled.

The Milano is a 5ml bottle which contains 65 sprays - which technically could keep you going for a 2 week holiday if you used it sensibly -  that is a long time for one little handbag sized bottle! (Which can I just say will fit in the smallest of clutch bags!)

All in all I LOVE Travalo's new design, it feels and looks alot more up market and all the parts they have ungraded are just fantastic.

The Milano collection is available from September 2015 at and are priced at £35 each.
I was a little surprised at the price jump at first but for something that will last years and years that you can use everyday I feel it is justified, especially for the high quality.

Have you tried a Travalo before? I couldn't go on a night out or a holiday without one!

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

5 Things I Love To Do When It's Raining

Well.... August hasn't really turned into the hot and sunny month we are (kind of) used to has it? 
As I sit here writing this I'm looking out the window to a seriously grey and soggy looking England - booooo!
When I have a day off work and it's raining I'm not going to lie.... I kind of love it
It's always a fab excuse to have some 'me' time and chill out by doing some of my favourite things - yes call me lazy if you want too but sometimes you just need to have a good relaxation session! 
1. Become best friends with my TV
TV show marathons, favourite movies or just catching up - there's nothing more relaxing for me than being in comfortable clothing (aka pjs and a huge sweater), with a blanket on my sofa with a nice cup of tea watching some good old TV!
My favourite shows at the moment have to be : Total Divas, Devious Maids, Little Women NY, Dance Moms, Catfish & UnReal! And my favourite movies to watch on a rainy day are : The Help, Love Rosie, Just Go With It, Harry Potter & Beauty & The Beast.
2. Read, read, read.
Whether it's book, magazines or blogs, something else I love to do is relax, listening to the rain hitting the windows and delve into something good to read!
I'm currently reading Holly Madison's biography (which is bloody brilliant!) and my favourite mags are Glamour, Cosmo & heat! 

3. Online (window) Shopping

Guilty!!! I'm a sucker for grabbing my phone/ipad/laptop having a browse online, making a shopping list/wishlist if it's before payday or having a spend up if it's after! 
My go-to website for clothing is ASOS. The ASOS sale literally rules my life - I think I look through it daily..... but it's just so so good!

4. Organise & Declutter My Life

When it's raining outside and the thought of venturing out is just a resounding NO then I find I'm so easily motivated to organise my life! Everything from clothing to my make-up storage, there's something so satisfying about clearing things out and giving things a make-over! I love a good wardrobe clearout and I'm currently adding lots and lots to my eBay! Goodbye clutter hello pennies!

5. Have A Girly Pamper

YES! You girls must all agree with me! If you aren't planning on heading out at all for the day then what's better than getting out your favourite treatments and treats to give yourself a full on overhaul. Facemasks, hair masks, shaving, fake tanning, pedicures, nail painting - the works! Being a girl is THE best!

What are your favourite things to do when the weather is horrendous?

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Monday, 24 August 2015

Party Lite Candles

One of my ultimate weaknesses is candles.
 I'm all about smells and having a nice smelling home is an obsession of mine. I love getting home and lighting a candle especially in this horrible weather at the moment, it just makes everywhere feel that little bit more homely doesn't it?
 So when Partylite asked if I'd like to try out some of their candles from their huge collection I jumped at the chance.
Fleurs & Baies : Berry Blossom Jar Candle*
I'm not one to stick with one brand when it comes to candles - I have lots of different brands, scents and styles in my hoard at home and am always up for trying newbies!

Partylite is an awesome company in which you can actually become a host or consultant and run your own candle partys (sounds fun right?!)!

I was sent a lovely jar candle and a trio pack and have completely fallen in love with them!
Before I had even opened my post I knew what was going to be inside - due to the beautifully strong smell coming from it! I have been so impressed with the quality of these, alot of candles I've paid out for have a lovely scent but they just don't seem to last or don't even smell strong without being lit.
These have the most beautiful scents which really last and fill my whole home with their sweet smell.

The Berry Blossom candle has become a particular favourite of mine. The smell is very sweet and reminds me alot of a few sweet pea scented products I own. This is perfect for my bedroom and I've spotted that they do a larger version which I definitely feel like I need in my life.
The size I have is the escential jar and is priced at £11.50, with a burning time of 40-60 hours! I've already burnt mine for nearly a whole day and I'm not even a 1/4 of the way down!
Forbidden Fruits Trio : L2R - Fig Fatale, Blackberry Boudoir & Pomegrante Passion*

Next I'm going to talk about the mini candle jar trio in Forbidden Fruits. This is a fab way to try out three of the new scents in one easy package!
I love that these jars has a decorative design on them, especially as they though with the decor in my flat!
All 3 of these scents are rich, strong smells which last and last!
 Beautiful for the kitchen and bathroom where you may have unwanted smells haha! They are super warm and relaxing and I'll be completely honest - I cannot choose a favourite!
These have a burn time of 20-30 hours and the trio is priced at £24.95!

