Thursday, 30 July 2015

TIME TO SAVE : 6 Ways I'm Going To Make It Possible

Now you may have read that title and thought.... well that Kirstie is 25 now, she's getting on a bit... she's probably decided to venture into the proper adult world and is going to start saving for a mortgage - or maybe she's finally going to learn how to drive?! But I'm about to disappoint you all..... and maybe even make some of you more sensible people roll your eyes.... but - I'm totes saving for a holiday!

And not any old holiday either.... yes... fingers crossed I'm heading back to Orlando aka Disneyworld & Universal! 

I've mentioned this a 'few' times on Twitter recently and you guys have been just as excited as me!
Orlando is not cheap. 
I mean, the holiday I've looked at is a fab deal (exactly the same as last time) but it's everything that comes along with it... the spending money, the new clothes, travel to and from the airport etc, etc! So for the next year I am going to be trying to SAVE SAVE SAVE as much as I can!
I did a post like this last time I was counting down to my holiday and I thought what better a motivator than to have my plans written on here in black and white so I cannot hide from them!
6 Ways I'm Going To Save Money

1. eBay
eBay is a website I have used for years and years but over the last couple of months I've just found it it more effort and time consuming than it's worth! BUT I'm determined to get back on the selling train and get rid of all clothing and bits and bobs that are just taking up space in my flat! If I haven't worn it this year.... it's going! I'm going to try and keep all that money in Paypal - like a virtual money pot and hopefully it will start adding up without me even realising! (My eBay account)

2. Meal Planning
I waste SO much money on food.
 Living in my own place with my boyfriend I'm forever picking up things here and there without even thinking 'Do I need this?' - I mean.... how many boxes of cereal do two people need? Just because its on offer doesn't mean we need it!
 I'm going to start planning all my meals so I don't over spend or waste anything! This also goes for snacks.... I'm a sucker for picking quick bites to eat whilst on my work breaks - but even just holding back from spending that £1 or 2 each work day will add up each month! 

3. Thinking Before I Buy
This is mainly aimed at my beauty addiction. Shampoos, conditioners, lipsticks... things I have plenty of already - I don't need anymore! There is no point buying a new shower gel if I already have 3 at home or buying a new candle because it smells nice even though I just bought a one the week before! I'll be thinking before every purchase!

4. Avoiding The Evil CC
I only got a credit card for the first time last year. It was probably a mistake because now, each month I seem to use it to bail myself out of being poor - but no more I say, no more!
 I'll be paying this off over the next year - slowly but surely -it will be left at home and will go nowhere near the ASOS sale!

5. The Money Pot
These are a great way of saving money! I got the one in the photo above for Christmas from my little brother - and I love it (obviously!) I have this one and another one to help me save, save, save - once it's in not coming out! Then when it's time.... Smash! 

6. Cash vs Card
This is something I am going to put into practice from right NOW! 
I am a sucker for just using my card for anything and everything, I'm like the queen... I never carry cash! This is a savers worst trait, buying things here, there and everywhere - no matter how small the price - really adds up, and without me even noticing! 
So I'm going to try and just withdraw maybe £10 a week to keep in my purse for those little things and maybe I'll think a little more about spending it when I can physically see it right there in paper and coins!

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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

My 25 Favourite Disney Songs

Alongside my many lip products and skincare bits and bobs writing about Disney is one of my favourite things to do on here.
 After growing up and not having alot of people/friends around me who felt the same about Disney, the blogging world has made me feel like I can be completely myself when it comes to my obsession - and I'm glad to know I'm not the only girl in my 20s who still gets excited by everything mouse related.
Apart from the top 10 these aren't really in any particular order (I feel like I've probably missed some corkers, although this did start off by trying to do a "top 5" haha) - Enjoy!
25. Be Our Guest - Beauty And The Beast
24.  Aloha Oe - Lilo & Stitch
23. I Have A Dream - Tangled
22. I See The Light - Tangled
21. A Whole New World - Aladdin
20. Let It Go - Frozen
19. Almost There - The Princess & The Frog
18. Be Prepared - The Lion King
17. Happy Working Song - Enchanted 
16. Once Upon A Dream - Sleeping Beauty
15. I Won't Say (I'm In Love) - Hercules
14. Prince Ali - Aladdin
13. Reflection - Mulan 
12. For The First Time In Forever - Frozen
11. When Will Be Life Begin - Tangled
10. The Gospel Truth - Hercules
9. Beauty And The Beast - Beauty And The Beast
8. Never Had A Friend Like Me - Aladdin
7. Colours Of The Wind - Pocahontas 
6. I Just Can't Wait To Be King - The Lion King
5. Hawaiian Rollar Coaster Ride - Lilo & Stitch
4. I'll Make A Man Out Of World - Mulan
3. Part Of Your World - The Little Mermaid
2. Zero To Hero - Hercules
1. Belle (Little Town) - Beauty And The Beast

