Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Aussie Mega 3 Miracle Oil Review

Yes.... you've read that correctly.
Aussie, that sweet smelling hair brand we all know and love have released a BRAND new product - and I think most of us are thinking 'it's about time too!'.

It was only a matter of time before the brains behind the Australian brand thought of adding a hair oil (or 2) to their ever popular collection and when I spotted this last week I nearly leaped at it with a spring of excitement!

I LOVE the scent of Aussie and I have done ever since I was a teenager, I swear if they made a candle it would sell out in like 10 seconds haha.
 This 'mega' oil has that classic scent and with it's 3 main ingredients creates a multi- purpose formula for everyday use.
 Macadamia Nut Oil, Coconut Oil and Safflower Seed Oil work together to help protect the hair from everyday life while keep it looking and feeling fabulous.

Seeing as my Ultimate Blends oil was on it's last couple of pumps, this stuff couldn't have come at a better time for me!
I've used this every single day since picking it up and am LOVING it! 
I had my hair done (cut and coloured) last week so it's not in bad condition luckily, but this has keep my hair feeling soft and looking shiny - no dry ends here. (Perfect for this heatwave AND it smells gorge!)

Everytime I've washed my hair I've popped a few pumps of this into the ends and then added a little each day when it hasn't been washed.

At £9.99 for 100ml this is a great purchase, hair oil lasts me months and months (especially now I have shorter hair) so it's a great price for something that I will use daily!

Are you an Aussie fan? Fancy trying this oil?

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Friday, 26 June 2015

5 Things I Want You To Remember

A bit of a different post today. I've had a weird couple of weeks and have kind of been feeling like a quarter life crisis has slowly taken over my life and happiness.
 With career, money and confidence issues being at the front of these worries and woes I have decided to give myself a kick up the bottom and take some of my own advice that I seem to dish out to others so easily!
So.... here are 5 things I want you ALL to remember aswell!
 Love you guys xoxo

Positivity Attracts Positivity 
Over the last few years I feel like I've turned into a right negative Nelly (booooo), something I had never ever dreamed of whilst growing up.
 I had forgotten how much this is true and seriously WORKS! If you see someone and that person is really smiley and very friendly it immediately radiates and makes you feel the same.
I truly believe being positive will only ever work in your favour - there is no point living with a negative way of thinking - it's like a magnet , negativity will bounce things away whereas positivity pulls positivity towards it :) 
Wake up, SMILE and see what comes your way!

It's Okay To Be YOU!
When you were younger did you ever agree with someone just to be liked? Pretended you didn't like something even though you LOVED it? Thought about every word coming out of your mouth before you said it 'just in case' people looked at you differently?
Did you ever feel like it wasn't okay to be you?
 Well.... Stop. 
We're never all going to have the same opinions on things, see things the same way or have the same interests  - that's what's makes us different and that is life. 
Like listening to classical music? Do it! Want to get 100 tattoos? Go for it! Don't agree with eating meat? That's fine! Want to quit your job and become a professional watcher of Disney movies? .... Just me then?
What I'm saying is, embrace who you are, your differences and live the life that makes you happy because those who matter don't mind and those that mind don't matter!

Worrying Won't Change The Outcome
This is something I have to remind myself alot. I am a huge worrier and although my aniexty isn't as bad as it used to be I still have my moments and have times where living home is the terrifying thought! I read this little quote a while ago online somewhere it is really resonated with me. 
Even if I spend all morning worrying about travelling upto London or meeting someone new at work - it's not going to change anything. Working myself up about an interview won't make it any better or any worse and panicking about things that could go wrong won't make the likelihood of them happening any more or any less
Try to relax and take life as it comes.

A Good Book Is The Best Place To Escape
I wish I spent more time reading. As a child I always tried to read as many books as I could (I lived before the internet was cool and the best thing I had was a CD Rom Encyclopedia and Solitaire) and getting the new Jacquline Wilson book was like a new shiny iPhone! 
Getting into comfortable clothes cosying up on the sofa and delving in to a story of adventure, heartbreak or even a mysterious murder..... this is one of the best ways to leave your troubles behind and just, for a while, forget everything and be somewhere else! 
Buy a new book and see. Even if you just read for 10 minutes in the morning or evening - give yourself that escaping time.

