Saturday, 9 May 2015

Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Collection

Since having my hair cut off into a lob I have been spending alot more time, pampering, styling and heat-abusing my locks! Short hair may be easier but I still seem to be using just as many, if not more, products.

I was recently asked by the amazing HQ Hair if I wanted to try out some products from the haircare giant Paul Mitchell.
 Knowing the positive and professional reputation that surrounds the brand and after using some cheap drugstore products over the past few months I was all in for a trying out something new and a bit snazzy.
Super Skinny Daily Shampoo* | Super Skinny Daily Treatment* | Super Skinny Serum*

After being given some options I decided to go with the 'Smoothing' collection.
 Since getting my hair cut and coloured I have been wearing it down alot. It's so nice to wear my hair down and not have it feel straggly or ratty, although I still suffer from those annoying fly-aways and slight frizzyness.
A collection aimed at cleansing, smoothing and softening the hair seemed right up my blonde street and I couldn't wait to try them out.

They came in a cute little bag which I've forgotten to photo because I'm an idiot and are all full sized products.
Products included :

First up lets talk about the scent - super yummy apples and lemons! Well I'm sure it's apples and lemons.... that's what my nose is telling me anywho! Really sweet, which I love, and really fresh - perfect for when you need a bit of zest to wake you up!
The shampoo leaves my hair feel deeply cleansed and rid of any products I may have lurking in there.
The skinny daily treatment is basically a posh name for a conditioner. A nice creamy consistency that I've been using from the mids to the ends of my hair. 
I have been using less and less each time I use this as I did have a couple of times where I used a little too much and my hair felt a bit over-done with treatment! (It felt like I hadn't washed it out properly... eww!)

Both these products are said to reduce drying time, which I actually hadn't realised at first but I did notice that I was having alot less time with my hairdryer.... although it could just be the fact I have half the amount of hair than I used too that makes me feel this way!

Before I dry my hair I have been using the super skinny serum. Serums are something that have taken a backseat for me over the last 2 years as hair oils have strongly taken over. This serum has had rave reviews from around the globe and won countless awards - which had me really excited to try it out.
It smoothes, conditions and seals hair strands helping to keep the hair silky, shiny and frizz-free in any weather.... thank the lord!
Again, I have been using less and less of this each time - I think the first time I tried it I kind of forgot that I had had my hair cut and didn't need as much as was left with wayyyy too much soaking into my locks!
This serum is currently my favourite haircare product - I've noticed a big difference in the frizzyness of my hair, plus it's looking alot shinier -  so it is definitley working wonders.

Bought individually the products are priced as : Shampoo £11.75, Daily Treatment £14.75 & Serum £18.95.

I've nearly used the shampoo and conditioner up now but I think the serum will probably last me about a year - no joke, it's huge and with my short hair a little goes a long way!

A fabulous treat for my hair, I'm really looking forward to browsing the rest of HQ Hair's website, the amount of amazing brands they have on there it's going to make my wishlist extra long, I can just tell.
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  1. These products sound great! I have recently reviewed the PM Blonde treatment products! :)

    Emily x // EmGrace

  2. These all sound amazing! I have a lob too and I've definitely noticed that I style my hair more now, so I'll have to try these out when I need new haircare products :) xx



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