Let me know your favourites in the comments below!
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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Batiste Stylist Heat & Shine Spray Review

Dry shampoo gods, Batiste, have recently released a new collection - have you spotted it yet? 
They now have everything from hairspray to  frizz tamers and when I saw the range there was one thing that stuck out to me and that was the Heat & Shine spray.
As my other heat protect sprays were running a little low I thought it was a great time to re-stock and try something new at the same time.
It wasn't until I got home that I read and realised that this spray was for use on dry hair - not wet or dry - but this was fine, I still had some of my other sprays to use pre-hairdryer!

My first thoughts were... surely an aerosol spray + heat = not good for your hair?! I was intrigued as to how my hair was going to feel after using it.

Infused with Keratin and Incha Inchi this spray is said to be a shield from even the hottest styling tools, which is good because I mainly use ghd's and not only is it a heat protectant but it doubles up as a shine spray too!

So... I put it to the test!
After drying my hair I was ready to straighten my locks, I've been doing that alot more since I got it cut short, I sprayed this throughout my sectioned off hair and began.

I was first surprised at the consistency. Being in an aerosol can you'd think it would come out like a hairspray but - not at all. T
This spray come out like a spritz, alot wetter than a normal aerosol - it feels light on the hair and I didn't feel like I need to use alot to cover my locks.

I straightened my hair and was left with a shiny, conditioned, sleek lob.
 I could really feel that I had used a new product on my hair and it looked really healthy!

This is great to use each time I style  to help protect it and also just when I need a bit of a kick or conditioning if I haven't washed it that day! 

Have you tried any of the new Batiste range yet? You can find it in Boots now!
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Monday, 27 July 2015

Summer Soap & Glory Favourites

As a brand, Soap & Glory are up there with my beauty favourites. I have been using their products ever since I  borrowed Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss from my Mum as a teenager!
 The amount of different things I've tried from them is endless, skincare, bodycare, shower, make-up and alot of their stuff is in my day-to-day routine!

With it being "summer" (I say this at the end of July looking out the window to clouds and rainfall) there has been a few products which I have been using more than usual and I thought I'd share with you my current favourites!
Heel Genius Foot Cream
Yes, it is sandal season and although I don't feel like I've taken advantage of the sunshine and fashion trends enough this year so far I have been making sure my feet are in tip top condition. 
I've tried various foot cream, lotions and potions and this is one of the best! After using my 360 foot file (review here) I like to slap a thick layer of this on and pop some socks on to help it soak into my feet.
With a lovely fresh and minty scent this is the perfect finishing touch for your tootsies!

Sugar Crush Fragrance Mist
This has been in my handbag for weeks and weeks now! I don't know how you couldn't be a fan of the sugar crush scent! This gorgeous lime and vanilla fragrance is the perfect summer spritz to keep you smelling sweet and sunny - even my Mum has fallen in love with it! I already feel like I should invest in a back-up.

Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub
If I had to pick just ONE product from Soap & Glory to have forever it would probably be this scrub.
 I could not tell you how many of these I have been through over the years, I even packed a pot when I went travelling round the USA.... and I mean - it's not the smallest thing to pack! 
I LOVE the scent so much, it tastes goo enough to eat and it makes showering a happy happy time! Especially when winding down in the evenings after a hot day.

Sugar Crush Body Scrub
You probably saw this featured in my "I'm loving..." post yesterday! Sugar Crush is the best summertime scnet as I said before with the fragrance mist and this is perfect for sleepy mornings to give me a zesty wake up call! A little grainier than the breakfast scrub this is great to prep for tanning and keeping my skin soft and smooth.