It's Never Worth Crying Over Someone Who Wouldn't Cry Over You
I learnt this a long time ago and although sometimes it's not the easiest rule to follow, it's one we must all remember.
 Alot of the time our emotions rule us and that well-known overwhelming feeling can be hard to avoid or dismiss but this really is true - it is NEVER ever worth wasting your tears over someone who wouldn't do the same for you. End of. 
Save your passion for the ones who feel for you back.

Got some great advice? Share it in the comments below :) 
Liked this post? Share it with your loved ones!
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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

5 Apps I Cannot Live Without!

It's a bit sad to say it but it's true - my iPhone is basically another limb. Whenever I'm not doing anything important my 5s is in my hand, it's quite embarrassing to admit that really but it really is the last thing I look at at night and the first thing I look at in the morning.
I'm not quite sure how I lived without one.

Barclays Banking
I can be a bit pants with money and a bit lazy when it comes to going online and signing in with that little pocket contraption so this app is a total life-saver for me.
 I can check my account, pay my bills, move money between accounts and lots more from the comfort of my phone! It takes me 2 seconds to tap in my 5 digit passcode and get immediate access to my account so I can keep upto date with my spending and finances 24/7! SO helpful.

Well, this is a girly one for you! A period tracker! I have been using this app for about a year now and really couldn't live without it. It's so helpful and literally helps you to get all the information you need and helps you to keep track of everything! If you are forgetful or need to have a good look and your cycle I would highly recommend this!

Group chats are life. I get to talk to my best friends all day everyday, so even if we can't see each other another all the time we can all still speak and have our standard ridiculous conversations! Plus - this is the best way to send photos and videos to each other!

Tube Map
When I head to London I no longer have the worry or fear of the tube because I have this app! Type in where you are and where you want to go and it tells you what line, how many stops and how long it will take - it is a god send and I will never delete it!

This is a pretty obvious one which I'm sure you were all waiting to see in this list. I bloomin' love Twitter and would go as far to say I am probably addicted. ('the first step is acceptance.') I am on Twitter constantly so I can't really imagine life with the app! Any news I want to know about or questions I have Twitter is always my first port of call.
 I tweet too much. (@KirstieLouiseS if you didn't know.... I'm so close to 10,000 followers, eeek!)

What are your favourite apps?

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

360 Profoot Foot File Review

I know feet aren't everybody's favourite subject but today that is what I am going to be talking about - feet, toes, skin .... all that gross stuff!

With summer and sunshine on the horizon - kind of - the flip-flops, wedges and sandals are coming out of hiding and our feet need to be in tip-top condition for us to feel confident head to toe (literally).

I'm always panicking about my feet and have tried out so many contraptions, creams, lotions, potions and even a good old pumice stone over the years!

I spotted this foot file from Profoot in Boots recently and thought for £4.99 it was worth a go! I have the electric Scholl foot file but I was being a bit stingy and didn't want to fork out the £12ish for the replacement rolls and to be quite honest - I'm glad I didn't!

This 360 file is a easy to hold with it's ergonomically shape and the gel interior makes it super comfortable use. Plus.... it's pink!
 Dry skin? Hard skin? Rough skin? This will cure it all - I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the results.
After using it just once my feet felt brand new - something I hadn't felt in forever, even from my Scholl foot file (which is about 8 times the price!)
After using I slap a good amount of Soap & Glory's Heel Genius on to help hydrate the skin and keep that softness and then all you need to do to clean the file is rinse it with warm water and then leave to air dry!

I highly recommend this for summer, I'm going to be using this a couple of times a week from now on to keep my feet looking and feeling soft and smooth - foot fear no more, say hello to my little tootsies!
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Sunday, 21 June 2015

I'm Loving... #20

It's been a while since I did one of these - I've missed it!
 I've decided to change the name of these posts to "I'm Loving" instead of "This Week I'm Loving" just because they may not be weekly so I think it suits it better!

MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick
I thought I had lost this favourite of mine, so when I stumbled across it in an old bag this month I coulnd't help to whip out a happy dance! I had been missing this shade so much and since finding it I have been wearing it so much, perfect with my Whirl lip liner.

Armani Diamonds Perfume
New perfume alert! Yes I finally cracked and spent some of my Boots points I was saving for Christmas.... shame on me! I had got up to £86 and was feeling like cheering myself up and this was on offer so I couldn't really say no! £29.99 instead of £52! I love this scent, it's not something I've had before and I think I will be saving it for special occasions - not an everyday work scent.