You can find all of these and everything else over on the Partylite website - here! Have a search and see if you have a host near you!
I can't stop eyeing up the 'Just Desserts' collection - they sound SO yummy!

What are your favourite candles brands and  scents?
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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

6 Products That Give Me An Instant Confidence Boost

As a normal 25 year old female I am overcome more or less daily by my insecurities, but I mean.... we could have a whole other post about that... today I just want chat about a few particular products that make me feel better about myself. Easy peasy instant confidence boosters... because who isn't interested in those?!

Yes, there are a few things out there that in my mind 'up' my glam game and give me that confidence that I'm otherwise lacking. 

From fake lashes to tanning lotions here are my favourite things to make me feel a bit better about myself :)
1. Fake Eyelashes
I can't actually remember the last time I went on a 'night out' without a pair of fake eyelashes on. I think I've been wearing them ever since I went to Ibiza in 2009.
For me, these are a MUST when heading out the door on a girls night out, I have THE shortest, stumpiest lashes and really small eyes so without them I don't ever feel like my make-up is finished or anywhere near as good as it could be.
Favourites :  Eylure Eylure Eylure- I love 101's and 107's ALOT and I do struggle to use other brands I'm not going to lie! I really want to try out Fleur De Force's new range aswell - maybe even the individual ones as I've heard they can stay on all weekend which would be amazing for Festivals and trips away!

2. Highlighters

The world (and my face) would be a sad sad place without a good highlighter! I think I have a slight obsession, I don't think I will ever own enough. Ever since buying the makebelieve skin lmizer as a teen I have be striving to find products that give me that dewy glow that all the celebs rock with ease!
Favourites : theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer, Seventeen Skin Wow!, Rimmel London Good To Glow, Benefit High Beam & Victoria's Secret Illuminating Powder.

3. Tan Tan Tan

Not only do these products stop me from looking like a pale whale they also help to tone the look of the skin - a good tan can make you look a whole lot skinnier you know, I just wish I had more time (and patience) to use it more!
Favourites : Anything St. Moriz.
4. Razors
What feels better than freshly smooth legs? Seriously though - smooth, soft legs are the best - a major confidence boost in just a few swipes!
Favourites : Venus Sensitive Embrace

5. Instagram
Yes I'm saying it and you may think it's obnoxious and vain but in all seriousness - a good filter and a bit of editing can make me feel better about myself and I know a lot of you girls feel the same.... so don't act like I'm being fake and self-centered haha - you all love a good selfie!
Follow me @ Kirstielouises

6. Blonde Toners

Last but not least.... this is a big one for me when it comes to confidence.
 I am blonde, but I'm not a natural blonde, so I am always paranoid about what shade my hair colour is looking. 
My hairdresser is amazing and everytime I had my hair coloured I fall in love but after about 6/8 weeks I can see my colour fading and becoming dull - and sometimes even.... yellowish #booo! BUT there are products that can fix this and I have become a slave to them!
Toning shampoos are totally and utterly fabulous and after getting over my initial fear of using them (I was paranoid I would have purple hair if I left it on for longer than about 45 seonds) I have realised how much they can help and if I feel like a pick me up this is one of the first products I reach for!
Favourites : Pro:Voke Touch Of Silver Twice A Week Brightening Shampoo & Intensive Treatment Conditioner.

What are your favourite confidence boosters?

Get your own confidence boosters :

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

I'm Loving... #22

Total Divas
Being a reality TV show whore I cannot believe I haven't started watching this sooner - I am obsessed. Like crazy obsessed! This show is awesome - I am currently watching season 1 and season 4 at the same time and I'm sure it won't be long until I'm totally caught up! I LOVE the Bella Twins - girl crush overload!

Holly Madison - Down The Rabbit Hole
I've mentioned this a few times over the last few weeks. I was a huge fan of Girls Next Door and a big fan of Holly - I met her in Vegas and she was lovely! As soon as this book was announced I was counting down the days until I could get my mitts on it! It is soooo interesting, you really do see the other side of Playboy and the famous mansion! I haven't finished it yet, purely because I don't want it to end so I'm making it last for a little while longer! If you want to know all the inside goss I suggest you go grab this while you can! I got my hardback cover from Amazon :)

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Perfume
You may have seen my post yesterday about this new perfume in my life! New signature scent - I'm in love! (Review here!)