What are your favourite S&G products?
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Sunday, 26 July 2015

I'm Loving... #21

Hollywood Cycle
Yup.... I'm obsessed with yet another 'reality' TV show on E! - I finally have E! at home now which is still very exciting and I knew as soon as I saw the advert for this that it was going to be right up my street! There's only been 2 episodes so far but I'm loving the drama .... and also really want to go and take a spin class now!

Mcvities Breakfast Oaty Breaks
I have such an addiction to breakfast bars and these new ones have become my favourite over the last few weeks! I also want a snack when on my breaks at work and these have been perfect! I LOVE anything oaty and for only £1.29 for a box of 5 in co-op recently I couldn't say no!

Tresemme Renewal Hair & Scalp Shampoo & Conditioner
It had been a while since I had bought anything from Tresemme but these were on clearance AND 3 for 2 so I couldn't really say no! I have been sooo amazed by the results with this drugstore brand - my hair has felt so so nice and I have also seen/felt a difference in my scalp too! I really hope it wasn't discounted because it's being discontinued...... 

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub
The sugar crush range is my favourite S&G collection to use in the summer time. The fresh and sweet lime and vanilla scent is like happiness in a pot and this scrub has been my shower best friend for the past week or so! 

Nivea Refreshing Face Wash Gel & Gentle Scrub
After running out of my usual clean and clear daily wash and being on a budget I picked up these two in Boots - as they were both under £2 each on offer! The wash is perfect for everyday use and has left my skin feeling fresh and looking bright and the scrub is fab for using a couple of times of a week to rejuvenate in this hot and sticky weather.

Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter Book
Yes..... I have succomb to a youtuber book once more - although I have to say this is bloody brilliant! I LOVE Louise and her atttiude towards life - her videos have always made me smile and giving me a little lift and this book is no different! Full of everything and anything I cannot recommend this enough for you beauty lovers!

Dairy Milk  Marvellous Creations Rocky Mallow Road
YesI have been on a diet and have been very good - but what's life without a treat? I spotted this in my local shop in the week and just had to buy one each for me and Joe..... and yes they taste as good as they sound!

Nooderella - YouTube Channel
How have I only just discovered this lovely lady?! I LOVE her youtube channel - I found her through her Disney females impressions video which was brilliant and ended up sitting there going through all her videos for soooo long! Go and check her out!

Maxfactor Rosewood Lipstick
Last but not least is a lip product I have been loving and you can read all about it right - HERE.
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Saturday, 25 July 2015

10 Things You Need To Pack For Disneyworld

Okay so you can probably tell I've had Disneyworld on the brain ALOT recently! The thought of being able to book my next trip in just a few months has got me so excited and constantly thinking about it! (I just need to keep the boyfriend on board until we book....)
I see so many people tweeting about DW at the moment and have had a few people ask me questions and for some advice over the last few weeks, so I thought I'd share a bit of Kirstie experience with the 10 things that are a MUST in my suitcase.

Comfortable Trainers
If there's one thing you are going to do alot of whilst in Orlando it is walking! I always take a variety of shoes with me but I always seem to throw on whatever trainers/converse I have when heading to a park for the day!
 Comfy footwear is a must when heading out for the day, I couldn't imagine walking around in a pair of flip-flops for hours and hours on end, my feet would ache so much! (Saying this though a simple pair of flip-flops is a must for the pools and water parks, easy slip on sandals make life a whole lot easier)

You are heading to the sunshine state and even if you end up going in storm season - you are still going to see some sunshine at least (you would hope!).
 I cannot live without a pair of sunglasses, if the weather is super hot aswell you may not want to wear any make-up.... this is where they come in even handier!

Hands-Free Bag
Disneyworld is one of the most exciting places on earth so you are constantly going to be seeing and doing things so having a bag that you have to take on and off or put it down and pick it up again, when doing something, is probably the most annoying thing ever! 
I always take a small across-body bag to keep all my essentials in! I can wear it all day and not have it get in the way and all my possessions are easily accessible! You don't want to be putting your handbag down everytime you want to take a photo or a selfie!

A Towel
A total must for the pools (if staying on site) and water parks! Not only are you fully prepared and don't haave to rent one but you can spot your stuff easily out of the huge aray of sun loungers there! The towel in the picture below is the one I took with me and it came in so handy!