Brita Fill & Go
Something else now that I splashed out my points on because it was on offer! I had been looking at these for a while... I buy so many bottles of water which is ridiculous really so I thought this was a great way to save some money. I've been keeping this in the fridge and popping some lemon slices in there too - great for the skin!

Rock Challenge (Ryde Academy)
This is something very random for the blog but also something very close to my heart! I did Rock Challenge throughout my years at high school, in fact I did it for 5 years with 3 of those years being part of the committee that create the pieces.
 Since leaving high school back in 2008 I have missed being part of this amazing, fun and emotional thing that is Rock Challenge! I went and watched my school participate in the Premier Final this week and am SO proud of them! They came 2nd and are on their way to the National Finals and rightly so! #RydeRockTheHouse (I would literally do anything to go back to school and take part again!)

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub
You may have seen my review on this a few weeks ago! This has happily slotted it's way into my everyday beauty routine and to be honest I'm not sure how I spent so many years without it! If you want to know a bit more check out my review - here.

Little Mix - Black Magic
I.love.this.song. Little Mix can do no wrong in my eyes - I cannot wait to get their new album!

Benefit They're Real Mascara
When I was clearing out my make-up collection earlier this month I found a whole aray of Benefit minatures that I had forgotten about - some I hadn't even tried yet! This was one of them and using it for the last week or so has reminded me how brilliant it is! Although I can't decided whether I prefer this one or Roller Lash..... what do you think?

Jurassic World
This movie is bloody brilliant!!! I love the originals so much and have been So excited for this since it was annouced and it didn't disappoint! In fact... I want to go and see it again! Chris Pratt gets 11/10 from me.

Bath & Body Works Vanilla Berry Sorbet Anti-Bac Gel
My most favouritest hand gel at the moment! Aswell as smelling amazing this brings back so many memories of America - I LOVE this scent. 

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Friday, 19 June 2015

100 Thoughts I Had Whilst Watching OITNB Season 3

It was a moment I had been anticipating since finishing season 2 all those moth ago - "new episodes available" - Orange Is The New Black Season THREE!
Now if you are like me you would have finished the 13 episodes already..... because that was how Netflix was intended to be watched - binge binge binged. 
It took me less than a week to watch the 13 hours or so of prison action and after a few conversations with you lot over on twitter I thought I would share with you all my thoughts throughout the season......so here is 100 things I thought whilst I was on my binge this week.
(These are not in any form of order)
SPOILERS AHEAD - obviously.