L'oreal Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara
Ooooo something else I've done a review on recently! I have used this every single day since buying it - it is brilliant for my short stumpy lashes and used alongside my eyelash curlers this really does help to make a big difference! (full review here)

Touch Of Silver Hairspray
After trying out some new do's recently (like here) I've been using alot more hairspray than usual! I want to start wearing my hiar up more so that it grows faster - last time I grew my hair avoiding heat was the best way! This hairspray is amazing! It feels so light and smells amazing (a little like Aussie) - everything I try from this brand is just perfect for my hair!

Ru Paul  What's The Tee? Podcast
I have become a total lover of podcasts and Ru Paul's What's The Tee? has been making my journeys to and from work a whole lot better! Not only do Ru and Michelle make me full on LOL whilst walking down the road but they have such much wise life advice that I love taking in!

Crunchy Nut Chocolate Granola
Jesus Christ someone needs to take this stuff away from me. I honestly think I could sit and eat the whole bag in one sitting.
Disney Pixar's - Lava
If any of you have been to see Inside Out yet you would have been greeted with this super cute Pixar short before the film began. I fell in love with it - the song makes me so so happy.

Simple Illuminating Radiance Cream
I've been using this stuff for the past couple of weeks instead of a primer and I have been loving my skin! It works just as well as a primer and leaves me with a lovely - non-shiny/greasy glow! IT's still half price at Boots at the moment - try it out girls you won't be disappointed!

New Look Platform Sandals
Did someone say new shoes? You may have spotted these in my OOTD for the Southampton Bloggers meet up on my Instagram (here) - they were literally the most comfy shoes and even though I felt a little tall compared to some of the girls in flats I loved how they looked with my skirt and top combo... and the best thing?! They are only £12 in the sale - here!

What have you been loving lately?

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Monday, 17 August 2015

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Perfume

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge*

It's not everyday I receive a surprise parcel in the post but I was lucky enough to return home from work last week to an exciting box on my doorstep with my name on it.

The lovely people at The Perfume Shop had wrapped up the yummy new scent from  Estee Lauder - Modern Muse Le Rouge for me and I couldn't have been more pleased.

Now.... I'm a big Kardashian/Jenner fan and knowing Kendall Jenner is the face of this new perfume did make me like it a little more.... don't judge me - I want to smell like a supermodel too haha!

I've never owned an Estee Lauder perfume so I was so pleased to finally have one to add to my fragrance collection. The bottle is a gorgeous simple design with the cute bow lid which I LOVE, look how pretty it is!

The scent itself is very sophisticated. I really wanted to share this on here as I really really do love it but sharing a perfume via a blog post is sometimes a little difficult (for me) so I've grabbed a little snippet from the website to give you all a good idea of what I'm chatting about...

"A sexy, provocative contrast of two distinctively different accords-rich roses awakened by ripe fruit, with a seductive velvet creme accord-provide an intriguing dual impression. It's a true innovation in fragrance design, as complex and fascinating as the woman who inspires it."

With strong notes of raspberry, rose and saffron this fruity and floral fragrance has gone straight to the top of my most worn! (Although not for work.... that's a waste!)

I wore this recently on a night out and it lasted for hours and hours, it has the glam factor about it which means it is fab for both daytime and evening wearing! 
It's also not something that I feel is 'too young or too old' - so ti seems like a great scent for anyone of any age!

With it's slight spice this is going to be perfect for the Autumn season too which makes me really happy - hello new signature scent!

The Modern Muse Le Rouge eau de parfum starts at £45 - check it out here.
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Saturday, 15 August 2015

#FAceToFace : My Pretty Little Reaction \\ Predictions, Reactions, Thoughts & Questions


From the sounds of a few of you on Twitter.... you've been waiting for this post from me haha! I had thought about writing a post as soon as the episode aired but then thought if I started I writing I may never stop and as time goes on I have had even more thoughts and questions to get through so I've sat down today to let it all out!
 8am Wednesday morning marked the end of a 5 year question I've had buzzing around in my brain. 
Who the bloody hell is 'A' and why are they doing this?! 
I've been watching PLL (Pretty Little Liars) since it started in 2010 and have become, how can I say it... a tad obsessed... ever since! (As you my have noticed on Twitter...#sorrynotsorry)
So I'm going to go through my thoughts about the BIG A reveal, my predictions and if they were right, my honest opinion and a 'few' questions I still have playing on my mind!

