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25 Thoughts I Keep Having Everytime I Watch Pretty Little Liars

I know soooo many of you girls and boys are as addicted to Pretty Little Liars as I am and with the countdown to us finally finding out the truth about A/Charles becoming shorter and shorter my brain is on a constant overload of PLLness!

I have been watching PLL since the day it started back in 2010 and have watched it religiously every week for the last 5 years.
Season 6 has hands down been my favourite season so far - I think it's because we are so close and starting to find out so much more!
Every episode has my brain ticking over and over and I thought I would share with you guys some of the thoughts I seem to be having every single week!
1. It feels like forever since the last episode... has it really only been a week? I wish this was on every day.
3. "Got a secret, can you keep it....." This is ma jammmm.
4. Ashley Benson is just cooler than cool. Her hair every week is just goals.Will I ever be that cool? Probably not.....
5. LUCY'S EYEBROWS THOUGH - they are hypnotisingly perfect - no amount of HD Brows will get me those beautiful hairy twins.
6. If Spencer is the "smart" one why is she always taking drugs? Pull yourself together Spence you are making yourself even more vulnerable! 
7. How do these girls always look so glam? If I was them I would be rocking in a corner with a shaved head by now. 
8. Seriously though - these outfits.
 How do they wear heels all the time, even when being snoopy detectives? I can't imagine going to school in heels or sneaking around in them. AND how do they afford these amazing wardrobes - I never see them shopping and they don't even have jobs......
I think I'm just jealous.....
8. Why is Aria so obsessed with dolls......surely this is a clue? Or maybe just something to throw us off? Maybe she's been hypnotised and doesn't know it but she's helping A! She always looks confused when she see's a doll or her reflection.... like she's seen it before but doesn't know where.... (I thought way too much into that....)
9. Where the hell is Jenna? Is she still a part of all this?
10. Toby's mum is something to do with this - I just know it!
11. I literally do not remember half the stuff that has happened over the years now........ Where's Lucas? Has Andrew left? Remember when Jason was a different actor - and Toby!
12. I'm nervous for S6E10 already..... maybe I should book the day off work?
13. Where the hell is Sara's mum? Should we trust Sara? Is it really 'Sara'? .... Is she really Bethany? There's too many blondes to chose from HELP!
14. I have no idea who I can trust anymore. #help Am I A? Is it all a dream?
15. Mike got hot. So so hot. Is he old enough that I can say that?
16. I wonder if anyone is actually going to have a twin. I feel like Leslie and Sara are twins...
18. I need to find that yellow shirt and go as Ali/Bethany/Sara/Cece for Halloween.
19. Have the girls graduated yet? Surely they missed sh*t loads of schooling and exams? 
20. What in the hell have they actually done to be hated so much by A? What do we not know?!
21. Tanner is THE most annoying character ever. 
22. How has A got so much money?
23. Maybe A is Wren..... or Cece..... or Wilden.... or Sara.... or Bethany... I mean who else could it really be? Really?!? Coz it can't be one of the liars ... can it? I think I need to search the #PLLTheory hashtag a bit more.....
24. I don't know if I'm ready for the reveal...... what will I do with my life? What if I'm disappointed? Will life ever be the same again?
25. Oh what's A upto now? Gloves all year round must get pretty sweaty....This means it's the end of the episode..... Please don't be the end - I can't wait another WEEK to find out what happens!!!
(26. Goes straight to Youtube and watches next week's promo and sneak peeks!)

Who do YOU think is A/Charles?!
 I am obsessed with knowing what everyone thinks!!!
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  1. Literally agree with every point. The more I see the more confused I am!

  2. I just want to know who Charles is but I also don't want to know because I don't know what I'm going to do every Wednesday morning once I know. Uuuurgh x

  3. Love this post, I agree with nearly all of it!
    It's literally bugging me who "A" is now, but on the other hand i don't wanna know yet as then that means the end of PLL & I'm gonna have to find something else to watch haha.


  4. haha oh my gosh all of these are literally me, so accurate! I'm actually terrified to find out who A is, I mean what if it's someone I'm super attached to and I end up feeling more betrayed than I ever have in my entire life?! I can't deal!! ((also yeah what happened to Lucas I miss him))

  5. I don't think i have ever read something so similar to my own thoughts!! Mike is definitely ridiculously hot! I cant ever look at Mona without thinking of the Bratz movie. Its all too tense for me! xx

    Abi |

  6. Eeek I love this post you've summed up exactly how I feel every single week when watching PLL and YES I have considered booking the day off just to watch the episode as I'm getting seriously paranoid about the fact I work on Twitter so might see spoilers see throughout the day!? I think A (Charles) is Wren. And CeCe is Red Coat who actually works above him and is the one who does all the nasty stuff. But then I don't know where Melissa falls into it all...

    Beth x
    Bethany Georgina

  7. hahaha i LOVE this! I susupect everyone, every week! I have about 6 episodes to catch up on this weekend, so I am excited, but then I will be back to being obsessed with this!! I always suspected Ally wasn't dead, but I have always suspected Aria is A, but I guess we shall see soon enough... Hopefully... Will we?! Wahhh!

  8. You summed up exactly what I think every single week! I can't wait to discover who A is, but I also don't want to know... I personally think that A is Melissa, I still think that something about her is not right, she must be hiding something!
    Jennifer | Pretty as Summer

  9. I'm really, really scared that one of the girls is A, or at least someone everyone likes, because I Marlene King once said on Twitter that A is someone we know and we are all familiar with so ARRGHH.

  10. Everything about this is spot on and it has taken over my life. I don't really make my own theories but I love hearing them.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  11. Yes! Yes! Yes! Especially the point about Lucy Hales's eyebrows. Between here and Ella(where is Ella? I miss her!) the eyebrow game is strong in the "family! X

  12. This is so accurate! I don't understand how they can fund such fabulous wardrobes, and complete school whilst being harassed by a stranger... surely if this was set in the UK they'd be in their pyjamas on lazy days and would have called the police way back in Season One! I love PLL though, my Wednesday's won't be the same when it ends :(xx

    Lissy |

  13. The girls always wear the best outfits! And what did happen to Jenna?! Also who killed Mrs D? I hope that is answered in the next half of S6 because it's kind of a major part of the plot!


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