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Make-Up Revolution Mermaids Forever Eyeshadow Palette Review

Over the last year I have tried my fair few palettes from Make-Up Revolution and have always been impressed and satisfied with the quality, especially for their small (and down right crazy) prices!

So when this new palette popped through my letterbox I was looking forward to seeing what the gang at MUR had come up with now.
With the name "Mermaids Forever" and the shiny blue boxing I expecting some blue, shimmery shades but what I actually got was that and so, so much more!
Make-Up Revolution Mermaids Forever Eyeshadow Palette*

With 32 shades this palette has ALL your colour needs in one handy place. From light nudes to bright fierce emerald greens - this really has something for everyone which is why I've decided it's got to be my favourite palette from MUR so far. It even has a mirror on the inside, another brilliant extra for the price you pay!

I'll admit a few of the lighter shades aren't as pigmented as I would like but the brighter shimmer shades totally make up for this - the quality is insane.
The only other thing I would say is that I would love this even more if the palette itself was a gorgeous blue 'sea themed' colour.
The box it comes in is a lovely metallic blue but the compact itself is the same as all their other palettes, plain black.
 This makes it hard to stand out when sat with the rest of them but at the same time it is understandable as the price you are paying isn't alot so I'm sure they'd rather save money on packaging and put more money into the actually products.

I've swatched all the colours below - I've done 2 vertical lines at the time.
Nudes & Coppers - Bottom to Top : 
Forever | Seashell | Enchant | Future 
Bay | Creature | Starfish | Ariel

(you see what I mean about the lighter nudes?)
Pinks & Purples - Bottom To Top :
Myth | Magic | Pretty | Pink Sea
Song | Urchin | Princess | Ocean

I am obsessed with pretty and pink sea, the pigmentation is amazing, this is just after one sweep of colour. These are great colours for if you are trying to venture of of the standard neutral shades but don't want anything too drastic.
Blues & Greens - Bottom to Top :
Mermaids | Sea | Waves | Splash
Fishtail | Land | Turtle | Undersea
Earth & Smokey - Bottom to Top :
Treasure | Kingdom | Mineral | Seabed
Imagine | Harmony | Prince | Whale

These are the sort of colours I'm so used to using and playing around with, I'm looking forward to trying out some of the brighter colours alongside them though - I need to get out of my neutral comfort zone, espically this season.

How adorable are all the names too? I'm so glad that MUR added this feature - there's nothing worst than a beautiful shade with no name, the names almost make them prettier you know?

At only £8 Mermaids Forever is pretty much a no-brainer - 32 amazing shades to keep you going all summer long... you can find it HERE on the official website.

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