My Predictions
All I can say is..... I was right!!! For months now I have been saying I think Cece is A and... hello - I was right! Here's a little proof....

And.... I knew that Sara Harvey was trouble - I thought maybe she was Bethany but I did have an inkling she'd be red coat! As soon as she said "I'm calling Tanner" I knew she was on the A team!
Obviously I did have Wildern and Wren at the back of my mind... like everyone else and I did think Melissa would maybe have something to do with it or someone may have had a sneaky twin but you never know... we still have a season and a half to go! 

My Reaction
So, when I first watched the episode there was a lot of "I knew it" "huh?" "what?" "really?"'s coming out of my mouth and going round in my head! 
Yes! I had gotten it right Cece was A.... but Sara as Red Coat AND Black Widow?! Bethany IS actually dead... Mona had been the one to hit her AND she was the one who pushed Marion.
 I mean... it was a lot to take in and some things just didn't sit right with me (but we'll get to that in a minute)!
Things that did make me laugh....
That crazy screen the girls watched everything on - what is this? Star Trek?!
Cece is cray. "But did you die?" - I couldn't stop laughing at this! Seriously girl - WHY are you doing this?!
Mona's awesome one liner - "Aria maybe you thought Clark was always happy to see you but I couldn't get past the buldge in his pants"
THAT DAMN WINDOW SCREEN! Cece watching the girls through the window.... but really just watching a scene from Season 3? on a screen - hahahahaa! Great attempt guys!
Emily punching Sara - YOU GO GIRL!
The girls saying bye to each other obviously got me all chocked up -  Spencer saying "Hanna Banana" - ALL THE FEELS and no matter how I feel about the finale the flash forward has got me SO excited for January!!!
I literally couldn't stop thinking about the episode all day... and that was the problem... the more I thought about it the more I thought - wait a minute? Really?! That doesn't even make sense!
I'm not mad that Cece is A - I mean I had guessed it already but it's just everything else inbetween that's got me a little - confused/frustrated/stressed. Do I take this show too seriously? 100%. Yes.

After Thoughts
You might need a cup of tea to get through the next 2 sections as I may ramble on for a bit!
Now it's been 3 days since I watched the finale and I have been thinking about it a hell of a lot - reading tweets, tumblr, thinking about previous episodes and THERE ARE SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS!
I just WISH I had been more shocked/surprised and blown away!
 It made me feel a little bit 'meh' - maybe because I had already thought it? But I just feel like if I was more tense and surprised by previous finales e.g. the dollhouse and the Ezra reveal!
I love PLL, I love Marlene but I can't help but think that this wasn't always the plan - I mean maybe it was, but so much doesn't add up and there's been some incredible clues throughout the show which aren't anything to do with anything - so why have them!?

Questions I NEED Answered!

WHAT was Sept 7th all about?! Sara knew the passcode for the Carissimi group - but why was it September 7th? 

Cece was 12 when Marion died. This makes no sense with the timeline we have already seen on the show. Toby tells Emily in season 1 or 2 that his Mum passed away 'a year ago last week'. Literally makes NO sense, it wasn't a flashback it was a real scene so there's no talking their way out of that one!

WHAT does Bethany have to do with it all?! Jessica took her horse riding, she wrote letters to Alison (did they know each other?) and she had drawn all those photos of Mrs. D. etc - why was she such a big storyline if she is no-one?

If Cece loved Ali WHY did she want to torture her?!

Where the eff did Sara Harvey come from? Why was she so eager to help Cece if she didn't even know the girls?!

How old was Wildern? He was a policeman already when Marion died? aka when Cece was 12.

Who killed Mrs. D? This one is seriously bugging me! And WHY did Cece text Ali bragging about burying her mum if she was so upset about it?

Why were Radley not looking for Cece?! If a patient had escaped a mental institution you think someone at least would be informed right?

If Ali could hear Mrs. D. talking when burying her then why couldn't she hear Cece?

WHY did Cece want to create a prom that she never went too in the dollhouse? A prom that she was prom 'king' when she's been fighting to be a female her whole life.

Why did Sara have to dress as Black Widow if no-one knew her?

If the Doctors at Radley knew she was Cece then why did she have a visitors pass made for her by Wren? She went in her dressing gown from her room to Mona's - it doesn't make sense.