1. Damn... I forgot how long this intro is.
2. Kinda catching though isn't it? ..........THE ANIMAL, THE ANIMAL!
3. Ahhhh Lichfield I've missed you and your lesbian-action ways!
4. Okay - do I remember everyone's name?
5. Hell nope. So many Latinas.
6. I really should have watched Season 2 again before starting this.
7. Oooo pregnant girl is still pregnant, surely she'll be popping that out soon? #prisonbaby
8. Shit I wonder how Larry is.... I bet he's doing well. 
9. Bennett's back-story YES! He's shirtless and dancing lol. His pecks are strangely large.
10. So many of these inmates have kids - what seriously bad parents.
12. Where the hell is Piper?
13. Like, is Piper not the main character anymore?
14. YES Alex F**king Vause. I'm so team Pipex.
15. FFS Nikki has gone to max. Nikki is the best. I miss Nikki.
16. An inmate literally left her baby outside a portaloo on the floor - on the floor.
17. Okay what is this Norma obsession?
18. She's pissing me off - she doesn't even speak. Maybe that's why she's in it so much so they don't have to pay so much for the actors. Non-speaking roles get less right?
20. So many cults. No wonder they are in prison and so effed up.
21. What's with the Jew obsession this season?
22. I don't trust this grey-haired Ellen look-a-like ... she's twtichy as hell.
23. Pipex is ON. In the library, on.
24. and off again. Dammit.
26. Christ she is beautiful. Are her tattoos real? Her face is literally perfect.
27. Well.... she's naked. Full on naked. Nice.
28. Piper are going you to cheat on Alex? Surely not? You wouldn't?
29. Bitch you did!
30. Haha they are making them make pants as a job.
31. Loving all the back stories, although I miss Piper & Alex being the focus I do admit.
32. Pennsatucky is just a lost little girl isn't she? 
33. Awww she's found love! I'm so happy for her - go feed the ducks! .....
34. ..... ffs he just raped her. F**k you doughnut prick.
35. LOL they are going to shove a broomstick up his ass? *crying lol emoji*
36. HOLD ON a god damn minute, Bennett really isn't coming back is he?
37. What a little pussy - how dare he! I trusted him! He made her a gum wrapper ring and everything!
38. That baby has no chance.
39. Can Healy & Red just get it on already?
40. Morello is bloody bonkers and I love her.
41. Crazy Eyes is writing a kinky book. This is hilarious.
42. omg is Crazy Eyes going to get a girlfiend?
43. OPEN the damn broom closet door!!!!
44. omg is Ellen look-a-like is here to kill Alex?! THAT WAS HER NOTEBOOK.
45. I believe you Alex!
46. Piper is staring a dirty pantie buisness - What happened to you Piper?
47. EWWWWW the fake discharge they are making with tuna - gross much?
48. This is something you should never watch with your parents. Like ever.
49. These new prison guards are just ridiculous. WHO hired them?
50. What's with this TV chef? I literally thought it was Red at first!
51. I still miss Nikki.
52. Oh shit they totally killed Christopher!
53. I never thought I would like Pennsatucky - but I do.... I think it's because of Crossroads. I love you Mimi.
54. Norma toast? Seriously?
55. I'm not sure where this season is going.
56. How many months pregnant is Daya? 11?
57. Sophia is queen.
58. Alex should so get the blue streaks back in her hair.
59. I hate Pornstache - he better not come back for season 4.
60. Piper just get a damn tattoo.
61. Oh Jesus I take it back that is the WORST.
62. I wonder what I'd be like in prison.
63. I would not last long.
64. I still can't believe how big a part Norma has had this season.
65.THE CHICKEN IS BACK!!! I miss those episodes, those were the good old days.
66. Nothing will compare to season 1.
67. The thought of bedbugs has made me itchy.
68. Christ imagine wearing that underwear - all day everyday.
69. I'm so annoyed at meth girl - why didn't you get on the first bus you saw! That was your chance!
70. They've beaten up Sophia. My heart is broken.
71. How long has Piper got left to do? Wasn't it just a year?
72. Oh but then she nearly killed Duggat.... that will get ya longer won't it!
73. She's become a bit of a knob. You're not a crime lord Piper.
74. This season is more about everyone's children. #BoreOff
75. Morello getting married haha - that girl is bat shit crazy.
76. I love the prison guard couple!
77. THEY ARE SINGING LES MIS!!! #amazeballs
78. The names of the episodes crack me up "Finger in the Dyke."
79. Caputo is a good guy.
80. Leanne is so annoying. Can't she just get released already?
81. How much stuff do people hide in prison?! So sneaky and genius!
83. Oooooo her Mum lied and said the baby died. Is it bad this makes me happy?
85. Stella stabbed Piper in the back! What a bitch.
86. Piper got her back - she is SOOOO going to the Shu. (How do you spell shoe? Shu? Shoo?)
87. " I will potato her at a future time" - Oh Susan you cray.
88. So the TV chef is clearly going to be in Season 4.
89. Do we seriously have to wait another year? I'll be 26. 26.
90. I think it every single episode but Piper is literally a blonde Katy Perry. It scares me.
91. What idiot let people take down the fence when they are all outside?
93. Do they think it's like when you're at school and the more people do it the less likely you are to be told off?
96. They are just loving life in a dirty lake? #fairenough #freedom
97. Is this seriously the ending?
98. Nothing happened this season. Literally nothing.
99. If Nikki isn't back in Season 4 I'm making a formal complaint.
100. I can't believe it's over. again.

What did you think of this season? For me, nothing will top the first season - that is incredible!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Getting Summer Event Ready With Mira

The best time of year for fabulous, fun events and parties.
 Whether it be a glamorous day out to the races, your best friends wedding or a huge family BBQ. I LOVE rocking bright colours and feeling fab whilst sipping on a refreshing drinks and having fun!

