Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Things I'm Rubbish At #2 ...

Seeing as the list of these things is pretty much endless I thought I'd follow up my original post (here) with a part 2... a few more things I am totally pants at.

1. Saving Money
Urgh - the one thing in life I wish I was good at. It just never ever seems to happen... especially since moving into my own place! There's always something I have to pay out for or invest in - never any spare money.... not cool! The amount I could have saved when working as a teenager is just depressing really...... I just want to go to Disneyworld again!

2. Sticking To A Diet

I'm brilliant at this every Monday morning but by Monday evening I'm so hungry and starved of sugar that I want to eat my own arm as a cheeky little starter. 
I used to be amazing at this... a few years ago I lost 2 stone in 2 months and felt blooming marvelous - nowadays I struggle to not eat my own body weight in biscuits before I go to sleep each night. 
It's just the evenings I struggle with - I eat so well throughout the day but by the time I get home from work I just want to sit on the sofa with my pyjamas on, watching Netflix and eating happy snacks! Shame on me!

3. Packing Lightly

Now... I have NO idea how people pack lightly. How is it even possible?
 What if you need other things? What if it's cold? What if it's hot? What if you need your Gossip Girl DVD collection for an unspeakable reason? I just CANNOT do it. I go away for a night and somehow manage to take with me 5 pairs of pants, 3 jumpers and an array of make-up products I never use... just in case! 
I literally salute anyone that goes backpacking... just one bag? For everything? For months? ..... sorcery I tell you!

4. Painting My Nails

Yes I'm a blogger of the beauty variety most of the time but something I may not have disclosed on here before is that I am just totally horrible at painting my nails. 
It literally looks like a 5 year old has done them if I don't have a nice wide brush (they are the only ones I can get along with!) and 99% of the time I have to go around my nails with a cotton bud and remover to clear off all the stuff that didn't make it onto my nail - aka around 87%.
 AND even if I do them okayish.... within 24 hours they are chipped and I have to take it all off - what is the god damn point!
(Hence the reason why I love getting extensions/shellac so much.)

5. Staying Up Late

I have turned into SUCH a granny over the last few years - I am only 25 (Yes I look like a teenager) but my social schedule looks like one of a 95 year old. I just really struggle to stay up late - my bed is always calling my name and my eyes are always dropping.... it's a bit embarrassing really isn't it? I just love sleep ya know and sometimes TOWIE is just on TOO late okay!!!! 
Although I CANNOT sleep in.... like ever! If I sleep past 7:30am that is a serious lay in and I love it.... it doesn't happen often - I like that I don't waste the morning though. (yup.... now I sound like a Granny!)

What are you rubbish at? Will you happily admit it?!

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  1. I can't stay up late either, 10pm and I'm in bed (and I'm only 23 haha). I'm also rubbish at getting the feline flick right. One eye will look perfect, and on the other I have a panda look going on :D

    Pam Scalfi♥

  2. I am so with you on ALL of these - except I am magically brilliant at staying up late when I really shouldn't, ie when I have something early to be up for. Cue looking like a zombie.

    Claire | | xx

  3. Ahh, I'm terrible at staying up late and I'm only 18! xx


  4. I love this post, made me laugh so hard. And it also made me feel better, cause I suck at all of these and now I know I`m not alone. Though the worst is painting the nails. Just because I have 40 nail varnishes doesn`t mean I know how to properly use them:))

  5. I love this kind of post, it's so relatable, and I love your way of writing, it's so funny! I totally feel you on the diet one, I always say, today I am going to eat healthy and I always end up eating crisps or ice cream for dinner...
    Jennifer | Pretty as Summer

  6. I dont think Ive ever painted my nails without having to do clean up with a cotton bud and also what is packing light and how do I do it?
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

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