Monday, 4 May 2015

This Week I'm Loving... #18

Yes, once again I have binged watched a TV show and become completely obsessed with it. This is awesome, I'm upto date already and cannot wait for more episodes. I love crime shows and trying to work out who the stalker is each week is awesome.

My Time Off Work
This past week I have had off work. Yes, 10 whole days of no early alarms and having to rush and get up to get ready! I can easily say that I am NOT looking forward to going back on Wednesday.

Paul Mitchell Smoothing Collection*
I recently got sent this collection to try out on my newly chopped and newly coloured locks. I have the shampoo, the daily, treatment and the serum and I have been loving them. KEep your eyes peeled for a full review coming soon.

Jumble Bee Banana Chips
Before I hit Tesco in the week I tweeted and asked for suggestions of what to buy while I was there. I just wanted a little inspiration! Someone mentioned banana chips and I was intrigued, so when I saw these were on offer I decided to give them a go. They are super yummy, I think this bag is going to last weeks, plus you don't feel as bad snacking on the. ... It's fruit! 

Bakewell Tarts
You all probably know now but I am on a chocolate ban. A 6 week chocolate ban! Call me crazy but I need a bit of a challenge in my life! I'm 2 weeks in now and still alive so that's a start! Although I'm not having chocolate I'm still kind of giving in to my sweet tooth and have been picking up different sorts of things to treat myself with! Bakewell Tarts are so underrated! 

Bourjois Rouge Aqua Laque - Getting Reddy
You may have spotted this in my April Favourites! It's my newest baby and I'm in love! Super shiny and amazingly bright this is perfect for summer..... I'm so tempted to invest in some of the other shades too

My iPad Mini
I've had my iPad for a while now, I bought it to take to Florida with me, as I'd wanted one for sooo long and thought it would be great for travelling with! This has been coming everywhere with me lately - I'm loving having it from front of me whilst doing the washing up and things.... I realise now home super sad I sound, oh well! 

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Fragrance Mist
Yes, last week I talked about the body spray version of this stuff and now I'm drooling over this beauty! Not only do I own the body spray but I now have a proper fragrance mist to go alongside it. This stuff lasts alot longer and you need alot less, perfect for an everyday morning burst of sweet lime goodness!

Bleach London Rose Hair Colour
I dyed my hair pink!!! Although it's gone now... it only lasted like 2 washes but I loved it while it was there. This stuff was so, so easy to use and I will 100% be doing it again, I may even go for lilac next time!

Tesco Cotton Fresh Candle
Last but not least is a candle and a bargain candle at that. I spotted this on my trip to tesco and seeing as it was only £2.50 I decided to give it a go. This smells so lovely, I love a fresh cotton/linen scent and for the price I'm impressed by how long it is lasting.

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  1. Love your picks! I love watching Stalker too - so good! I also love watching The Following, Bates Motel, Prison Break and The Walking Dead! :) Cherry Bakewells are definately underrated! x x

  2. Sugar crush is such a scrummy scent! I must pick up the body mist. I’m obsessed with that range.

  3. I'm in love with the bleach london products for a quick change, great post!

    Beth x

  4. Isn't Stalker amazing? I love it! The first few episodes are just crazy!

    Lyon Notes

  5. Who doesn't love a little time off of work, especially when the weather is as lovely as it has been!x

    Amanda / Amanda's Escape

  6. I love watching stalker, maggie q is my favourite actress plus shes beautiful as well =]

  7. I really enjoyed reading your posts and your blog in general is awesome! :) Keep up the great work, I'm a fan! :D

    xoxo Ana

    PS: maybe you wanna check out my blog? I'm so new to this lol

  8. I clicked on this JUST because I saw the Stalker picture. I am obsessed with it!! Season finale is coming too soon but I cannot WAIT for next season!

    - Marcy


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