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TIME TO SAVE : 6 Ways I'm Going To Make It Possible

Now you may have read that title and thought.... well that Kirstie is 25 now, she's getting on a bit... she's probably decided to venture into the proper adult world and is going to start saving for a mortgage - or maybe she's finally going to learn how to drive?! But I'm about to disappoint you all..... and maybe even make some of you more sensible people roll your eyes.... but - I'm totes saving for a holiday!

And not any old holiday either.... yes... fingers crossed I'm heading back to Orlando aka Disneyworld & Universal! 

I've mentioned this a 'few' times on Twitter recently and you guys have been just as excited as me!
Orlando is not cheap. 
I mean, the holiday I've looked at is a fab deal (exactly the same as last time) but it's everything that comes along with it... the spending money, the new clothes, travel to and from the airport etc, etc! So for the next year I am going to be trying to SAVE SAVE SAVE as much as I can!
I did a post like this last time I was counting down to my holiday and I thought what better a motivator than to have my plans written on here in black and white so I cannot hide from them!
6 Ways I'm Going To Save Money

1. eBay
eBay is a website I have used for years and years but over the last couple of months I've just found it it more effort and time consuming than it's worth! BUT I'm determined to get back on the selling train and get rid of all clothing and bits and bobs that are just taking up space in my flat! If I haven't worn it this year.... it's going! I'm going to try and keep all that money in Paypal - like a virtual money pot and hopefully it will start adding up without me even realising! (My eBay account)

2. Meal Planning
I waste SO much money on food.
 Living in my own place with my boyfriend I'm forever picking up things here and there without even thinking 'Do I need this?' - I mean.... how many boxes of cereal do two people need? Just because its on offer doesn't mean we need it!
 I'm going to start planning all my meals so I don't over spend or waste anything! This also goes for snacks.... I'm a sucker for picking quick bites to eat whilst on my work breaks - but even just holding back from spending that £1 or 2 each work day will add up each month! 

3. Thinking Before I Buy
This is mainly aimed at my beauty addiction. Shampoos, conditioners, lipsticks... things I have plenty of already - I don't need anymore! There is no point buying a new shower gel if I already have 3 at home or buying a new candle because it smells nice even though I just bought a one the week before! I'll be thinking before every purchase!

4. Avoiding The Evil CC
I only got a credit card for the first time last year. It was probably a mistake because now, each month I seem to use it to bail myself out of being poor - but no more I say, no more!
 I'll be paying this off over the next year - slowly but surely -it will be left at home and will go nowhere near the ASOS sale!

5. The Money Pot
These are a great way of saving money! I got the one in the photo above for Christmas from my little brother - and I love it (obviously!) I have this one and another one to help me save, save, save - once it's in not coming out! Then when it's time.... Smash! 

6. Cash vs Card
This is something I am going to put into practice from right NOW! 
I am a sucker for just using my card for anything and everything, I'm like the queen... I never carry cash! This is a savers worst trait, buying things here, there and everywhere - no matter how small the price - really adds up, and without me even noticing! 
So I'm going to try and just withdraw maybe £10 a week to keep in my purse for those little things and maybe I'll think a little more about spending it when I can physically see it right there in paper and coins!

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  1. I never think before i buy, i see something i want and if i can afford it then i will buy it, its a nasty habit!

  2. Love this post! I have just got my first ever job so not really thinking about saving just yet (its a crime to not blow those first pay checks!) but come september, I'll be back to this post. I couldn't agree more about buying things with cash - card is just such an easy way to spend waayyy too much on crap! Good luck with your saving...disney here you come!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

  3. The cash / card thing is a really good way of monitoring what you’re spending. I find that if i draw out a certain amount of money for the week I don’t spend half as much as i would if i just took my card with me. I always carry ‘emergency’ cash in my purse which is literally £5.00 folded up so i forget about it but it means if I’m ever stuck, its enough to put petrol in the car, get a bus home, buy food etc. Good luck hun, you can do it!! xx

  4. credit cards are a bad idea! I dont have one nor do I want one :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. Don't worry I'm 27 and still haven't thought about saving for adult things...I'm working to save for a holiday as well!! Just trying to decide between America or Australia right now!


  6. I'm totally the same with the card thing and when I need cash I never have it. I'm so bad for leaving it all on my card and then only looking at the damage at the end of the month!
    -- // x

  7. These are some really good tips for saving, something I need to do more. I'm also awful at just putting everything on my card, I'm sure I think it's not real money!

    Beth x

  8. Love these saving tips/ideas you have! I'm totally gking to need them as i too need to start saving for my holiday.

  9. I can agree with literally every single point! I really need to save but I do all of the above way too much!! x

    Abi |

  10. Oh my goodness this post is SO helpful. I cannot save money to save my life it's ridiculous! I'm definitely going to be trying out some of your ideas, I desperately need to start saving! x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

  11. I am definitely taking tips from this post. I'll definitely be doing some of the same things as I'm also desperately trying to save for a trip to Disney!

    Beka. xo

  12. I have a piggy bank too! It really helps me not to spend all the loose change I build up :) xx

  13. I'm so rubbish with money, I say I'm on a shopping ban every month and it never happens!! xx
    Glossy Boutique

  14. I definitely need to implement these tips after I come home from Dublin!

  15. I've always said Cash Is King because it actually feels like you're spending money and then you're less likely to do it! Ebay is a god send for saving money. I too need to sell some stuff! Have a wonderful time in Orlando - it truly is magical.

    Check out my latest post <3

  16. I'm totally a card spender, never have cash. Great tips I'm trying to save and these really helped :-) x

  17. Good luck with your saving and your dreamy trip to Orlando!! X

  18. Good luck with your saving and your dreamy trip to Orlando!! X

  19. I'm really trying to save too it's so hard, losing my wage to medical retirement has been an absolute killer and we've just had more financial bad news so this post came at the right time!! lots of love xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  20. Thanks for these amazing tips! I'm trying to tighten the purse strings at the moment too! Good luck with saving :)

  21. I definitely relate to this, I waste so much money so I'm now trying to budget every month as I aso want to save up to go to Disneyland! I love reading your blog posts, always really relatable and an enjoyable read! :) xx

  22. I'm actually doing the same as you right now! I've got an excel spready with all my outgoings in it, my CC is hidden all so I can go see the mouse in 271 days! :) Good Luck with the saving xx

  23. Gosh I really need to take some of these tips on board. I am SUCH a waster when it comes to food, must stop buying lunch when I could easily make my own sandwiches for a fraction of the price!

    Kayleigh xoxo

  24. If you want to get into saving, Google "Dave Ramsey". He's an American guy who's all about paying cash for things, not using credit cards and budgeting your money so you're telling it where it's going and it doesn't get spent on frivolous things.


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