Mira Showers (yup that's right a shower company) recently contacted me and asked if I fancied trying out one of their Showering Perfection Kits - I am obsessed with showers and after looking at their website I thought it would be right up my pampering street.... and I was right.

I'm very much a shower person - I have lived in my flat for nearly 2 years now and I could count the amount of baths I've had here on one hand... if any! I just love standing in the shower, washing away the day and all of my tensions and troubles!
Showers are an essential part of a pampering session for me and I think big events and pampering come hand in hand really - there's nothing better than feeling brand new and getting glammed up.

So alongside Mira's awesome 360 shower head* my kit included a gorgeous fluffy dressing gown* and a few beauty treats to help me feel refreshed and ready for a girly glam session!

First up...this is legitimately the coolest shower head I've ever seen, especially in my own home! They work with any shower on any system which in itself is just a winning factor and has 4 different spray modes.

Rain, Burst, Cloud & Storm - cute names right? All you have to do is flip the head round to try them all! There is literally something for everyone and for something you will use everyday I think the £64.04 price is totally worth it! 
I miss having a walk in shower like at my parents house and this makes having a shower in the bath a whole lot nicer.
Mira showers are super cool and definitely worth a browse - check out all their products here.

With that ready and raring for me I popped on my favourite shower music.... the Wicked soundtrack.... and hopped in to try out these highly exciting beauty treats.
Macadamia Deep Repair Masque*, Molton Brown Pink Peppered Body Wash* & Pink Pepper Body Polisher*

Hair masks are something I do regularly, having bleached hair isn't the best is it?... but I keep my hair looking and feeling relativity healthy and normal by treating it weekly.
 I have been wanting to try Macadamia products for years now and for some reason had never got round to it, until now.
This mask is gorgeous, really rich and hydrating and it smells lovely! It left my feeling strong and repaired, one I shall be using before my next girls night out for sure.

The Molton Brown bits are a total luxury to me - I normally stick to Nivea, Simple or Sanex when it comes to showering so having these 2 to freshen me up was a breath of fresh air. I really liked the scent and after using the body polish I felt even more ready to slap on some fake tan and doll myself up.

Out of the shower and it was time to slip into that fluffy dressing gown that I mentioned earlier, pop a face mask on, paint my nails and grab a nice cup of tea.

I want to say a huge thank you to the lovely people at Mira - you've definitely got me event ready with all these lovely bits and bobs!
 Now.... where's my fancy hat and summer wedges?

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Things I'm Rubbish At #2 ...

Seeing as the list of these things is pretty much endless I thought I'd follow up my original post (here) with a part 2... a few more things I am totally pants at.

1. Saving Money
Urgh - the one thing in life I wish I was good at. It just never ever seems to happen... especially since moving into my own place! There's always something I have to pay out for or invest in - never any spare money.... not cool! The amount I could have saved when working as a teenager is just depressing really...... I just want to go to Disneyworld again!

2. Sticking To A Diet

I'm brilliant at this every Monday morning but by Monday evening I'm so hungry and starved of sugar that I want to eat my own arm as a cheeky little starter. 
I used to be amazing at this... a few years ago I lost 2 stone in 2 months and felt blooming marvelous - nowadays I struggle to not eat my own body weight in biscuits before I go to sleep each night. 
It's just the evenings I struggle with - I eat so well throughout the day but by the time I get home from work I just want to sit on the sofa with my pyjamas on, watching Netflix and eating happy snacks! Shame on me!

3. Packing Lightly

Now... I have NO idea how people pack lightly. How is it even possible?
 What if you need other things? What if it's cold? What if it's hot? What if you need your Gossip Girl DVD collection for an unspeakable reason? I just CANNOT do it. I go away for a night and somehow manage to take with me 5 pairs of pants, 3 jumpers and an array of make-up products I never use... just in case! 
I literally salute anyone that goes backpacking... just one bag? For everything? For months? ..... sorcery I tell you!

4. Painting My Nails

Yes I'm a blogger of the beauty variety most of the time but something I may not have disclosed on here before is that I am just totally horrible at painting my nails. 
It literally looks like a 5 year old has done them if I don't have a nice wide brush (they are the only ones I can get along with!) and 99% of the time I have to go around my nails with a cotton bud and remover to clear off all the stuff that didn't make it onto my nail - aka around 87%.
 AND even if I do them okayish.... within 24 hours they are chipped and I have to take it all off - what is the god damn point!
(Hence the reason why I love getting extensions/shellac so much.)