In the end scenes the girls say "What happened to Sara that night wasn't our fault" - WHAT happened?!

What happened to Cece after she came down from the roof?

Is anyone going to tell Mona that she didn't actually kill Bethany and Melissa did when she buried her alive?

What was Noel Kahn's secret?

We've been told that 'A' is in the pilot.... can somewhere tell me when/where Charles/Cece is in that episode please.

Was the N.A.T. club anything more than what we've seen?

How did Jason see Melissa and Cece talking that night if Cece wasn't there in the yellow top?

What did Aria whisper to Mona in the cinema that time?

What happened to Tippi the bird?

Who drugged Emily and took her to the cemetery?

Was it Cece at Aunt Carol's house? That was never mentioned or addressed!

Where did the boys go?! They were all at prom together and then... nothing!

Why did Cece want to kidnap Mona and make her into Alison?

What did the little girl in Radley have to do with the story?

Why/How did Eddie Lamb recognise Aria?

Why has no-one else ever mentioned Iceland? Only Aria has ever said they went to Iceland.

Who were the twins hinted at this whole time?

If Cece was in Radley whilst at college - how did she has a room mate?

And... how was Cece prom queen if she never went to prom?

How are Mr. D and Jason doing? (Jason is probably scarred for life after dating his brother....)

Mona 'didn't' know about Charles.... but the anagrams of his name were found in her room?

How does the Radley prank even make sense? Radley wouldn't have thought Cece was Alison but they KNOW Cece!?

Why did Cece dress as red coat to 'help' Ali if she was 'A'?

Why was Melissa helping Jenna and Shana?

HOW AND WHY did a mental hospital let their patients out on the roof?!

Radley knew Cece had escaped Radley that night... did they not think maybe she had something to do with her sister's diaperance?

If Mona thought she had hit Alison wasn't she surprised to see her walkng along the side of the road?

How did Noel know Ali was alive?

And I think the number one question on everybody's lips - HOW did the mum's get out of the cellar?!
(If I think of anymore I'll add them as and when!)

See ya in January PLL lovers!
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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Simple Skincare Haul

When I saw that Boots had the whole of the Simple skincare range at half price last week I thought it would just be plain RUDE not to invest in a few bits for myself.
I love Simple and have been using it on and off since I was probably about 14- alongside Nivea they have got to be my favourite drugstore skincare brand.
Being on a bit of a budget for the next year ( you can read about about that here) I will be splashing out less on more expensive high end products/brands and sticking to barry bargains which I know work well!
I picked up 7 products from the range and wanted to tell you all about them as I have been so excited about how cheap they are right now!
L2R : Facial Wash, Facial Toner, Facial Scrub, Light Moisturiser, Illuminating Cream, BB Cream & Handwash.

Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel - Was £3.39 Now £1.69
This is a product I've used before, but not for a long while! I have to have a facial wash in the shower for every morning, something to wake both me and my skin up and prep my skin ready for my morning skincare routine and make-up!

Simple Soothing Facial Toner - Was £3.29 Now £1.64
This is always my back-up when I run out of my Liz Earle Skin Tonic. This is something I use every morning and every night - I feel grotty without a toner!

Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub - Was £3.39 Now £1.69
I'm a scrub addict. Especially during the summer months when I feel I can notice build up so much more! For the price this is a total bargain - great to keep in the shower and use 1 or 2 times a week!

Simple Protecting Light Moisturiser - Was £4.35 Now £2.17 
I'm such a naughty girl when it comes to moisturising... after trying out a few thicker creams and my skin not reacting well I have become very distant from this everyday step. I used to use this as a teen and I thought for this cheap price - why not try it again! (So far so good...)

Simple Illuminating Radiance Cream - Was £6.59 Now £3.29
I have wanted to try this for so long, but my stingy self has refused to pay out the missley £6.59 for it haha! My Mum bought this months and months ago and said how much she liked it and I'm really glad I have finally bought it as it is lovely!

Simple Perfecting BB Beauty Balm - Was £6.29 Now £3.14
Again... I've wanted to try this since the day it came out! BB/CC creams are a favourite of mine for this time of year and I'm looking forward to using something a little lighter than my usual high coverage foundation. The only thing that worries me is that from what I saw there is only one shade... I haven't tried it yet so I'm hoping it will be okay!

Simple Handwash - Was £2.10 Now £1.05
Last but not least something for the kitchen/bathroom (which ever one runs out first!) I wash my hands alot so having something which is kind to skin is really good for me and for half the price I thought it would be a nice treat!