 A Poncho
Orlando is known for it's sunshine... and showers! My boyfriend and I were caught in the rain almost everyday when we went last year and a poncho was something we hadn't thought of packing. This meant we spent about $8/10 or so each on buying a Disneyworld poncho! What we really should have done was bought a couple of bargains ones before we went and popped them in our bags! Save yourself some money - you will probably only chuck it away after anyway!

Anti-Bac Hand Gel
Disneyworld is host to thousands and thousands of people a day and you will be touching alot of the same stuff as those strangers so, for me, anti-bac is in my bag 24/7 without question! Something to pop on my hands after going on rides and before I eat!

Suncream & Aftersun
Even if the sky is cloudy - you are still going to be affected by the sun. I went to Blizzard Beach on a seriously cloudy day and came back with sunburn! A sensible factored suncream and aftersun is vital for a trip to Florida! 

A Small Purse
Like I said before, I only like to take a small handy-sized bag with me to the parks, so with that comes a small purse! You don't need all your cards and bits and bobs with you (especially if you have your magic band linked to your bank account!) so I just like to take a small coin purse to pop all of my money into.

Brand New Perfume
I've said this many times on here - a brand new perfume on a holiday is a must for me! That way the scent will forever remind you of your amazing trip away :) Can't find one before you go? Grab one in the airport before you depart, that's what I did!

Portable Phone Charger
Yes, you don't want to forever be on your phone while you are on holiday - but there will be a few things you will need on there. 
For me it was mostly my camera (obviously) and my Disney Experience app! The app helps you organise your whole trip - from fast passes to park timings to restaurant bookings! It's handy to have that to look at at all times so running out of charge isn't an option! You can get these charging sticks so cheap nowadays and they are so easy to just chuck in your handbag!

What's top of your packing list?

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Zoella Beauty Kissy Missy Lip Balm & YouTuber Success Talk

When Zoe Sugg announced another collection being added to her 'Zoella Beauty' range I was all ears!
 I had bought a couple of bits from the first collection and really enjoyed them and hearing that this range was 'tutti frutti' made me definitely open to trying it out as it sounded right up my street (I'm all about scents, especially when they are sweet!).
After I had watch Zoe's video on her new releases I decided that the lip balm 'Kissy Missy' had my name all over it!
 I'm a big lip product person.... it's kind of embarrassing how many I own when I only have one mouth.... but this little pot looked lovely and I like having tinted lip balms in the summer - lipsticks melting is just heartbreaking.

The pot is small - obviously - a little larger than a carmex pot and is a plain, clear plastic apart from the lid which has the name and branding.
 The scent is nice, I've been trying to figure out what it smell similar too and for the life of me I can't work it out.... I'm rubbish I know!
Now the colour. I'm so impressed with the colour! I thought maybe, for the cheap price of £3, this might be really sheer and a bit like a nivea lipbalm or rose vaseline, but I was wrong. 
This is a bright bublegum fuchsia shade and is really buildable, although it doesn't take alot to give yourself fun kissy wissy lips!
I've been using this after my lush bubblegum scrub and my lips have felt so soft and smooth with a cute pop of colour!

For the price this is great, a handbag must for me this summer!

Now.....while I'm on the subject quick I just wanted to chat about Youtubers and their many deals and partnerships that seem to be happening weekly.
To be honest that I'm kind of getting fed up of people moaning about Youtubers having these opportunities - if it was you, you would leap at the chance (I know I would) - I really don't see the problem in these ranges and internet personalities making money on merch/own brands.

Don't want it - don't buy it, but whats the point of saying these people 'don't deserve it' or 'they just want the money' it is their job at the end of the day of course they are going to try and make money. 
The internet is so fickle and people, including Zoe, don't know when their time will be up - I don't blame them for taking everything they can while the chances are there.
 This blog and doing a few youtube videos here and there takes up so much of my time and I put alot of effort into it so I can imagine how much work people like Zoe have to put into everything they are achieving! My thoughts - You go girl! 
You may not agree with how I feel about it but that's life, we all have our different thoughts, it's kind of how to world works my loves!