5. Staying Up Late

I have turned into SUCH a granny over the last few years - I am only 25 (Yes I look like a teenager) but my social schedule looks like one of a 95 year old. I just really struggle to stay up late - my bed is always calling my name and my eyes are always dropping.... it's a bit embarrassing really isn't it? I just love sleep ya know and sometimes TOWIE is just on TOO late okay!!!! 
Although I CANNOT sleep in.... like ever! If I sleep past 7:30am that is a serious lay in and I love it.... it doesn't happen often - I like that I don't waste the morning though. (yup.... now I sound like a Granny!)

What are you rubbish at? Will you happily admit it?!

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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Festival Beauty Tips From River Island & A Yellow Brick Blog!

 Hello you lovely lot! I'm so sorry for the lack of posts recently - I'm not sure what's happened to be totally honest but I promise I will sort it out and get back on the blogging wagon bigger and better than ever!

A few weeks back I was asked by one of the top high fashion street stores in the UK for a few of my favourite beauty tips for Country Festivals.
I LOVE Festivals and living on the IOW I live basically on top of 2 HUGE country festivals every single year so I couldn't wait to team up with River Island and share festivals things I live by!
I've been to my fair few and over the last 10 years have worked out so many tips and tricks when it comes to beauty bits for the weekend.
Country Festivals are probably the biggest, the muddiest and the craziest of all the festivals so being prepared is key to having both a relaxed and a fun weekend!

Check out 3 of my top beauty tips below as well as some awesome fashion tips from the lovely Ellie!

Want more Festivals tips?
Check out the rest of River Island's amazing blog segment - here and My top 50 Festival Tips - here... I talk everything from what to wear to where to camp to why you need to pack bin bags!

What festivals are you going to this year?! I cannot wait for Bestival!
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Friday, 12 June 2015

What I Bought From The Vans Disney Collection

Eeeek! It's finally here and I managed to get my mitts on some really cute bits.... although I still want more haha!
Here's a little peek at the things I got ...

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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2015

With Father's Day just a mere few weeks away I thought it was a good a time as any to whip out my gift guide for 2015! 
I really enjoy doing these for certain events, Christmas/Mothers Day/Fathers Day every year there's so much more to choose from.. especially online!
 So here is just a few picks I've stumbled across this past few weeks....

52 Things To Do When You Poo
I mean.... it's pretty self-explanatory! A nice bit of humerous reading material to keep him company on the porcelain throne! 

Davidoff Cool Water Eau de Toilette Spray 125ml
A total bargain at Boots right now! Only £24.99 for a 125ml - that's half price and cheaper than the 75ml! It smells perfect for a special Daddy! 

Better Call Saul T-shirt
If your Dad is obsessed with Breaking Bad like mine was check out this cool range of T-Shirts at Truffle Shuffle, I love this Better Call Saul one!

Reserved For Dad Cushion
I mean - spot on really isn't it! Whether it's for the living room sofa or Dad's favourite arm chair, this is a lovely finishing touch for the home!

Stephen King - Finders Keepers
Book lover? Retired papa who has lots of time on his hands! This Stephen King book was only released this month, get a brand new novel for a tiny price on Amazon.

Remington Men's Health Titanium R655MH Rotary Electric Shaver

What male wouldn't want a brand spanking new shaver from their lovely child? Now this WAS half price.... but it appears to have shot back up in price before I have uploaded this post... not cool! 
But here's a few more with whopping savings ... here, here and here!

Darth Vadar Apron
With summer on the way I think we all know who's going to be getting the BBQ and tongs out! Celebrate the new Star Wars AND give your Dad an excuse to be head of the barbie with this awesome apron!

Dad Toblerone
Can't beat a bit of personalised chocolate now can you? Perfect little extra!

Men's Vivabox
I've mentioned these before and still stand by the fact that they are an incredible idea! A box full of fragrance samples for your father to pick his favouirte from and one special voucher inside which gives you a full sized bottle of the chosen scent for free!
 A great way to give them something you know they will like!

Last but not least.....a coffee machine! I saw the price of this and thought I had to include it in this gift guide! Less than £50 and some bloomin' good reviews, this is a great treat and something a little different that they may not think of buying themselves.
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