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Williamson Tea : First Impressions

"Tea drinker/biscuit eater" - a phrase written in most of my 'profile' or 'about me' sections throughout the internet. 
But it's true, I do love a good cuppa and can't normally resist the temptation of a biscuit (or 10).

Over the last few years I've become rather adventurous with my teas trying everything from Strawberry to Buttermint but my ultimate favourite (and everyday choice) always staying as good old green tea.
 I don't ever have milk with my teas, after drinking green tea on such a regular basis, anything with milk added to it just doesn't take my fancy anymore.
I'm all about my black teas, mint teas, green teas and everything in between! (I never thought I'd venture outside my comfort zone but I love trying out new ones and having a cupboard full of different choices for myself and visitors!)

Williamson Tea are a family owned business which have been in the tea industry since 1869 - impressive right?!
Unlike your other tea brands, Williamson Tea are tea farmers all their teas are grown in their farms in Kenya. This means they have control of the product every step of the way from farm to cup! Insuring the greatest quality and happiest customers!
ALL of the farms are 100% UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified and they are confident that the passion and experience they have in the business will help you taste the difference.
Not only this but Williamson Tea also have The Williamson Foundation. A foundation set up by WT to help insure all of their farmers are in in good  working environment and earn a decent living from what they do.
They have also helped to home thousands of the farmers and their families plus help provide a good education for their children. It's really amazing how much they give back and every pack of tea helps sustain this wonderful community!

After reading so much about the brand I was really chuffed to receive some products to try out, the gorgeous packaging and cute names had me sold alone!
I LOVE, love, love this packaging -  it's simple but stands out, I mean look at the elephants - adorable! And how gorgeous is that caddy (more about that later!)

I've been drinking these over the last couple of weeks and have fallen in love with each  and every flavour.
The boxes I received were Mint Garden*, Lemon Sunshine* & Ginger Grove*, they are all boxes of 20 and are priced at £4 each on the WT website. (here.)

The teabags are nylon teabags and as you can see below look super posh!
 They remind me alot of the teapigs teabags..... the sort of thing you have when you go out for a cup of tea - not something when you're sat on the sofa in your pyjamas. 
Mint Garden : A yummy green tea with a hint of mint. Perfect for relaxing evenings and after big meals. Mint teas are favourite for helping beat the bloat! So easy to drink aswell, this is definitely my tea of choice for cosy nights in.

Lemon Sunshine : This tastes like cake. Don't ask me how or why haha but the taste reminds me of cake - it is delicious. I was expecting a black tea with a slice of lemon dropped in kind of taste but this is so much nicer. This was the first of the flavoured teas I tried and it's probably my favourite!

Ginger Grove : I'm a big ginger fan and this is a gorgeous soothing tea that I've been drinking alot whilst blogging! Yup, whilst on my days off and while I'm sat on my laptop tapping away Ginger Grove has been that sweet drink giving me a warm hug! Yum! (Ginger is also great if you're feeling a bit queasy/poorly!)
Last but not least - look how gorgeous this Elephant Tea Caddy* is! This is the Kenyan Earth caddy (size medium) and it comes full with bags of everyone's favourite - English Breakfast.
 Apart from my usual everyday green tea bags all the teas I have at home are just in their boxes shoved in a cupboard, so I was really excited to open this up and finally have something I can display on the worktop!
Alot of my friends and family (and my boyfriend who I live with) aren't into trying different teas and only drink the classic British fav so I must always have a constant supply of it in for when they are round. 
This caddy is only £6.95 which I think is a bargain - it comes full of 20 teabags and there are so many to choose from, different sizes/different colours/different teas.... I'm seriously eyeing up Union Jack and the Limited Edition Floral Spring (it's sooo pretty!) versions!

These are just a few products from a huge range at WT they do everything from teabags to loose teas to gorgeous elephant teddy bears - if you are a tea fan head over to their website now and check it out - - I've already checked out their usual teabags and for just £2.49 for 50 I think I'll be ordering myself some of their green tea on payday!

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  2. I'm not going to lie, I can't stand a cup of tea (any tea in fact!). However, this post makes me wish I did enjoy it because how beautiful is the packaging?! Also the caddy is so beautiful!
    P.S buttermint tea sounds so intriguing!! xxx

    Sam | Samantha Betteridge

  3. Oooh, these look and sound delightful! I've recently turned from coffee to tea drinker. I'm not really a fan of English breakfast, I much prefer fruit and herbal teas.
    I'm definitely going to check out Williamson Tea!

    Tamsyn-Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear

  4. Wow what a great brand, im always looking out for new teas to try =]

  5. I love tea! A good old normal brew to green and mint tea. Also, my name is Williamson so why wouldn't I try these products!
    -- // x


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