Do you use anything from Simple? What are your favourite products?

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Monday, 10 August 2015

What's In My Beach Bag?

This season Boohoo decided that they wanted to put a summer spin on the classic 'what's in my bag?' post/tag (yes we've all written them/read them) and what better idea when the sun is shining than a 'what's in my beach bag?' version!
I live so close to the beach and being able to walk there in less than 10 minutes makes it so easy to pop down and enjoy the sunshine when we are lucky enough to have some so I know what I need to take with me each time without even having to think about it.
 This is also the same sort of bag I'd take down to the pool or beach with me on a holiday!

My 'beach bag/pool bag' contents are actually pretty different to my usual everyday handbag.... I mean I don't really need 15 lipsticks while I'm splashing around or sunbathing do I?!
So here's a little look for you all at what I like to take to the beach plus a couple of gorgeous summer bits from boohoo to complete my beach babe look!
When it comes to my beach bag contents... I'm pretty lazy and don't pack alot.
I need stuff that's going to make me 1. comfortable and 2. entertained, I can't just lie back and sunbathe like I used too as a teenager, I need to something to at least just read/listen too and with the beauty bits I keep it so basic!
I'm just going to go through the bits and bobs pictured above and then I can get onto the gorgeous duo I received from Boohoo's holiday shop.

Now a bikini, for me, is something that I have with me when I'm sunning myself on holiday (obvs), but at home in my small town I'm way too self-conscious too whip out a 2 piece and strut around on the sand, but obviously it IS a must-have in my standard beach bag, this dotty green number is from ASOS (and it was a bargain in the sale!)
Next is my number one thing I have to take to the beach with me and that's - reading material! Right now I'm reading Holly Madison's Down The Rabbit Hole.... and I am obsessed (seriously if you are a Holly/Playboy/Girls Next Door fan you HAVE to buy this!).
There's nothing better than escaping into a book whilst tanning on the beach and hours can pass and pass and I won't even get bored if I have a good book to get stuck into.
Hair bands are ALWAYS in my bag no matter where I am going, if it's hot you're going to want to get that hair up and out the way - taking back-up's in my bag is a no-brainer!

Next up.... anti-bac. Yes, this has got to come with me to the beach - sand, sea and everything in between ... it's not clean, so if I'm having a snack or heading to the nearest beach cafe I want to be able to clean my hands quickly - I'm a bit of a germophobe and I don't want bacteria all over my Mr. Whippy!

Lipbalm is another must! I'm not going to have a face full of make-up on but lip balm is great for a little tint of colour and keeping my lips hydrated - ones with SPF in are obviously alot better to rock whilst exposed in the sunshine don't forget!
SUNCREAM. I mean... that's just obvious.
Sunglasses - also another obvious one - easier to read my book, they protect my eyes from the sun, stop me squinting AND hide the fact I'm not wearing any make-up!
A hairbrush* has to be in the top 3 things I would take with me to the beach. Especially I'm heading to the sea or if it's windy, my hair can be a total nightmare so having a brush handy helps me keep it under control!
I always like to have my headphones with me - normally just for my phone. Whether it's music or, my new found love, podcasts, when I've had enough of reading it's fun to lie back and listen to my favs!

Last but not least - a towel! You can't forget your towel when heading to the beach.... that's why my beach bag's are always so big!

Now....  beach fashion! Boohoo let me pick out 2 gorgeous bits from their holiday collection to help me create a lovely summer look and after a long, hard look and lots of umming and arring I decided on these two bits.
My favourite tings to wear to the beach or the pool are either a maxi dress or a playsuit - items that are comfortable, quick and easy to get on and off and when I saw this playsuit I feel in LOVE immediately!
I love cold shoulder detailing and this pattern is so so pretty! I got a size 12 and it fits really well - I'm even thinking I might wear this to the Bestival (when I manage to get myself a ticket!) so no doubt you are going to be seeing this alot more! (Plus I've just seen that it has gone into the sale so it's now only £15!!!)

The sandals I picked out are super cute, with the lace up front these are a lovely little pair of shoes to keep you looking on trend even with the plainest of outfits - I wore these out for lunch last week and got so many compliments on them, I was seriously glad I had given my feet a pamper because everyone was looking at them!
The fact they are white aswell makes them go with so much - these are easily going to be my most worn pair of sandals this summer I can feel it already!

What do you like to carry in your beach bag? Do you have any go-to beach outfits aswell? Do you like to keep it comfortable or do you still get glammed up for a stroll along the seafont or on the sand?
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