Love you guys, thank you again for visiting A Yellow Brick Blog whether you are re-visiting or here for the first time - you rock! xoxo
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My 50 Favourite YouTubers

After the fantastic response I got from my recent "50 Of My Favourite Blogs Ever" post (click here go and check it out now!) I thought why not do the same thing over on YouTube and share 50 of my favourite (and most watched) channels! 
The video is only 2 minutes long and I've linked everyone mentioned below so you can go and find some new favourites to watch!

1. Juicystar07 (Blair Fowler) -
2. AllThatGlitters21 (Elle Fowler) -
16. CTFxC (Charles Trippy) -
18. Liza Prideaux -
21. Bentley Blonde (Wendy Bentley)  -
29. Philly D (Phillip DeFranco) -
49. Willam Belli -

and breathe..................

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

25 Thoughts I Keep Having Everytime I Watch Pretty Little Liars

I know soooo many of you girls and boys are as addicted to Pretty Little Liars as I am and with the countdown to us finally finding out the truth about A/Charles becoming shorter and shorter my brain is on a constant overload of PLLness!

I have been watching PLL since the day it started back in 2010 and have watched it religiously every week for the last 5 years.
Season 6 has hands down been my favourite season so far - I think it's because we are so close and starting to find out so much more!
Every episode has my brain ticking over and over and I thought I would share with you guys some of the thoughts I seem to be having every single week!
1. It feels like forever since the last episode... has it really only been a week? I wish this was on every day.
3. "Got a secret, can you keep it....." This is ma jammmm.
4. Ashley Benson is just cooler than cool. Her hair every week is just goals.Will I ever be that cool? Probably not.....
5. LUCY'S EYEBROWS THOUGH - they are hypnotisingly perfect - no amount of HD Brows will get me those beautiful hairy twins.
6. If Spencer is the "smart" one why is she always taking drugs? Pull yourself together Spence you are making yourself even more vulnerable! 
7. How do these girls always look so glam? If I was them I would be rocking in a corner with a shaved head by now. 
8. Seriously though - these outfits.
 How do they wear heels all the time, even when being snoopy detectives? I can't imagine going to school in heels or sneaking around in them. AND how do they afford these amazing wardrobes - I never see them shopping and they don't even have jobs......
I think I'm just jealous.....
8. Why is Aria so obsessed with dolls......surely this is a clue? Or maybe just something to throw us off? Maybe she's been hypnotised and doesn't know it but she's helping A! She always looks confused when she see's a doll or her reflection.... like she's seen it before but doesn't know where.... (I thought way too much into that....)
9. Where the hell is Jenna? Is she still a part of all this?
10. Toby's mum is something to do with this - I just know it!
11. I literally do not remember half the stuff that has happened over the years now........ Where's Lucas? Has Andrew left? Remember when Jason was a different actor - and Toby!
12. I'm nervous for S6E10 already..... maybe I should book the day off work?
13. Where the hell is Sara's mum? Should we trust Sara? Is it really 'Sara'? .... Is she really Bethany? There's too many blondes to chose from HELP!
14. I have no idea who I can trust anymore. #help Am I A? Is it all a dream?
15. Mike got hot. So so hot. Is he old enough that I can say that?
16. I wonder if anyone is actually going to have a twin. I feel like Leslie and Sara are twins...
18. I need to find that yellow shirt and go as Ali/Bethany/Sara/Cece for Halloween.
19. Have the girls graduated yet? Surely they missed sh*t loads of schooling and exams? 
20. What in the hell have they actually done to be hated so much by A? What do we not know?!
21. Tanner is THE most annoying character ever. 
22. How has A got so much money?
23. Maybe A is Wren..... or Cece..... or Wilden.... or Sara.... or Bethany... I mean who else could it really be? Really?!? Coz it can't be one of the liars ... can it? I think I need to search the #PLLTheory hashtag a bit more.....
24. I don't know if I'm ready for the reveal...... what will I do with my life? What if I'm disappointed? Will life ever be the same again?
25. Oh what's A upto now? Gloves all year round must get pretty sweaty....This means it's the end of the episode..... Please don't be the end - I can't wait another WEEK to find out what happens!!!
(26. Goes straight to Youtube and watches next week's promo and sneak peeks!)

Who do YOU think is A/Charles?!
 I am obsessed with knowing what everyone thinks!!!
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